Eat Drink & Be Mary: J U L Y "TO-DOs" : wedding edition


J U L Y "TO-DOs" : wedding edition

The day I've been dreaming of my e n t i r e life, my wedding day, is in exactly one month.  One month from today I'll be walking down the aisle to promise forever to my favorite red head, my bestfriend.  One month.  Unbelievable.  The past 7 months have gone by so fast (cliche I know, but it's true).  And I am so so excited to become a wife to the man, no doubt, that God molded especially for me.  One month.  Eek!

And it so happens that today is also Wedding Wednesday.  So I'm sharing our one month checklist for the wedding.  Let's just hope we get it all done! ;)

July's To-Do List: 

+ DIY table numbers & centerpieces

+ Decide on wording for unity ceremony

+ Book 2nd hair trial (and have) // I ended up hating the first style I had chosen..whomp whomp

make transportation plans for exit

+ I decided to make our programs & still need to finish the back side

+ assemble programs

+ have our last shower

+ Bachelorette Beach Weekend Woohoo!

+ wrap + assemble all bridal party/family gifts

+ reach out to people we haven't received RSVPs from

+ create seating chart

+ finish all DIY projects (signs, favor table decor, resevered signs, water bottle labels, bug spray station, sweetheart table, bathroom baskets)

+ pick out dessert bar items

+ get marriage license

+ make wedding weekend timeline / itenerary 

+ schedule mani/pedi for day before

+ rehearsal / dinner

+ make list of things to take home after wedding

+ set up care for wedding dress after wedding

+ pack for honeymoon

+ clean engagement ring (days before) 

+ confirm with all vendors date and details

+ make list of things to not forget for day of

and for all the things I have we have accomplished so far...

- mail invitations
- bought table cloths 
- get Unity item
- book hair trial for June (and have)
- have 2nd make up trial
- update registry between showers
- have our Couples shower in SC
- DIY "something old" 
- choose reception songs (entrance, garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting, exit song, etc)
- decide if we are writing our own vows or not
- finished front side of our programs
- decide on Bachelorette outfit
- have Menu tasting with caterer
- made decorations for gift table
- buy wedding bands
- asked family member to do the scripture reading


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What are your last minute suggestions?  Anything I should add to the list?  Were you more nervous, stressed, excited one month before your wedding?  


  1. Yay! The last month is so exciting! I was still a little stressed but honestly every day that we were closer the calmer I felt. I really expected to be stressed the weekend of our wedding about everything going as planned but I was totally calm and at peace. Just enjoy every minute because it's a magical day and it goes by way too fast!

  2. Home stretch! You're almost there! I found the last month before our wedding was CRAZY. There was so much last minute stuff to do!

  3. Wow, that is a long list of to-dos! Enjoy this last month. :D

  4. Girl you are so close!! I have been thinking about you lots! Have so much fun as you are in the home stretch!

  5. I can't believe how close you are!! Make sure you take it all in and even enjoy everything you have left to do. If you think the last 7 months have flown by, that one single day is going to go by without you even realizing it. Take a moment the day of to just look around and realize what is happening.

  6. Wow, you are getting SO CLOSE!!! Also, that ecard is sooo true! I definitely found myself saying "my wedding" way too often ;)

  7. Hahaha.. I still say "my wedding" sometimes when I talk about it. Michael's never said anything when I do that but I do try and correct myself =) Sometimes I even say "my baby".. and that's probably a bit worse lol. Enjoy this next month! Most of the things left to do are fun things.. except for reaching out to people who haven't RSVP'd. I made my mom do that =)

  8. WOW! So much to do this month! I can't believe it's just one month away - I remember when it was like five! Time has flown! I hope you get it all done! ;)

  9. There is so much that isn't even on this list. ;) Time has definitely flown, and now we're down to one week (I'm so behind on responding to comments!). I hope it all gets done too, but if it doesn't it won't be the end of the least that's what I keep telling myself haha.

  10. I say "my" about so many things, including the wedding. I often so my kids, and Thomas is like you mean "ours"...yes that's what I meant haha. I'm just so used to saying my for everything that it just comes out.

    We did the RSVP reaching out, and it turned out to be not so hard, but come on people it's not that hard to mail in a stamped envelope...

  11. So so close, I can hardly believe it Meg. I say "my" wedding/kids/house ALL the time. I guess it's just something I'll have to get used to.

  12. I'm definitely trying to soak it all in, and will definitely do my best to stay in the moment on our wedding day as well. I can't believe how time has flown.

  13. So close! I'm definitely trying to soak it all in, as well as, get as much done as possible all at the same time. It's crazy over here, but I love it!

  14. There's even more that I didn't put on the list. Lots of small details mainly, but it's exciting to get to mark each thing off the list! :)

  15. It feels like time is flying by and is definitely crazy! We have a lot of details to complete, but I have faith they'll all get done.

  16. This last month (and really just these last 2 weeks) have been the first time I've gotten too stressed so I'll totally take it. I just gotta buckle down and start crossing things of the to-do list.


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