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Posh Spice

When thinking back to the third grade, one thing sticks out.  The Spice Girls, and my serious obsession with them.  Well and the Back Street Boys (am I the only one who loved Brian?).  But, I can remember my friends and I pretending the be the Spice Girls every chance we got.  I always wanted to be Baby Spice, but who didn't?!  And the o b s e s s i o n didn't stop there.  In the 7th and 8th grade, my best friend and I probably watched the Spice Girls Movie about 87989 times -- sadly that's probably not much of an exaggeration.  

So why all the Spice Girl fangirling?  Well, today I have a little treat for you.  While I'm off trying to check some things off my mile long to-do list, I've got Hayley here to share some fashion sense (and I can always gain some of that) with you..and I can't help but think her outfit today reminds me of Posh Spice.  Take it away modernized-Posh... 

Hey there! I'm Hayley and I blog over at Smarty Pants Fashion and I've been lucky enough to sponsor Mary this month! I'm here to share a little outfit inspiration with you guys! That's primarily what I blog about, along with tidbits from my life as a college student in Savannah living across the country from my entire family! 

Today I'm sharing an outfit that I was skeptical about because personally I am not drawn to jumpsuits or rompers but I saw this one and it was on sale so I figured I would try it on and give it a shot. What do you know I fell in LOVE with it. So I've styled it here for you guys along with my new obsession, the shoes. I bought them at Target on a whim and they have easily become my favorite pair that I own! Let's get down to the good stuff shall we?? 

Jumpsuit - urban outfitters 
Jewelry - chloe and isabel 
Lip stick - Lip couture from LA Splash
Purse - poshmark 
Shoes - Target

If you enjoyed this little guest post with a dose of fashion inspiration please stop over to my blog and say hi, maybe even give me a follow! Feel free to follow my social media as well, I post more freely on my social media, funny articles, cat videos, the latest fashion news, etc.  It was great to be able to stop by are share my outfit with you guys! I hope you enjoyed it! 



Now feel free to go check out her blog, but not before following her on so you can casually stalk her and all her smarty pants fashion ideas. ;)



  1. Posh Spice has always been my favorite and I was head over heels for Brian! I was convinced we would meet one day and fall in love haha.

  2. I always wanted to be Baby Spice too, but my friend always wanted to be Posh!

    I LOVE those shoes!

  3. haha, YES I loved Brian and wanted him to marry me.


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