Eat Drink & Be Mary: A Guide to Wedding Monograms


A Guide to Wedding Monograms

 Hello Eat, Drink and Be Mary readers! I'm Alex, and I blog over at Always, Al. I'm a twenty-something making my way through my crazy busy life. I like to try new things, pretend to cook, fuel my caffeine addiction and shop online. I'm also planning my wedding for next summer! 

One thing that I am absolutely obsessed with is monograms. After all, if it’s not moving… monogram it. Monograms are a perfect way for brides to celebrate their new last name. They add a classy and traditional touch to whatever you add them to. And you can truly add them to just about anything these days!

When I started to get into the world of wedding monograms, I realized there is a whole etiquette for it! Your monogram as a single lady will be different than your monogram after the ceremony, and the rules for a couple’s monogram are a whole new ball game!

Here is a simple guide to wedding monograms, from SouthernWeddings:

 Traditionally, before the wedding, the bride should use her “maiden” monogram for things that are her personal items. This could include things like clothes, purses or jewelry. However, I know that I (like most brides), am super excited to wear my new monogram, so I have been known to break this tradition on occasion. 

When you use your monogram “officially” with your fiancé’s on things like a save-the-date, you should use an ampersand, and always list the bride’s initial first. For example, my fiancé and I are A&D.

During and after the wedding, wear and display your married monogram loud and proud! Remember that the bride’s first name always is displayed first! For example, my married monogram will be aYd.

Have fun! Monogram away, friends!


  1. Love this!! I always wondered about monograms tbh. I thought it a little weird that the middle initial was the largest letter, boy was I wrong! thanks for this :)

  2. I love the married monogram! I hope I can it this when I get married :)

  3. I love monograms! I love getting stuff monogrammed with my new initials, it's fun :)

  4. Monograms are everywhere! I never knew whose initial goes first on the married monogram. Now I know! Thanks!

  5. I can't wait to showcase my new initials in November! Tomorrow is actually my first bridal shower with all my girlfriends and it is a Monograms & Mimosas party so all the gifts will have my new initials on them!

  6. Girl you and me both! Actually, I've been wearing mine since we got engaged. Several friends gave me engagement presents with my future monogram, and it'd totally be rude to not wear them right away. ;)

    I saw your bridal shower recap and it looked so cute and like lots of fun. Did you get a lot of monogrammed items?

  7. Same here Evelina. I had to look it up!

  8. Me too, I'm border lined obsessed. ;)

  9. Of course you can. :) I love it too, but when my initial comes first our married monogram is the same as my future monogram, haha.

  10. Monograms can be tricky, but ultimately you can do it how you want. I believe I've always seen the last name in the middle, but hey you do you ;)


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