Eat Drink & Be Mary: Virtual Coffee Date III


Virtual Coffee Date III

Hello sweet friends, it's been a hot minute since we've had a little virtual coffee date.  And with the way life has been going lately [read; pure madness] I figured it's time we all grabbed a good cup of coffee (I've heard the PSL is out now) and had ourselves a little date.  Let's catch up shall we?
If we were having a coffee date I'd tell you...

+ That Thomas and I are making good progress on our home sweet home.  It's slow, but exciting and turning out pretty nicely.  In the past couple weeks we've gotten a grill, I ordered our living room rug & we're in the middle of planning our gallery wall.  I feel like this is a whole new level of adulting...who gets excited about rugs?!
Any chance the furniture comes with the rug?

+ I would tell you that I've successfully cooked dinners for Thomas a handful of times yet, and neither one of us have gotten food poisoning yet.  Can I get an amen?  Thank God Thomas is grilling tonight.  

+ I'd let you know that while I'm hopelessly obsessed with the PSL from Starbucks, yesterday I had a pumpkin coffee from Dunkin Donuts and I think I may love it even more.  Is that even possible?  A drink I love more than the PSL.  Then I'd insist that you try it ASAP, seriously go for it.
+ And once you've gotten your second cup of coffee (DD pumpkin pie of course), I'd fill you in on my friend's bachelorette party, how T and I are visiting my parents this weekend, and our nephews 1st birthday party is coming up.  I'd let you know how the middle schoolers are taking a toll on my life, and how I'm not sure if I'm even looking forward to my birthday...
...and then in the middle of all my babbling I'd realized I've been talking your ear off and I'd finally ask you what you've been up to.  So tell me loves, what have you been up to lately.  Do share...

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