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4 Wedding Day Musts

Hello again, ED&BM girlies (and gents)! Last time around these parts, I was sharing 4 things to do after getting engaged. But seeing as Mary is literally tying the knot any second now, I'm flipping it around and sharing 4 pieces of advice my own fiance and I have received thus far in preparation for the Big Day.

 It can get so (trust: SO) easy to get completely consumed by all things wedding when in neck-deep planning mode. You look up from Pinterest just to eat and smooch your honey, and you've got a florist, DJ, and wedding planner on speed dial. But sometimes, a little nudge and reminder of what really matters is very necessary and welcomed with open arms before walking down the aisle. These four things are on my list of "wedding day musts" to ensure we keep the important things in

  wedding day musts

  1. Take Ten for Two This is the tidbit of advice I absolutely cannot wait to implement. It goes as such: Take ten minutes at some point in the middle of your reception to step off to the side, just the two of you, and soak in the moment. Soak in the fact that you're now Mr. and Mrs. Soak in your guests and the camaraderie and the love and the party. Just thank God for your love, family, marriage and new life together, and don't allow anyone to interrupt that time. Get a bridesmaid or groomsmen on board to patrol the area if need be to let everyone know you can't be disturbed for ten minutes, and just really make the most of those moments together.

  2. Be on the same page as your photog. We'll chat about this in a few, but there is nothing you should be worrying about on your wedding day besides tying the knot. *Nothing*. Since you probably want great photography (and maybe videography) to result from the festivities, be sure to chat with your photographer ahead of time to ensure he or she knows exactly what shots are must-haves, who is with who, and what you're hoping to have to look back on in a few weeks. You don't want to have to be thinking of your mental Pinterest checklist of angles (do you want a church silhouette? A shot of the groom's first look at the bride? How about the maid of honor as she gives her toast?) and throwing things at your photog as they pop into mind - you want it to be figured out ahead of time so you can go from shot to shot seamlessly, knowing that all of your must-have pictures will be there in your proofs. Have that conversation ahead of time, write everything down, and be on the same page!

  3. Make sure you EAT. No one has to tell me (or Mary, or anyone else for that matter) to remember to eat. It's a no brainer, right? Not on your wedding day! I've heard countless stories of brides and grooms leaving their own lavish weddings near-starved because in the midst of visiting tables and, in talking to every second and third (and fourth) cousin and their brother, they neglected food. If you're paying for this awesome meal for all to enjoy, ya gotta enjoy it yourself! Try to take a few minutes to scarf down your meatballs or filet - at least enough to keep you going for the rest of the night. When the night's all said and done, you want to be able to look back fondly and reminisce - ain't no room for the hangry up in hurrr. (But, to-go boxes are a plus!)

4. Don't worry about anything. Easier said than done, but seriously - this day (hopefully) happens just once. It's less than 12 hours of love and celebration, and then *poof* - it's done forever. Why in the name of all that is good and lovely would anything be more important than that? No color scheme snafu or bridesmaid hair shenanigan could come anywhere within ten feet of touching the cloud of happiness surrounding your big day. Seriously, don't sweat the small stuff, the big stuff, or any stuff not directly correlated to your marriage to the love of your life. #seriously

What are your own wedding day musts?

I'd love to know, so leave a comment down below for Mary and I and come tweet me your thoughts here.



5 Summer Makeup Tips

We are t w o days away from the big day.  And as you can imagine things are quite chaotic over here as I scramble to check everything off my to-do list (thankfully one bridesmaid is arriving tonight).  Not to mention my room that looks like a tornado tore straight through needless to say I'm very  thankful Lindsay @ Bourbon, Lipstick & Stilettos is here today to take over for me.  And I don't know about y'all, but I'm always needing tips when it comes to makeup.  Take it away girl...


Summer is for outdoor events, right? Though the season is flying by quicker than I’d like, we still have a couple of months and you might have an outdoor wedding, music festival, cookout, or show to attend! As much as I love relaxing in the pool, I kind of hate having to get fixed up when it’s excruciatingly hot. I’m from Kentucky and the humidity in July and August is NO JOKE. My makeup melts down my face as soon as I step out the door! It’s such a bummer to get all dolled up for a night out and watch as your face turns into a puddle. Here are my tips on “summer proofing” your makeup:

You use primer when you paint a wall- why not do the same for your face? This Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water is great for providing you with a cool base. Don’t forget to prime your eyes!

Go lightweight
Use a tinted moisturizer and/or powder foundation instead of your liquid product. I'm currently loving the BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Gel because it provides good coverage without feeling heavy. For powder, I use Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. It was an impulse buy but I'm pleasantly surprised with it! If you use liquid, make sure to set it!

When I start to sweat, my eyeliner is one of the first things to go. I bought an amazing waterproof liquid eyeliner from Stila a few weeks ago and I won't look back!  

Set it and forget it.
Full disclosure: my face is super oily this time of year! I use a setting powder and setting spray if I'm going to be in a high-humidity situation. My go-to setting spray is Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil-Control, and my favorite setting powder is NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder. Both great ways to mask and prevent oil! 

I always stash a package of oil blotting sheets in my bag- it's a quick and simple way to freshen up! YSL's new Touche Eclat Blur Perfector is a new product that I've been using for mattifying my t-zone. 

How do you sweat-proof your makeup? 

Image Map
Image Map


10 Important Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer


Hello! I am Macy from To Travel & Beyond, and I am so excited to be guest posting for Mary while she is off getting married! I am a newlywed myself from Baltimore, Maryland and enjoy talking about all things wedding, travel and everything in between. Today, I am going to be focusing on the wedding potion of that and sharing a few tips on how to secure the perfect caterer. I am a Event and Wedding planner myself, so hopefully these tips will be helpful!

You should start by picking a few caters within your budget. This information should always be given just by asking, if the caterer is hesitant to tell you if they are within your budget, they likely aren't. But don't worry, there are always ways to make sure you have a caterer that fits within your range, just make sure to ask all of the right questions from the start.

Do they have an event manager on staff?
An Event Manager is someone from the catering company that will be in charge of all timing behind the scenes for each hors d'oeuvre until the last slice of cake is served. It is essential to have someone in this role to work with your wedding planner throughout your big day. They should also be working alongside the waitstaff, chef, and cleaning crew.

Find out how many staff per number of people will be present?
You always want to make sure there are enough waiters, bartenders and clean up crew present. Normally a catering company will have different groups of staff based on how many guests will be at the wedding. It is typically 1 server per 20 people.

Are bartenders included in the price?
Bartenders have different qualifications than normally waitstaff, and they often are an additional cost if you will need more than the number typically included. Also, check if the caterer or venue require a bartender for every location of alcohol. For example, for my wedding we had 2 bars, a signature drink station, and a beer station. We were able to have the signature drink station without a bartender present, as long as they were the only ones to refill the jars with the drinks. But we also, had to keep the beer station next to one of the bars because only 2 bartenders were included in our catering package.

When do they need the final headcount?
I have worked with companies that needed the headcount anywhere from 2 months before all the way until 1 week before. If you are planning a wedding in a short amount of time, the longer deadline may not work for you, or it could cause extra stress. It is best to know this information as early on as possible in the vendor search process.

If the number of guest decreases, will you get a price decrease?
Some caterers will contract you for the first number of guests you tell them, and this number is only allowed to go up. Others will let you change the number of guests up until the deadline for the final headcount, and the price is able to decrease. For example, if you say you expect 150 guests, and only 135 RSVP that they will be able to make it, make sure your caterer will only be charing you for 135 guests vs 150 guests.


What are the price differences for buffet vs sit down vs family style?
There isn't really a way to tell which will be the most expensive, or the least expensive. Some caterers charge more for buffet, and others charge more for sit down dinners. This could depend on the number of options given for either,

Are linens included in the price?
This could also depend on your venue. If the venue only offers white or ivory linens, it is nice to know if the caterer has other options available at their disposal. Many caterers at least will have overlays, runners or napkins available in coordinating colors. If they do not supply them themselves, they will likely know where to get them from and can recommend you for a discounted price.

Are there different prices for vendor meals or kids meals?
Depending on if you decide to have children present for your wedding, it is best to know if you will be able to have a discounted meal for them. Typically there are children's options at a lower price, but sometimes they will offer a smaller portion of the main meal for a cheaper price as well. The same goes for vendor meals, caterers will normally have a "box" option for your vendors for a discounted price, or you could offer them the same meal as all of your guests. From experience with other vendors, it means a lot for them to get the same meal as guests.

Do they pass hors d'oeuvre or only have stations?
Depending on the style of your wedding, you may want to make sure passed hour devours are an option. Some caters will only have stations with appetizers once you have a certain number of guests. If you would like to make sure they pass some as well, add this to your contract, but keep in mind additional staff may be required.

Do they supply the cake? Is there a cutting fee?
It is becoming more popular for caterers to supply the wedding cake, or at least dessert options. Make sure you know all of these options before searching for another dessert vendor. Many caterers will charge a cutting fee for a cake if it is not supplied by them, if this fee applies it will typically be a per person charge.

Hopefully these were helpful as you plan your wedding or any other event!

Thanks again, Mary, for having me while you are enjoying all of your own wedding adventures!


DDT [july.28]

Welcome to a new week of Delicious Dish Tuesday, where we share our recipes and ask you to share YOUR awesome recipes with us!  Last week we had some delicious looking recipes shared, I love finding all these new recipes to add to my "to-do" list.  This past week my favorite recipe was shared by Sweet Love & Ginger.

Don't forget to check out Alesha @ Full Time Mama's features this week too!  The next couple weeks I won't be hosting DDT because I'm getting married (!!); make sure to stop by Alesha's blog to link up!!

Campfire Monkey Bread

Fruit Infused Summer Water

Hi Eat, Drink & Be Mary readers, I'm Emelia from Dream Big & Buy the Shoes where I blog about everything from love and bringing back the spark in your relationship, to my kitchen experiments turned tasty recipesDIY projects and life in general. 

Like Mary, I am also getting married soon and I am in the midst of the planning craziness. While I'm busy crafting, making lists and getting ready for my big day I like to stay hydrated. Today I'm sharing one of my lastest concoctions, an infused summer water.

You will need:

1 orange
1 lime
1 handful blueberries

To make:

Step 1: 
Wash your fruit

Step 2: 
Slice the lime

Step 3: 
Slice the orange

Step 4: 
Put sliced fruit and blueberries in a pitcher and add ice

Step 5: 
Add water and refrigerate for 4-6 hours

Step 6: 
Pour over ice and enjoy! Cheers!

The whole process takes less than 10 minutes start to finish and the result is so refreshing. I am loving infused water this summer and can't wait to try more combinations.

I also made a strawberry, lemon, & basil version that you can check out here, and believe me, you want to taste it. 

For more of my delicious drinks you can check out my Pinterest boards. 

I hope you are all having a beautiful summer. Thank you to Mary for letting me join her blog today. Have a great week everyone, XO!



Mondays can be such a drag, so I'm here to brighten your day.  Today I have 3 fantastic gals here to share a little about their blog and giveaway a gift card to Ulta.  And since there is pretty sure that's enough to brighten any Lindsay Kristyn & Erica...take it away girls!

THREE Leading Lady

1. Coffee
2. Wine
3. Red Lipstick
4. A Fancy Pair of Heels
5. Chocolate


1. Coffee
2. Quiet Time
3. Shopping Coupons
4. Hunting for a house
5. My Husband


1. Carbs
2. The Bachelor, much to the fiance's dismay
3. Any excuse for a manicure
4. Another piece of chocolate.  But only if it's dark (and tall and handsome, right?)
5. Hitting the gym before work.  I used to be able to say HECK NO to this, but  I swear once you get in the groove it's the most empowering, invigorating way to start your day!

Did I mention carbs?


want to join in next month's giveaway / group feature?  head on over to my sponsors page.


And now it's giveaway time.  These lovely ladies are giving you the chance to win $60 to ULTA.  I mean who couldn't use some new makeup?  I for one, definitely wouldn't say no.  Cross your fingers and enter below. 

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DID YOU CATCH :: 8 things you need to know to be my BFF


Things You Need to Know to Be My BFF

Hey guys, it's me.  Mary.  I know posts have been here and there lately, so I figured I remind you what my face looked like again.  ;)

Turns out moving states, planning a wedding and several beach trips makes it difficult to maintain a blog, too.  I don't know how all you moms out there do it!  

If you've missed it, I'm getting married in NINE days!  So things on this side of the keyboard are pretty chaotic like you could imagine.  But don't worry I have some killer blog posts scheduled for while I'm gone.  Make sure you follow me on social media; I update those daily.  My accounts are all linked on my sidebar underneath my picture. 
(new!) snapchat :: mary_timmerman  

Oh, and make sure to follow our wedding hashtag #TimmermanPartyof2

Now, on with the scheduled program...

INSTAGRAM || It's my fave.  Even before blogging.  I'm easily the one out of all my best friends that loves instagram (and social media in general) the most.  #nosey

BAGELS || I could literally eat them everyday.  In fact, when we got to the beach I practically get a bagel from the local bagel shop everyday.  If you were my BFF not only would you know that, you'd know my order: "plain bagel toasted with plain cream cheese".  #plainjane

BIKE RIDING || I can't ride a bike.  Not many people know this about me [it's a little embarrassing and obviously not my go to conversation piece when meeting someone].  For the low down on how this 23 year old seriously cannot ride a bike and doesn't plan on trying anytime soon, check out THIS POST.

WEDDING || I've dreamed of getting married all my life.  Upon graduating high school I didn't want to do much other than get married and have kids (and told that to many people in college who asked what I wanted to "become").  However, I knew that it wasn't quite realistic considering I hadn't met my Mr. Persistent yet.  

Now that my dream is coming true, I may talk about my wedding a lot.  A lot.  But that doesn't mean that I didn't talk about it and dream about it ALL THE TIME beforehand.  I just saved that crazy talk for my best friends.

view post HERE

YOU PROBABLY DON'T CALL ME MARY ||  If you're gonna be my best friend chances are you won't call me Mary.  This is not my requirement; they just don't.  Mary is not a long name; yet they all make up nicknames for me.  Two of my best friends call me "Mams" (long story, odd story) and the other calls me "mare mare".  

RING || I'm totally in love with my engagement ring.  And stare at it often...still.

BEACHIN' || I'd live at the beach if I could.  And often during the summer I visit so often it feels like I practically do.  Just in case you don't follow me on INSTAGRAM (you totally should ;) ) ... here's some proof.

A photo posted by Mary (@maryjean_xo) on

GLASSES || I wear glasses.  Not everyday.  But I do wear them (mainly for the headaches I get), and well you pretty much have to be my best friend, Thomas, or a family member to see me in them.  And since I love you all, (and I'm feeling extra fancy thanks to my new frames) today you're getting a sneak peek of this girl in the glasses and the down low on my newest pair. 

FIRMOO.  Firmoo is a website that sells eyeglasses.  I'd heard about them before, but finally bit the bullet and tried them for myself.  And darn if I shouldn't have done it sooner.  I mean I got new, cute glasses without going to the eye doctor; now who doesn't love that?  

And it's pretty darn easy to pick your new pair.  ONE you can use their 'virtual look viewer' to upload your picture and "try" on each pair of glasses to see what best fits your face.  TWO they have a 'Daily New' page where frames are updated everyday.  And THREE on the website they have a 15% off page where you can find cute & affordable frames at a discounted price.  

And you know I love a good sale!  Who's with me?

So tell me, what is something I need to know about you if we're going to be BFFs?

YOU MAY ALSO ENJOY || The Girl Behind the Blog AND  Part II

Disclaimer: I received the products
in this post for review purposes.  All
thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Last Sail Before the Veil

You guys, I swear my life feels like a dream lately.  So cliche, I know.  But I find myself thinking "is this real life?" ALL the time lately.  I just seriously can't believe that my life long dream of getting married is coming true.  All the extras that come along (like my bridal shower) with getting married are just cherries on top of this dream come true.  

This past week (Wed.-Sun.) my friends planned the most a m a z i n g bachelorette weekend.  And you guys it was seriously a blast!  The beach is my favorite place (practically ever) and add in that my four best friends were there and you've got yourself perfection -- at least in my book. ;)

May your bachelorette party be so fun that you dont notice how annoyed the rest of the bar is.

My friends' family own a condo at Topsail Island Beach (where I've spent many beach trips) and it was so much fun.  The theme of the week: last sail before the veil. #obsessed

And now for all the pictures...

wedding planning on the drive down to the beach

selfie stick for the win

beach day #1

another selfie stick win ;)
I got us all these sunglasses with our monograms, and they were a hit!  

as seen on my bridesmaid's instagram: @mich7293
going out for Karaoke

We sang No Scrubs & I Want It That Way #90sKidWin

wine tasting in Wilmington

my bachelorette party planner's got us these adorable koozies
beach day #2
heather : the talented girl behind the bathing suit I'm wearing complete with "I DO" on the top & my tutu veil-like bottom.

MOH : bachelorette party planner 
my other bachelorette party planner :)

as seen on Instagram: @maryjean_xo

before going out to downtown Wilmington

cadillac stretch limo 

on the rooftop 

got a little jimmy johns at the end of the night

And that's it folks!  Only 10 more days now. :)

linking up with Wedding Wednesday 


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