Eat Drink & Be Mary: What's This "Rocksbox" All Over My Feed?


What's This "Rocksbox" All Over My Feed?

If your feed is anything like mine, you've been seeing things about Rocksbox pop up all over the place.  Not to mention a code to get your first month free.  Well, today I'm here to give you the scoop on this Rocksbox biz.  Quick and easy.

1 | Rocksbox is jewelry subscription box with 3 designer items in each box. (worth about $200)
2 | Each box is $19/month AND you can get your first box for F R E E with the code 'MARYJEANXOXO'
3 | You can cancel your subscription at any time.
4 | You can trade out your jewelry as often as you'd like & get 3 new items sent to you anytime.
5 | There is free shipping both ways.
6 | At this point, unfortunately, they do NOT ship internationally.
7 | Every month you get $10 "shine spend" to put towards buying any jewelry items you wish to keep.

necklace + bracelet | Rocksbox

There you have it.  The down low on Rocksbox.
Personally, this box is perfect for someone like me.  As in, I'm not that great at accessorizing my outfits (and I've always needed help putting my full outfit together) Rocksbox gives me the jewelry to work with & I get new jewelry pieces to try out as often as I switch out my box.  Not to mention I love getting my box in the mail -- three cheers for happy mail days!

earrings| Rocksbox

To see another subscription box I love, check out the post on this fitness box that's only $5/month with (you guessed it) another code : BULUGAN448.
Are you a jewelry girl?  Do you enjoy subscription boxes?  Have you heard of/tried Rocksbox before?



  1. I need to try Rocksbox still!! I have a hard time accessorizing my outfits as well. I use the same five jewelry combinations over and over again :P

  2. That's a totally different twist on "box" services. Love the bracelet.

  3. This looks like so much fun, and I've loved almost every piece I've seen people receive! I'm still getting my monthly Ipsy, and I feel like I can only justify one box a month!

  4. Can't thank you enough for introducing me to RockBox I love it!

  5. You are so welcome Brittany. I'm glad you like it. It's such a unique subscription box, and I love that you can switch out as often as you please.

  6. I totally understand Shelby, but I definitely recommend trying it out at some point. I had a friend do the ipsy bag for a couple months, but wasn't all that impressed. Care to share your impression of it?

  7. Agreed. I'm a big fan of how they run their subscriptions. It's pretty neat that you can send in your jewelry as often as you'd like and they'll send you back more.

  8. I have my go-tos as well, but the box has helped me branch out for sure.

  9. It's a love/Hate relationship! Some months I've been close to cancelling, but something always redeems it for the $10 every month. I've definitely gotten products that I've incorporated in my daily routine, and then there are some I know I'll never use.

  10. Totally hooked on Rocksbox. Loving your beautiful pieces :)

  11. Me too Kate. I thought I liked my first box, but this second box blew it out of the water. I'm loving all the items in this box.


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