Eat Drink & Be Mary: I'M BACK (with 4 announcements)


I'M BACK (with 4 announcements)

You guys, I'm back!  After a little break, that was much needed, I'm ready to share so much with y'all.  It's August, like..what!?  How?  When!  So since I'm sure y'all can't believe we're already into August either, let's get on with today's five on Friday.

I can't believe August 1st has come and gone, and now I'm a Mrs. to the sweetest, finest ginger there is.  Thanks so much for putting up with my babbling about the wedding for the past 8 months.  This space will no longer be flooded with wedding talk anymore, with the exception of Wedding Wednesday where I'll recap our wedding..aka: the best day ever.

Eek!  I actually have my own classroom, and will be teaching in a couple weeks.  I can hardly believe it.  With that said, please pray for the little minds I will be molding day in and day out this coming year.  And on that note, say a couple prayers for me too.  Ever taught 6th grade?  Send me your ideas, advice, pins on this new teacher out!

Teacher eCard - Classroom Decorations

Well, I guess I was before too.  But I now live in SC with my new husband, and boy is it HOT here.  Nothing, like the mountains I'm used to.  As in today was 89, feels like 99...whoa baby!  

| the home t sc post |

Thomas and I are officially entering the grown up world now that we're on our own.  And it is something else figuring out what we need, where to put it, and how to make it feel like home.  We are still up to our necks in boxes, but I'm loving creating this home with T.  We've already repainted and Thomas refinished the floors.
That being said, I can't wait to start SO many DIY projects for our house, I hope Thomas is prepared for his honey-do list. ;) 

peace out mustard yellow

FIVE || That's all folks...
Well, that's all the announcements I have for now.  Life is sure is throwing a lot at me lately, but I'm ready to take on all these new changes.  Follow along on snapchat (@mary_timmerman) | insta | twit.

Happy weekending loves.

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