Eat Drink & Be Mary: Something Blue | Bridal Shower Recap


Something Blue | Bridal Shower Recap

It's Wednesday, and by now we all know what that means.  And if you don't, well it's Wedding Wednesday!  The happiest day of the week (besides Friday, Saturday and Sunday of course;) ).  And today I'm sharing with y'all the absolute best bridal shower I've ever been to...mine!

All Day Soiree Dress c/o The Mint Julep Boutique
[also seen here]

Seriously, though Saturday was a blast.  Food, presenents, + games.  I left feeling giddy, blessed, and loved.  I am so so thankful to be surrounded by such supportive, loving women.  

The shower was thrown by my MOH (Carolyn) and one of my bridesmaids (Heather aka: my college roommate).  And they did an amazing job.  AMAZING.

my bridal shower hostesses & the brains behind all this perfection

I just can't say enough good things about Sautrday, so instead I'll just so you some pictures.  
warning: photo overload

THE THEME was Something Blue.  It was so perfect.  


Everyone wore "something blue."  And then they had tables labeled "Something Old," "Something New," "Something Borrowed," and the food table was labeled "Something Blue." 


this was such a fantastic idea...and I definitely cried reading in this journal






How Well Do You Know the Bride? | Everyday Dishes (free)
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the favors

He said, She said game winner!

Guess the Dress winner!

How well do you know the bride? game winner!

my mom and Grandmama

use EATDRINKBEMARY for 10% all garlands @ Love Garlands


"Frozen" Garland c/o Love Garlands

selfie stick for the win!

even the tables were so cute, with some of my favorite pictures of T & I

my dress // The Mint Julep Boutique

...and now for the giveaway!  You could win $50 credit to the etsy shop, Love Garlands.  I love how these garlands made it simple to decorate my bridal shower.  Seriously, cute and all you need to do is add tape.  Love Garlands has a wide range of color combos & you can make custom request to match your bridal shower/birthday party colors or nursery.  

Love Garlands specializes in handmade tissue tassel garlands and balloon tassel tails that are great for home decor, parties, and special what are you waiting for?!  Get to entering:

can't wait?  get yours now 10% off with 'EATDRINKBEMARY'

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. Ah! I'm so glad you had a beautiful bridal shower, it seems like it was an amazing time. I do like the "something blue" theme. Your MOD and bridesmaid did a stellar job. If I won the garlands I would probably use them in my own bridal shower in the future. ;)

  2. I love the theme! Xo, Stephanie

  3. Such a cute shower theme! Hoping I win for some nursery decor! :)

  4. I'm pretty sure this is the best bridal shower I have ever seen- seriously. And I absolutely love the idea behind the different tables!

  5. I love the different tables/ what they represent. I've never seen that at a shower before!

  6. What great ideas, they did such an amazing job! It is so creative and cute :)

  7. Christina SotherdenJune 3, 2015 at 9:48 AM

    This looks like such a fabulous day - I'm glad you had such a great time! My bridal shower is one of my favorite wedding memories (other than THE day of course) and I actually wore a dress sort of similar to yours, just with a little pink in the flowers so I'm absolutely loving your wardrobe choice! The theme is perfect!

  8. It looks like the perfect day!! Your MOH and Best friend did a great job putting everything together, and you look like you had such a great time!! It's getting so close ;)

  9. I absolutely love this bridal shower theme! I've never seen this done before! So original and so cute! Kind of makes me want to get married all over again! ;) Nah! I'll take my 5 years of wedding bliss and just live vicariously through you! Oh, and to answer your question from your giveaway - I'd love to use a Love Garland as décor in my little girl's nursery! Fingers crossed I win!

  10. love the theme!

  11. How fun!! I am DEFINITELY bookmarking this right now to steal some of these ideas for my sister-in-law's shower. Your hostesses did an AMAZING job!!

  12. This is awesome! I had a recipe box at my bridal shower (also on Saturday) too! The tables having themes is such a cool idea. We played a bridal trivia game too. If I won the garland I think I'd use it either at my rehearsal dinner or maybe even my actual wedding reception!

  13. This is amazing!!! the girls did such a great job! I have never seen this theme before, it rocks.

  14. Kim Pincombe-ColeJune 3, 2015 at 3:05 PM

    What a beautiful shower!!
    I love theses tassel garlands - would be perfect for an upcoming graduation party!!

  15. This is SO adorable, love the theme and how they incorporated it into everything! You looked beautiful, love that dress!

  16. I'd probably use it for my birtrhday

  17. Such a fun shower, love the theme and of course your dress. So pretty :)

  18. Such a cute shower theme! And I absolutely love your dress!!

  19. Love it! So creative and it looks like a good time was had by all. Love all of the fun summer dresses, too - especially yours. I have to say, my friends are a bit lucky that I got married way before Pinterest - you all have a high bar! (Stopping by from Erica Finds - I just tweeted a from the Archives of the guest post I did for you... so was thinking of you!)

  20. Looks like such a lovely shower, I love the theme.

  21. First, your look amazing! I love your dress in shoes. The theme for your shower is very cool and clever! This is the type of shower I would want to go to! You have an amazing group of girls around you. So glad you enjoyed your special day!

  22. It looks like you had an amazing shower! Your hosts did a wonderful job and you looked lovely :)

  23. What a great shower! I hope mine will be just as lovely. I'd use the garlands for my bridal shower!

  24. I love the theme of the shower! Very cute decor. I would use garland as birthday decor and decor for my office.

  25. Isn't it all adorable?! My friends did an amazing job, and it's a day I'll never forget. The garland as office decor is such a brilliant idea!

  26. They did an awesome job, for sure. Everything was so beautiful and perfect. :)

  27. It took me forever to find a dress and shoes, but I was really pleased with how it all turned out. This is a theme I haven't seen done much, and I think it turned out amazing! My friends did an awesome job!

  28. Thanks love. I'm totally obsessed with the dress.

  29. You are so right, it'd be so cute to get a garland in your school colors for a graduation party. Awesome idea!

  30. They really did. My friends are the best. ;) But they really pulled the theme throughout the entire day, and it was amazing!

  31. I LOVE the recipe idea. Since my friends know I love to craft they left it up to me to decorate it and I can't wait. The garland would be a super cute addition to the rehearsal dinner. :)

  32. Girl, definitely do. It's an amazing theme idea, and they really carried it through well. My friends are simply amazing. ;)

  33. It was an amazing day. And their decorating/planning skills really blew me away. I loved the theme, and how they carried it through the entire shower. We are so super close (and you're closer!). :)

  34. The shower has definitely been the highlight so far. So so much fun! It took me a while to find a dress with "something blue" but still had enough white in it to be bridal, and I think this dress was the perfect choice!

  35. Do you know when your bridal shower will be? I can't wait to see how yours turns out! My friends are definitely awesome party planners!

  36. I love the theme, and how they worked it into everything. It was so cute, oh and my favorite color is blue! :) They did an amazing job; a day I'll never forget I'm sure. I can't wait to see how your bridal shower turns out.

  37. Mine is August 2nd! I reached out to that Etsy shop to see if they would want to work with me for some decor for a post :) I love their garlands, they're way more pro than my DIY ones ;)


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