Eat Drink & Be Mary: F I V E on F R I D A Y


F I V E on F R I D A Y

Let's just make this clear..I could not be happier it's Friday.  Like always.  I've been sick all week, and am so over it.  But I do wanna share a quick f i v e thing with y'all.  So let's get to it!

ONE | bridesmaids gifts
This week I shared the bridesmaids gifts I gave my gals.  And I have to admit I'm pretty in love with how it all turned out.  Getting married anytime soon?  I suggest these monogram button ups to get ready in.

TWO | this. *insert heart eye emoji*
(and speaking of emojis I'm so jealous of every one with the new emojis)

{ as seen on Instagram }

THREE | The Somethings
I loved reading this post by Macy this week.  She is so sweet and sentimental.  Plus, I'm still a total sucker for anything wedding related.

Wedding Wednesday

ad discount
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FIVE | target giveaway
Who doesn't love a good ole shopping adventure at Target?  Enter here for a chance to win a Target gift card. 

Happy Friday loves.  linking up with 5 on Friday

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