Eat Drink & Be Mary: 5 Ways to Rejuvenate During "Me" Time


5 Ways to Rejuvenate During "Me" Time

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It may be Summer, but that doesn't mean that the stress can't be just as present in your life.  Whether you're planning a wedding, with 19 days left,  #guilty or you work through summers (practically everyone who isn't a teacher) stress is bound to hit.  And if you're like me, and the stress has been full force lately, then it's time for your to take some "me" time.  

Before you start to tell me that you "don't have time" trust me you do.  One of my "me" time activities only takes one minute to feel rejuvenated and de-stressed.

So about this "me" time.  For me it's super important to back away from the hustle and bustle, and rejuvenate and de-stress (even if only for a couple minutes).  Ultimately, I've found that when I do this I'm more productive and feel more prepared to take on the task before me.


This one happens to be my fave.  I mean who doesn't love a little pampering every now and then.  And while I'm all for going to a day spa sometimes you don't have the time (or the money).  Behold my new favorite, at home spa treatment: Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask.  

I mean it takes one minute (compared to most other masks that take at least 10).  And so far this mask has left my face feeling the freshest, cleanest and softest afterwards.  I'm gonna go ahead and chalk that up to the fact that it's made with natural charcoal.

Remember those icebreaker gum commercials?  Where it would be like your entire face was bursting with's like that after rinsing off this mask.  Seriously.

And like all the little gifts from heaven, this nugget of gold (aka: the Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask) was found at Target.

I love getting lost in a good book.  It's like taking a vacation without going anywhere.  Right now I'm finishing up another Karen Kingsbury book, A Time to Dance.  But I can't wait to dive in to my two latest purchases, to all the boys I've loved before and P.S. I still love you  (both by Jenny Han) -- also from Target.  Anybody read either of these before?

Nothing like writing out all I have to do and seeing it on paper to make me feel like I can accomplish my to-do list.  Not to mention it makes you feel that much better when you get to cross things off as your go.  

There's no getting around it.  Exercise is one of the best destressers (is that even a word) ever.  Whether you get a hard core work out, or spend 30 minutes taking a's pretty much impossible to not feel better and rejuvenated afterwards.  Thank you endorphins.

When all else, spend a couple minutes (or hours, if you can get lost on there like me) dreaming of recipes that will most likely never be made and how you'd decorate your dream house if money weren't an issue.  And while you're at it follow me on Pinterest because I'm always procrastinating taking some "me" time to rejuvenate via Pinterest. ;)

CONFESSION: I'm obsessed with Target (if you couldn't tell from my lastest purchases in #1, 2 and 3) and can't wait to be moving closer to one in August!!  And yes, I realize how lame this confession makes me.

CONFESSION #2: I loved my Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask so much that I bought the Bioré® Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser too.

Now what are you waiting for, go hop in your car, drive to the closest Target and buy yourself a Bioré® Self Heating One Minute Mask.  Doesn't Target just have it all?!



  1. Living near Target is a definite perk :) Ours is about 5 minutes down the road and I'd be embarrassed to admit how often I'm there! They have the best stuff :)

  2. I can't believe that mask only stays on for 1 minute! I'm definitely going to have to check it out. I love trying new skincare stuff!

  3. I would love to try this! I am always kind of nervous about using new products on my face because I have very sensitive skin and have had bad allergic reactions before.

  4. Believe me, being excited about moving closer to a Target does NOT make you sound lame at all! I don't think I could survive without Target in my life. Seriously ;)

  5. I love me some Target too! I actually just moved farther away from Target, and although I miss living close, it's been a real help to my bank account balance haha! I'm going to have to try that mask, I can't believe it only stays on for a minute! So awesome!

  6. love this haha and you are so cute. love the bright, fun, girlie photos. This is so. During my alone time its all about a good book, beauty care and pinning! :)

  7. Love this post. I need a mask right now. Too cute.

  8. I'm face mask obsessed and I love the biore charcoal line! I've got the mask, the cleanser, and the bar. All these relaxation tips are great. Makes me want to go on vacation ;)

  9. I just finished reading "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" and "P.S. I Still Love You." They were both SO good, I ate them up within two days!
    And now, next on my list is to run to the nearest Target to pick up that mask for my next "me" time!

  10. I'm glad to hear that! I haven't started them yet, but as soon as I finish my current book I plan to dive in. Let me know if you get that mask, I really enjoyed it.

  11. Dang girl! I have the cleanser and the mask and love them, so I don't blame you. ;) I've been on vacation twice this month, and now it's time to buckle down on finishing my wedding plans. You can guarnatee I'll be doing this five things often this next week!

  12. You definitely do. I really loved that it never hardened, making it easy to wash off, and how fresh it left my facing feeling afterwards.

  13. Well, thanks! :) I've been reading like crazy lately, is just so good to dive right into a good book and get lost in it.

  14. It works especially for me when I am starting to get super overwhelmed. Something about seeing it all laid out before me makes it seem more doable.

  15. Girl, go right back! ;) I hope you've had a chance to try out the mask by's a good one!

  16. Haha, I'm sure moving close will definitely affect my bank account! I love that the mask stays on for a minute and is really easy to wash off, unlike some others I've tried.

  17. Haha, I don't know how I've survived this long!


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