Eat Drink & Be Mary: Her LIP BALM Be Poppin'


Her LIP BALM Be Poppin'

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carmex. All opinions are 100% mine.

No, actually my lip gloss balm is poppin'.  I believe I've mentioned it before, but I'm kinda a lip balm fanatic.  As in, I have one everywhere.  My desk, make-up bag, in the car, my night stand.  I must have access to it at all times.  Ain't nobody got time for dry lips.  

Carmex Moisture Plus has a ultra-hydrating formula that keeps my lips feeling soft all day, without so much of the obsessive reapplication.  So I can keep my lips moisturized and poppin' at all times, and my theme song can be this.  Anyone else always wanted a theme song?  No, just me?

Not only does Carmex have a killer formula to keep your lips soft, but they also have fashionable package designs.  With designs inspired by the season and colors from Pantone's official color forecast, these babies are seriously cute.  Their designs are so cute, you no longer have to keep your lip balm hidden away, but can flaunt it.  

Now I don't know about y'all, but I love having a product that people compliment and ask where I got it from.  It's like receiving an award for excellent shopping.  #girlwin And not only does this happen with my Carmex lip balm, BUT I feel even more excited when I get to respond that they can buy Carmex Moisture Plus at Walmart, Walgreens and Dollar General.  And the best part, it's only $2.49 -- a great deal, easily accessible in the checkout lane.  

I'm not one to brag, but let's just say that I'm feeling extra confident going back to school (today, eek!) with these stylish lip balms in tow.  Maybe it'll score me some points with my sixth graders?  Hey, one can hope! ;)

And now I'm off to paint my nails.  Happy smooching y'all.  (Tell your men I said your welcome for your extra soft lips.)  ;)  Oh and a little sneak peek of the fall/winter styles that will be coming out this're welcome again.
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