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DIY Entertaining Tray

Hi everyone, I'm Emelia from Dream Big & Buy the Shoes. It's my little place on the Internet where I share everything from recipes including my Bacon Cheddar Beer Soup, DIY projects like my Chalkboard Menu Planner , how to bring back the spark in your relationship with fun things like day dates & posts about my recent wedding including my perfect day at my winery bridal shower.

I thought I would share a great DIY with you today that is both easy and useful for everyone. I love the fact that it is very inexpensive also, which is always awesome. You can use this tray for some snacks at your next girls night, or on your coffee table as a home for some beautiful books.

You will need:
A piece of marble (I bought a 9x12 piece for only $1.58!!)
2 cabinet pulls (there's so many options which made it fun for choosing this part)
4 copper tube caps (there's a few sizes & I've used a few different ones including 1/2 & 3/8)
Krazy glue

To make: 

I first spray painted the copper caps with gold spray paint so that they matched the other pieces.

Next, flip over your marble piece and on the outer four corners glue each cap individually to make it rise off the surface you will be placing your tray on.

Once the caps are glued in to place you can flip over your marble and measure the length. Align the spot somewhere in the middle where you would like to place your cabinet pulls or handles. Mark with a Sharpie, then glue on each side.

Clean up any excess glue while wet with a Q-tip because it can dry pretty fast.

Allow to dry for 24 hours before use so that everything can set in to place.

The tray is so quick and easy to make, which is always awesome when it comes to DIY projects.
I also made one that I'm using as a perfume tray and it came out so beautiful.

I hope you stop by my blog to check out some more of my DIY projects like my flowered letter  and a cool polaroid picture frame . Enjoy the rest of your week everyone & thank you Mary for having me today!

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