Eat Drink & Be Mary: C U R R E N T L Y ;


C U R R E N T L Y ;

Happy Monday loves.  Today is my first day of work.  Say a little prayer for me as I'm sure I'll be overwhelmed and stressed with all that a new job entails.  And while I'm consuming my weight in coffee and trying to not pull all of my hair out, I thought it was time I caught you guys up with a little currently I'm...

So let's get to it shall we?

Drinking: Now that I'm living in the hottest place on Earth [not an exaggeration ;) ] I need all the water I can get.  I plan on taking the hugest bottle of water with me to work everyday so I can refill all day.

So True!  Oh my it is soooo HOT!

Wearing: Today is the first day of my new job.  Back to work clothes I go.  

Wanting: My living room to look like  Too much to ask?

Feeling: overwhelmed.  try moving states, moving into a new house & starting a new job all within a week.  blah.

Eating: leftover mall chinese.  it's seriously my fave.  

Listening To: Let Me See Ya Girl by Cole Swindell

Loving:  Married life.  We may have only been married a week, but there is nothing I love more than doing life with my sweet Mr.  Living with Thomas, and not hundreds of miles away is a dream.

Excited About: Teaching 6th grade this fall.  As crazy as it will be to start something new, I know it'll be rewarding and totally worth it to see those little minds learning and growing.

Admiring: the o n e wall in my house that has any decoration.

Saying Good-Bye To:  my old last name...hello new last name.

And that's it gal pals.  It's been way to long since we all caught up, tell me what's up with you?

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