Eat Drink & Be Mary: Beauty Routine for the Bride-to-Be


Beauty Routine for the Bride-to-Be

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Another day, another wedding post.  Andd the second wedding post for this week.  (the first one)  

Planning a wedding is a dream come true.  I can't even remember how long ago I started dreaming of this.  Yes, I was one of those girls.  But who can blame me?  And now that it's really happening I'm all about timelines, check lists & routines.  

The day of your wedding is probably going to be one of your most photographed days on Earth.  And as I've mentioned before it's important that you feel your best.  Confidence is key.  It's your day and not only should you feel beautiful, but you should feel comfortable in your own skin too.  Which is why today I'm talking about my beauty routine for the bride-to-be.  

According to timelines I've read it's good to start a beauty routine a couple months out to prepare your skin for the big day, and I feel like I'm getting into a groove with it's time to share with you dolls.


DAILY go-to's

MOISTURIZER.  All day, everyday.  But really, everyday.  Ain't nobody got time for dry skin leading up to the big "i do."

FACE MASKS.  Prepping that skin for the big day.  Not to mention it's so fun to pretend you're at a spa..go ahead and add some cucumbers to your eyes, sit back and relax.  

Carefree Liners.  1.  These are the only pantiliners that come in a shape made for a thong.  #winning  Not to be graphic, but I'm not down with wearing granny pants (I mean I'm trying to feel like I'm on my A game) and the normal shape just aren't your friend when wearing a thong.  2. If it helps me feel fresh and fierce, especially when my ovaries are throwing a fit about not being made into a home for a baby, then I'm down.

NATURAL MAKEUP.  It may be more of "I still don't know how to do my own make up like an adult" but when it comes to doing my makeup I go natural and stick to the basics.  Think ONE color of eye shadow (yes, the same color everyday), mascara, eyeliner & foundation.

WASH.  I make sure to wash my face everyday, simple as that.

PEARLY WHITES.  Speaking of all those pictures we're prepping for, I'm aiming for a mouth full of pearly whites.  This means brushing my teeth, at least twice a day (duh) and using some other whitening agent.  what's your go-to teeth whitening product?

DRY SHAMPOO.  Washing, conditioning and drying my hair takes f o r e v e r .  I don't have time to do that everyday (sorry not sorry) and it's not healthy for your hair anyways.  A million thanks for dry shampoo stepping in and saving the day.

There you have it, my go-to's that leave me feeling fierce.  What beauty products do you use to feel fresh?  What are your daily go-to's?

And speaking of beauty routines, check out this video of men trying to explain the secret beauty weapons women use to feel fresh and look fierce everyday.  Seriously, #icant.  *insert hysterically crying emoji*


I love how this video playfully pokes fun at men trying to explain women's beauty products, this "mansplaining trend" -- a trend I can seriously get behind, a daily dose of laughter is good for the soul.


I mean, I know Thomas has no clue the rhyme and reason behind A L L the things I use to get ready everyday, but I don't expect him to.  One of the perks to being a man I suppose...

Happy hump day loves.  Discover why fresh is fierce, I dare you. ;)

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  1. Okay they make liners for thongs now?! This is maybe the best news ever. I'm the same, my every day makeup is one eyeshadow, mascara, foundation/blush, and filling in my brows. And I love my dry shampoo!

  2. I second @Mattie Roush - they make them for thongs? That's really cool!

  3. I have loved Crest Whitestrips for YEARS now. They make so many different varieties now depending how white you want to get, and how much time you have. I've tried other brands and none of them really work for me!

  4. Yes to the white strips! I so wish I had used them before my wedding, let's just say I love my morning coffee :-P

  5. I am a coffee and sweet tea fanatic, so I feel you there! I've been doing my best to prep for this wedding, so hopefully it all works out!

  6. I like the whitestrips as well, but they always make my teeth so sensitive. Have you noticed that? I have tried a couple things that seemed to work for me, like the truly radiant arm and hammer line, too.

  7. Pretty crazy right?! It's nice to see them modernized (no granny panties for this girl ;) ).

  8. There sure do, and it's just awesome! Haha, seems like we agree on a lot Mattie. I like a quick and easy getting ready process, and dry shampoo is a life saver!


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