Eat Drink & Be Mary: Why I LOVE Being Engaged


Why I LOVE Being Engaged

Hello, Eat Drink & Be Mary readers!! My name is Ashley and I blog over at Girl Talk, where you can pretty much find anything but my favorite topic is Weddings! Thank you so much Mary for having me today!

This is a time in my life I have been dreaming of since I was a little girl; it has been the most perfect 12 months of my life and we have 3 more months to enjoy this wonderful time. We decided to have a long engagement and it was the best decision we ever made.

Timothy and I got engaged on Saturday July 26, 2014, you can read all about it here, while we were vacationing in Delray Beach, Florida. I have had some amazing experiences while being engaged, so here are just a few of the reasons why I LOVE being engaged!

Wedding Dress Shopping

This was my absolute favorite day and I got to spend it with some amazing women. My two sisters, my two grandmothers and my mom's best friend and her daughter, which so happened to also be one of my sisters best friend. It was an AMAZING day. The only part that was missing from that day was getting to share this wonderful moment with my mom. I had always dreamed about what my dress would look like and it was everything I could have hoped for and more! I can't wait to wear it again, but for real this time!

The Parties

Now, I love a good party and what better time to have as many parties as you possibly can than during an engagement! We have had two parties so far: Engagement party that was just with our family and the bridal party and then a Stock the Bar Party that my dad threw us with our friends! My absolute favorite part was the planning of the Stock the Bar Party and all the DIY decorations I got to make! My MOH just gave me the most spectacular Monograms & Mimosas Shower back in June! We are also planning on having a bridal shower my mom's best friend is throwing me in October with my side of the family and a bridal shower Timmy's cousin is throwing me with his side of the family in November. Parties are my favorite because I get to spend time celebrating my love with all my closest friends and family!

Registering for Gifts

So I might have gotten a little "gift happy" but I just had no idea what to put on our registry. It was a lot of fun though because we literally spent one whole Sunday looking online and just clicking "Add to Registry" It was just so much fun looking at all the china and bedding and deciding what we wanted to start our life with. It was a little nerve racking because there was just so much to choose from!

Picking the Bridal Party

This was one of the easiest decisions thus far; I knew from even before I was engaged who would be standing up next to me on my big day, I had my girls I just needed a groom. Picking our wedding party was the beginning of the process. Timmy and I were going to California to visit with 3 of the girls that were in my wedding party just about a month after we were engaged so I jumped on planning on how to ask them! Asking all the girls was the first thing I did and it made everything so much easier because they all jumped right in and starting celebrating and helping me plan my wedding. Picking your bridal party means you are picking some of the most amazing people in your life and that means all your parties are going to be amazing because they are going to be there and you know you can count on them!

Envisioning your future together

Timmy and I can't wait to start our new life together. We are starting a new chapter and talk about it often, we can't wait to see where God takes us in our life.

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