Eat Drink & Be Mary: Seven Fall Favorites


Seven Fall Favorites

Oh Monday, we've got to stop meeting like this.  Is it just me or does Monday always seem to come too soon?  

Keating @ High Heels and Combat Boots tagged me to do a fall favorites post (a while back, oops!), and even though my mind has already starting racing with a million and one Christmas ideas it is still fall.  So I'm finally joining in on the fun.

Favorite Candle:  I recently discovered the Banana Walnut Bread fragrance from American Home™ by Yankee Candle® (I blogged about it here).  But you guys, it's seriously in make you want to eat the candle delicious.  
fall mantle makeover 

Favorite Lip Color:  So I have to admit I rarely wear lip stick.  Thomas just isn't a huge fan.  But just yesterday I was thinking I should start wearing lip color more often.  So while right now my go to is ELF , I am wanting your suggestions.  Leave your favorite brands and colors in the comments below, and help a girl out!
Favorite Drink:  It's a tough choice between iced coffee (yes even in the colder months) and Coke Zero.  I love my caffeine y'all.  
Favorite Blush:  I really don’t wear blush too often so I don’t have a favorite.  If you have any recommendations, though, I’d love to hear them!
Favorite Clothing Item:  If my work allowed it, my everyday attire would be a tunic, leggings, a scarf and boots.  But it doesn''s a tough life y'all.  And speaking of scarves, this scarf from Shop Suey Boutique.  More about this cozy, adorable scarf below BUT it is worth noting that Thomas says this is his favorite scarf of mine. 
Shop Suey Boutique | Bristol Scarf  (similar)

 20% off with code SHOP20 

Favorite Fall TV Show:  Greys Anatomy, hands down.  But not without How To Get Away With Murder coming in a close second.  I just love my Greys y'all.  
Favorite Thanksgiving Food:  Oh Thanksgiving has all the best foods.  I cannot wait to eat all the mashed potatoes, stuffing, broccoli casserole and sweet potato souffle.  Bring on the stretchy pants!
Happy Thanksgiving. Don't forget to set your scales back 10 pounds tonight.:

So about this BRISTOL SCARF.  I'm not only loving the colors, making it easy to pair with any outfit, but it is super comfy (and not itchy).  Have y'all heard of Shop Suey Boutique before?  Not only do they have this new addition to my closet, but they have super cute blanket scarves and other accessories.    

holy ghost hands!!
Happy first Monday of November y'all.  The rest of our year will undoubtedly flash before our eyes.  It's time to soak it all up while we can. 
So what are some of your fall favorites?  I'm tagging Emelia @ Dream Big and Buy the Shoes and Erica @ Coming Up Roses.  

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