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I Do BBQ || Couples Shower

This past weekend Thomas' family threw us a couples shower, an I Do BBQ.  It was so much fun getting to meet so many family friends & high school buddies of his.  We feel so blessed and loved after our shower, and I am excited to be moving somewhere with friends and family like his.

And now for the pictures...

I can't wait to be his Mrs.

with both of our parents

my parents

some of Thomas' high school buddies

the beautiful tables

I won all three games we played :) -- my future in-laws

opening presents

we love kitchen gifts!

The shower was seriously so much fun.  We got some amazing, generous gifts.  And most of all it was awesome to get to meet so many of the people that have shaped my sweet man's life.  I can't believe I'll be living here soon!  

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DDT [june.30]

Welcome to a new week of Delicious Dish Tuesday, where we share our recipes and ask you to share YOUR awesome recipes with us!  Last week we had some delicious looking recipes shared, I love finding all these new recipes to add to my "to-do" list.  This past week my favorite recipe was shared by A Cowboy's Life.

Southern Fried Green Tomatoes


June Group Feature

I know I say this almost every month, but how in the world is it the end of June already!  It never ceases to amaze me how fast each month flies by.  Another thing that amazes me, women that can handle it all.  I'm talking about a lawyer and a new-mommy that run some killer blogs.  And lucky for you they're both taking over for me today.  These are some blogs that you can get your cup of coffee and curl up on the couch with because once you start reading, you'll find yourself reading more and more.  Enjoy.

1. Dogs...I'm a sucker for a dog, especially a struggling one, and will likely have a kennel one day
2. Cheese...fancy cheese, velvetta cheese, queso..I don't discriminate
3. Girls Night...I will choose a night laughing with my girlfriends over just about anything
4. Road that I'm a working girl I will take full advantage of every opportunity to travel near or far
5. A friend in need...I'm a great listener and tend to be a therapist in my circle of friends


1. Big Red soda
2. Little girls smocked dresses
3. Going shopping
4. Anything monogrammed
5. Date nights with hubby


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F I V E on F R I D A Y

Today my parents and I are moving almost all of my stuff into our new house.  Well new to us.  I cannot believe that today begins my move to SC.  I'm excited and nervous all at the same time.  Let the painting and furniture makeovers begin!

Now for some randomness as regularly scheduled... 

ONE || 1,095 days.
Tomorrow Thomas and I will have been dating for 1,095 days.  wow!  Three years with my sweet man that is soon to be my husband.  And to celebrate, we're having our couples shower thrown by his family and friends.  Mix that with getting to spend the next 5 days with him and I couldn't be more thrilled.

TWO || A Letter to girls in a LDR.
I may or may not have teared up a little writing this post.  It's amazing how far Thomas and I have come since the beginning of our long distance relationship.  

read the post | here

THREE || "Something Old"
My mom and I worked on a DIY project this week, to make my something old useable for my wedding.  I'm pretty thrilled with how it turned out, and it was SUPER easy.  Check that one of the "to-do" list.  eek!
A photo posted by Mary (@maryjean_xo) on


The fourth of July will be here before you know it.  Why not make these cute grill inspired cupcakes.  Trust me they're easy and you don't need any fancy equipment to make them.

Eat Drink & Be Mary: Red White & BBQ
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FIVE || Monogram Ring.
A little bit ago I talked about wanting a open monogrammed ring.  I found this one on Etsy, thanks to my college roommate.  Not only is it an amazing price, but I am thrilled with how it turned out.  If you are wanting a monogrammed ring I highly suggest looking into this one.

And that's it folks.  I hope your looking forward to your weekend as much as I am.  
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A Guide to Wedding Monograms

 Hello Eat, Drink and Be Mary readers! I'm Alex, and I blog over at Always, Al. I'm a twenty-something making my way through my crazy busy life. I like to try new things, pretend to cook, fuel my caffeine addiction and shop online. I'm also planning my wedding for next summer! 

One thing that I am absolutely obsessed with is monograms. After all, if it’s not moving… monogram it. Monograms are a perfect way for brides to celebrate their new last name. They add a classy and traditional touch to whatever you add them to. And you can truly add them to just about anything these days!

When I started to get into the world of wedding monograms, I realized there is a whole etiquette for it! Your monogram as a single lady will be different than your monogram after the ceremony, and the rules for a couple’s monogram are a whole new ball game!

Here is a simple guide to wedding monograms, from SouthernWeddings:

 Traditionally, before the wedding, the bride should use her “maiden” monogram for things that are her personal items. This could include things like clothes, purses or jewelry. However, I know that I (like most brides), am super excited to wear my new monogram, so I have been known to break this tradition on occasion. 

When you use your monogram “officially” with your fiancé’s on things like a save-the-date, you should use an ampersand, and always list the bride’s initial first. For example, my fiancé and I are A&D.

During and after the wedding, wear and display your married monogram loud and proud! Remember that the bride’s first name always is displayed first! For example, my married monogram will be aYd.

Have fun! Monogram away, friends!



This Saturday Thomas and I will have been dating for T H R E E years.  I can hardly believe it.  Part of me feels like we just started dating yesterday, and the other part of me feels like I've known him all my life.  I got lucky with this one, and even luckier that before I know it three years will turn into 30 years.  Forever with this man will be the best.  

So in honor of our 3 year anniversary coming up & our long distance relationship coming to an end.  I'm writing a note to myself almost two years ago, at the beginning of our long distance.  A note to the girl about to get into a LDR.  The girl who had a lot to learn about LDR and herself.  

I know it can be frightening to think of entering a long distance relationship.  It will be a lot of work.  It'll test your patience.  It'll take all your strength away some days.  Long distance relationships are hard.  Really hard.  And the require a lot of hard work.  BUT the end result is totally worth it.

You will start living for the weekends, and road trips will become simply a habit.  2 hour drives will seem like nothing, because you're used to driving 4 hours (each way) in a weekend, almost once a month.  

You will have to learn to communicate with your other half.  They are no longer there to read your facial expressions and text messages can be taken the wrong way.  Learn to explain yourself, to call each other often and to talk out your differences rather than yelling and not solving any problems.

Looking at other couples will make you sick.  It's as if they're rubbing it in your face that they're together while your other half is hundreds of miles away.  It'll make you jealous and sad.  But don't take it out on them, it's not their fault.  Remember I said a long distance relationship is hard

You will learn a lot of things.  Like when people question if a long distance relationship can even work, or just flat out tell you that they never do.  You will learn to ignore them because they don't understand.  Forgive them, it's not they're fault they've never been through this. 

There will be sleepless nights and crying out of no where because you just miss him so much.  Intense feelings of emptiness after you go your separate ways because once again you have to be on your own.  But take heart sweet girl, it is worth it.  For all those nights spent crying, there will be phone calls filled with laughter.  And day after day of falling in love all over again for the man that stole your heart with "hello", miles away.

Because a long distance relationship is not just full of negatives.  Believe it or not there are some positives of being in an LDR, too.  This relationship will help you learn to be patient; it will help you depend on your other half for support and strength.  It will help you learn to communicate with him and thus build an even strong relationship than before.  And even more important than that, it'll help you grow in your relationship with Christ.  Learning to depend on Him and His word; relying on prayer to give you strength and calm your anxiety.  

Being long distance will help you appreciate the time you have together and build up an anticipation for the moment when you no longer have to say "goodbye" only "goodnight."  

And lucky for you, just like the first year and a half (spent together in college, maybe 5 miles away from each other) flew by, the second year and a half spent in a long distance relationship will fly by just as fast.  Before you know it you'll be planning the best day of your life (your wedding), and the long distance will be over.  You'll be the MRS to his MR, and you'd never take back the time you spent apart because it's lead you to where you are now -- 38 days away from becoming his bride.  38 days away from a lifetime full of love and laughter.  38 days from being the happiest girl in the world. 

So trust me when I say, I know it'll be hard BUT it will be worth it.  So so worth it.

a success story, aka: the bride-to-be


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Were you ever in a LDR?  What advice would you give to someone 
in a long distance relationship?



Orange Monkey Bread {with a twist}

Some of my favorite recipes are family recipes.  But my absolute favorite?  Gorilla Bread.  There's just something about that cream cheese filling that is simply amazing.

Today I'm sharing a recipe from one of my favorite chefs with a twist from the ole family cookbook.  And trust me, this is recipe you'll want to be making this Summer.  Whether it's for breakfast, brunch, or'll have your family coming back for more and more.

The Pioneer Woman, is easily my favorite Food Network chef.  She cooks things real people can handle, she's real & everything I've made from her is heavenly.  So when I came across her orange-vanilla monkey bread on Pinterest, I knew I needed to make it this Summer.  Butttt with a little twist.  
The difference between gorilla bread and monkey bread?  A little cream cheese filling.  And you guys, it makes A L L the difference.  So, today my twist on my dear Pioneer Woman's recipe -- add a little cream cheese.  

Oh ooey, gooey orange goodness...

(original recipe here)
  • 2 (12 oz) refrigerated can of biscuits - 10 count (I've found that Grands works best)
  • 1 pkg. (8oz) Cream Cheese
  • 2 Oranges, zested 
  • 1 cup of Sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Vanilla Extract
  • 2 sticks Butter, salted
  • 3/4 cup of Brown Sugar
  • dash of Salt
preheat oven to 350F

1.  Spray the inside of a bundt pan with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.
2.  Combine sugar, orange zest, and the dash of salt in a large ziploc bag.  Mix well and set aside.
3.  Cut the cream cheese into 20 cubes, one for each biscuit.
4.  Open can of biscuits.  Take each biscuit and press it out with your fingers, flattening it out. 
5.  Place a cream cheese cube in each biscuit and "wrap" it up. (reference here)
6.  One at a time, place the biscuit in the ziploc and cover with sugar/zest mixture.
7.  The place the biscuits seams down into the bundt pan.  Continue doing this until you have filled 10 biscuits.  This will cover your bundt pan, completing your first row.
8.  Melt the butter in a sauce pan.
9.  Add brown sugar and vanilla.  Stir until just mixed in.
10.  Pour half of the brown sugar mixture on the first row of biscuits.
11.  Repeat steps 6-9 until you have finished the remaining 10 biscuits, finishing up your top row.
12.  Pour the remaining brown sugar mixture over the biscuits.
13.  Place in the oven at 350F for 25 minutes, until biscuits are golden brown.
14.  Let your monkey bread cool for 10 minutes (no longer than 15), and then invert onto a cake stand/plate to serve.  
15.  Enjoy warm with a glass of milk!  

The Pioneer Woman has done it again y'all, but I have to admit the family trick of adding the cream cheese really pushes this recipe over the top.  Breakfast has never tasted better.


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