Eat Drink & Be Mary: Things You Need to Know to Be My BFF


Things You Need to Know to Be My BFF

Hey guys, it's me.  Mary.  I know posts have been here and there lately, so I figured I remind you what my face looked like again.  ;)

Turns out moving states, planning a wedding and several beach trips makes it difficult to maintain a blog, too.  I don't know how all you moms out there do it!  

If you've missed it, I'm getting married in NINE days!  So things on this side of the keyboard are pretty chaotic like you could imagine.  But don't worry I have some killer blog posts scheduled for while I'm gone.  Make sure you follow me on social media; I update those daily.  My accounts are all linked on my sidebar underneath my picture. 
(new!) snapchat :: mary_timmerman  

Oh, and make sure to follow our wedding hashtag #TimmermanPartyof2

Now, on with the scheduled program...

INSTAGRAM || It's my fave.  Even before blogging.  I'm easily the one out of all my best friends that loves instagram (and social media in general) the most.  #nosey

BAGELS || I could literally eat them everyday.  In fact, when we got to the beach I practically get a bagel from the local bagel shop everyday.  If you were my BFF not only would you know that, you'd know my order: "plain bagel toasted with plain cream cheese".  #plainjane

BIKE RIDING || I can't ride a bike.  Not many people know this about me [it's a little embarrassing and obviously not my go to conversation piece when meeting someone].  For the low down on how this 23 year old seriously cannot ride a bike and doesn't plan on trying anytime soon, check out THIS POST.

WEDDING || I've dreamed of getting married all my life.  Upon graduating high school I didn't want to do much other than get married and have kids (and told that to many people in college who asked what I wanted to "become").  However, I knew that it wasn't quite realistic considering I hadn't met my Mr. Persistent yet.  

Now that my dream is coming true, I may talk about my wedding a lot.  A lot.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't talk about it and dream about it ALL THE TIME beforehand.  I just saved that crazy talk for my best friends.

view post HERE

YOU PROBABLY DON'T CALL ME MARY ||  If you're gonna be my best friend chances are you won't call me Mary.  This is not my requirement; they just don't.  Mary is not a long name; yet they all make up nicknames for me.  Two of my best friends call me "Mams" (long story, odd story) and the other calls me "mare mare".  

RING || I'm totally in love with my engagement ring.  And stare at it often...still.

BEACHIN' || I'd live at the beach if I could.  And often during the summer I visit so often it feels like I practically do.  Just in case you don't follow me on INSTAGRAM (you totally should ;) ) ... here's some proof.

A photo posted by Mary (@maryjean_xo) on

GLASSES || I wear glasses.  Not everyday.  But I do wear them (mainly for the headaches I get), and well you pretty much have to be my best friend, Thomas, or a family member to see me in them.  And since I love you all, (and I'm feeling extra fancy thanks to my new frames) today you're getting a sneak peek of this girl in the glasses and the down low on my newest pair. 

FIRMOO.  Firmoo is a website that sells eyeglasses.  I'd heard about them before, but finally bit the bullet and tried them for myself.  And darn if I shouldn't have done it sooner.  I mean I got new, cute glasses without going to the eye doctor; now who doesn't love that?  

And it's pretty darn easy to pick your new pair.  ONE you can use their 'virtual look viewer' to upload your picture and "try" on each pair of glasses to see what best fits your face.  TWO they have a 'Daily New' page where frames are updated everyday.  And THREE on the website they have a 15% off page where you can find cute & affordable frames at a discounted price.  

And you know I love a good sale!  Who's with me?

So tell me, what is something I need to know about you if we're going to be BFFs?

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  1. Nice. I also have to wear glasses to stop headaches.

  2. Love this!
    I am also big into instagram (following you!), and I love planning parties :)
    Also, I'm a mom/blogger.. I do most of my blog stuff after 8pm, aka bedtime ;)

  3. I can't believe your wedding is only 9 days away now!!! I'm definitely going to have to check out Firmoo's website. One thing you would need to know about me is that I danced for 15 years and was a hip hop teacher/ instructor/ choreographer. So if you were to see me dancing around the house or randomly doing subtle head and hand motions choreographing in my head, you'd know why. Although I don't dance or choreograph anymore, it's hard not to choreograph when I'm listening to music and it inspires me.

  4. Your ring is so pretty plus the wedding is something we have in common! I dreamed about getting married and starting a family. it is so much fun finding your prince charming and spending the rest of your life with him. I like your nickname "mare mare" I actually think I have heard of it before with another person Mary!

  5. Love your new glasses! Totally agree with you on Instagram, wedding, and the ring. We've almost been married for 9 months now and I still have lots of excitement about our wedding and catch myself staring at my ring :) Good luck with your wedding! Hope everything turns out perfectly!

  6. Those are SO cute on you!! You look great in glasses! I love Firmoo, I don't need prescription lenses but I got some fashion frames from them and love them!

  7. Love the glasses girlfriend! I've heard of firmoo! But I bought my frames at Warby Parker because they were local.

    I'm all about instagram, and spend way too much time browsing and looking at others.

    How exciing that you're getting married in 9 days.

    liz @ sundays with sophie

  8. Lindsay @ Lindsay Weighs InJuly 24, 2015 at 9:51 AM

    Girl I'm obsessed with those glasses and that monogrammed ring (and your engagement ring of course too!) Share the deets about the monogrammed ring, pleaaseee! Excited for you as your wedding gets even closer!! xo

  9. Loving your blog ! I stumbled upon it through "the new mrs" and I am hooked. Congrats on your upcoming wedding ! Cant wait to read all about it ! I am adding you to my snapchat (btw i am "mommaschles" from New York) !!


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