Eat Drink & Be Mary: J U N E "TO-DOs" : wedding edition


J U N E "TO-DOs" : wedding edition

In less than a week (next Tuesday) we'll be down to T W O months away.  I'm sorry, say what?!  That is so so mind blowing to me.  I can't believe that we've been engaged for six months, half year, and before we know it I will be MRS. T.  Be still my heart.

SC Baseball T | | The Home T

And with that new last name is a new state to call "home".  Something that excites me and terrifies me at the same time.  I can't be happier to be starting my life with T and doing it in our home.  But moving states (no matter how in love with the WARM temperatures I am) is pretty scary.  But I'm embracing it.  And thanks to Stephanie for her kind words, my heart is becoming more and more calm each day.  

And in embracing my new home, must come super cute SC apparel right?  In walks The Home T (as seen on Shark Tank...what??!!) with their made in the USA, super soft tees.  Not to mention I'm loving their newest baseball t's line.  Oh and did I mention a portion of their proceeds go to MS research.  Y' can't go wrong with buying from a business like theirs. 

And now, for a 2 month's out checklist ; prepare yourself...

June's To-Do List:

+ DIY table numbers & centerpieces

 + mail invitations, this is getting real!

+ find the rest of tablecloths & table runners (we have 5, now we just need some for all the guests' tables)

+ get Unity item & deciding on wording for ceremony

+ book hair trial for June (and have)

+ update registry between showers

+ have our Couples shower in SC eek!

+ DIY "something old" (sounds odd, but to incorporate my something old it's needs a little work)
+ choose reception songs (entrance, garter/bouquet toss, cake cutting, exit song, etc)
+ decide if we are writing our own vows or not

+ decide on programs
+ make transportation plans for exit

+ decide on Bachelorette outfit

+ have Menu tasting with caterer

SC Tee | | The Home T

and for all the things I have we have accomplished so far...

- get Groom's gift
- meet with DJ & florist
- purchase parents gifts
- finalize arrangements for rehearsal & rehearsal dinner 
- purchase flower girl/ring bearer gifts
- purchase in-laws gifts
- ordered toasting flutes
order Bachelorette favors
- have my bridal shower woot woot! (this Saturday)
- make directions card
- addressed all the envelopes (outside + RSVP)
- take full invitation to the post office to figure out postage
- assemble invitations
- meet with florist


And that's it folks.  2 months to go.  What advice do you have for me?  
Any "must do's" for two months away?


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  1. Loving that T-shirt! I remember them on Shark Tank actually. Thought it was a pretty nifty company. I think I even need one of those T-shirts with an Arkansas state on it since I'm moving to Texas soon to be with my own fiance for the first time. :) Yay!

  2. Love that quote from your friend, so sweet!

  3. Soooo exciting!! I love these photos of you, and that tee and nail polish! I'm sorry I can't remember, but where are you moving in SC?

  4. South Carolina is amazing! You'll love it! Plus people in SC are friendly and before you know it you'll have more friends than you can count and you'll feel like you've lived here for your whole life! Trust me, I've lived here my whole life but in a military town....every friend that leaves always misses it and wants to come back! SC has a way of touching your soul!!

  5. Ohh, I've wanted one of those tees for a while but I kind of need Oregon AND Washington... So exciting that your big day is only two months away!

  6. That shirt is adorable!! I hope one day we are able to move to SC as well, I am ready to be out of MD! It would be great to meet a blog friend in real life :)

    You are getting so close, isn't it crazy how fast the time goes! I can't wait to continue to watch your big day come together.

  7. Can you stop being so organized and on top of it?! I am about one month out and you just made me hyper ventilate a tad. Annnnnnd I'm totally in love with that T and will be purchasing one very soon!!! Moving is freaking me out too, I think I'm more stressed over that than the wedding.

  8. I can totally relate to being excited and terrified about moving to a new state once married. And definitely have been finding comfort in my faith and lovely family and friends who keep me calm :)

  9. Haha! I felt the same way with her list! lol

  10. Love the Home T shirts. I got them for us as an anniversary gift one year and then we used them for our engagement photo shoot. He is from NY and I am from KY. We love them!! Good luck with your last two months of preparations...and your upcoming relocation!

  11. I need that home shirt. I'm now on the website, building a wish list haha you always post about the best products! :) I was pretty scared when I moved states to be with my husband. I was living in Maine and he's a marine stationed in North Carolina. It was a pretty big move for me, but I settled in very quickly :)

  12. You're getting soooo close! Loving that tee! And I can totally relate the excitement mixed with nerves when moving states. We moved to Florida from Connecticut 3 months after our wedding, and as excited as I was I was also super nervous about the unknown and starting over even with my husband by my side. If you ever need advice or need to vent I'm always here *hugs*

  13. Haha I'm so far behind you it's not even funny. I got engaged last June and we haven't set any date or even decided what country we're going to be getting married in...we've been traveling a lot and busy with moving and work so I haven't had any desire to start planning yet!

  14. Oh girl, you can't compare yourself! Traveling sounds like a blast right about now ;)

  15. The tee is so cute and soft. Sounds like you need a Florida and Connecticut one. ;) I'm so nervous about the move, but so excited at the same time. Thanks for your support!! That's so sweet.

  16. Girl get you one. I wear mine ALL the time! Crazy, I'll be moving away from NC now. I hope it'll be a smooth adjustment, cross your fingers! And pray for me, a lot. Haha!

  17. Such a cute idea. Too bad we're already taken ours, I love that idea! Thanks! :)

  18. Glad to know I'm not alone. It's stressful, but I know I'll make it through. Thanks so much!

  19. Haha, I'd go insane without all this organization and lists. I'm definitely more stressed about the moving than the wedding!

  20. Yes, come join us! I'll need some friends. ;) I can't believe we're so close, and your so super close too girl! I can't wait to show you!

  21. I love that they donate proceeds to research for MS. Not to mention the shirts are so cute, too!

  22. Girl get one! They're so so soft. I have NC, California (where I was born) and SC. I can't believe we're 2 days away.!!

  23. I love SC, I'll just have to get used to life there. It'll be such an exciting move. :)

  24. I'm totally obsessed with this nail polish. So bright for summer!! I actually haven't posted where I'm moving to, but it'll be in the southwest of the state (pretty close to GA). Do you live in SC?

  25. Isn't it the best. It calms my heart every time I think about it.

  26. I had one before it aired on Shark Tank, and was amazed to see it on there. It's an amazing company with an awesome drive behind it. Girl get both! I have three different states, haha.

  27. Good luck!! :) I'll be thinking of you and of course I'll be reading every post haha


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