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Owning It

Today, I'm owning it here on this blog.  Owning the little quirks that make me, me.  Owning things I've been doing & thinking lately.  Just owning it.  Because it's about time we acknowledged what makes us ourselves without being ashamed.  Women are amazing.  YOU are amazing.  

join in on the "owning it" fun with The New Mrs link up today >> OWN IT.

I am addicted to my chapstick.  
I recently discovered BabyLips chapstick, and I have one everywhere.  My purse, desk at work, make up bag, car...the list goes on and on y'all.

I pick at my nails.
I'm aware at how gross this may seem, but I can't help it.  Picking at your nails is sorta like biting your nails, except it's with the skin/cuticles that surround your nail.  It started as something I did when bored at a meeting or anxious..and now I've becoming a little OCD about it always messing with something I see.  It's a bad, bad habit that I outta break.

I talk about my wedding a lot.
To some this may be annoying, but I only plan on getting married once so I'm going to enjoy the wedding planning while I can.  I'm always thinking of something I need to do, dreaming of how our wedding day will turn out, or think about how life will be once Thomas and I live together (see ya LDR) and begin our adventure.  Oh and did I mention there's 3 months left!!

I have ate entirely too many sour punch straws lately.
They're just so good.  Chocolate I'm not a fan of, but a sour candy?  I just can't resist.  Now that I'm finally getting over this sickness I need to stop with the junk food & reintroduce myself to the gym.

I may or may not love Pinterest a little too much.
I've been finding the best pins on Pinterest lately.  From wedding inspiration (yes, please) to healthy recipes to ways to build up your marriage, it's got it all and I'm lovin' it.  What's the best pin you've seen this week?

And speaking of owning it, today I have the girl behind the link up here herself.  I found Christina through the Wedding Wednesday link up, and have loved following along as she recapped her wedding.  
Y'all she was simply stunning on her wedding day (and is everyday, really).  Add on the fact that she and her husband just got back from a trip to Bermuda and they have the cutest dog and I'm pretty much smitten with her & her blog.  I'm willing to bet you will be too, so make sure you head on over to The New Mrs. after reading this interview I had with her...

Q: I've noticed you are quite the traveler; I'm totally jealous of your latest Bermuda trip! What is the #1 tip/advice you'd give to someone (perhaps if they're about to go on their honeymoon) who does not travel that often?

Traveling is my favorite – when I get home from one trip, I’m already planning the next, so many places to see! My number one tip for someone who doesn’t travel often (preferably honeymooners, always SO jealous of honeymooners!) would be research/take recommendations.  Once you’ve keyed in on a location, researching where to stay is the next biggie – check out all the hotels the chosen location has to often (if you can’t pick just one hotel/resort, pick two! We did on our honeymoon!) and see which one has the most qualities that best fit your style. Continue then with researching excursions, sights to see and restaurants and definitely check everything out on Trip Advisor! If you know somebody who’s been to the location, definitely ask them lots of questions!  It’s best to have some kind of game plan once you arrive at your destination so you don’t miss out on anything -- the research really helps out on that!

Q: You and Derek are coming up on your one year anniversary (CONGRATS!).  What do you two newlyweds have to say those of us about to start our own adventures in marriage?

Christina: I can’t believe that in just a couple days we’ll already be reaching the eight month mark! One year is going to be here so soon – time really does fly! I would say – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Focus on the two of you and especially focus on enjoying all the “firsts” and little things – the first of each holiday, the 1/2/3/etc. month anniversaries, and things like that.  I know this is more than one (sorry!) but continue dating each other! Just because you’re married now, doesn’t mean you can’t still date! We like to have at least one (usually more) date night a week whether it’s out to a nice dinner, brunch or even lunch – just getting out on those dates is fantastic!

Me: Don't apologize, I'm trying to soak in all the marriage advice I can get!  I love the dating tip. 

Q: Tell us something, we don't know about you?

Christina: Something you don’t know about me – I’m an open book, so that’s hard! We’ll since we’re on the topic of marriage – my husband and I didn’t live together until we were married!

Me: Same here, it seems like this is pretty rare these days though.

Q: I saw that you've started up a link up all about "Owning It"...tell us more!!

Christina: Owning it is SO much fun!  I did an own it post a couple weeks ago and there was such a good response that I decided to start a linkup so everyone can join in on the fun too - It’s the last Thursday of every month! One of my biggest pet peeves is people acting one way, but being another.  Just own what you do and be yourself.  I also find these posts SO fun to read, it’s so funny to see what quirks people “own” and you can usually find some similarities to yourself! There’s so many different ways you can own it whether it’s just in general, or a couple specific examples, a long list of little things, something from yesterday/the past week/past month, ANYTHING!

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Alright y' go stalk this Mrs. blog & fall in love with her sweet personality and adorable puppy.  And join us in "owning it" if you feel like getting a couple things off your chest.  Happy Thursday.

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  1. I was a total nail bitter for most of my life and I finally stopped do that a few years ago - now I just pick them all the time! It's so gross, but I can't stop!! I can't believe your wedding is only 3 months away. Time is FLYING!!

  2. I was over consumed with all things wedding as well, it's all I thought about. I'd think of ideas during work, at spin class, in my sleep, etc.. such an amazing time but it's definitely all you think about! And don't for one second apologize or feel guilty for it. This is your time, embrace it :-D

  3. Girl don't stress being consumed by wedding stuff, it's your day and that's fine. As long as you don't interrupt your friend's stories to tell them about completely unrelated wedding stuff you're fine! :)!

    I didn't live with my husband before we were married either, fun to find two women that didn't, it's soooooo rare!

  4. Talk about your wedding as much as you want! Of course it's on your mind a lot and of course you're excited! Like you said, this is your chance to really soak it all up and enjoy it! :)

    I didn't live with my husband before we were married either, like Pinky said it's nice to find other ladies who did it that way too! :)

  5. Christina SotherdenApril 30, 2015 at 9:04 AM

    You own that wedding planning, lady and enjoy it!! It only comes around once so I think it’s okay to make it your life for that period! I can’t seem to stop pinning recently – it’s inspiration for SO many things! Thanks for having me today, lady! So glad I picked the not moving in before we got married thing to find out you aren’t either! Who knew picking that little fact would find us something else in common!

  6. I pick at my hands too! I think it's an anxiety trigger for me too.

  7. Just found your blog!! I totally pick at my nails too. Bad, bad habit. I'm now following your Pinterest boards because I'm also obsessed. :) Your wedding is YOUR day -- you can think and dream as much as you want! <3

  8. Really inspirational post idea! I love ladies banning together and "owning it"!
    I love chapstick, too!
    Enjoy your wedding planning, girl! It is YOUR time:)

  9. Totally guilty of picking my nails too.. though I also shamefully pick at my face too! It's such an awful habit that I wish I could stop, buy most times I don't even realizing I'm doing it! And great interview with Christina - she's one of my favorite newly discovered blogs!

  10. Pinterest was my LIFE when I was planning my wedding. There are so many great ideas on there. I can't even imagine how people planned weddings before Pinterest.

  11. Pinterest is the greatest! I've spent a lot of time on it while nursing the past few weeks... It's like my personal dream board/to do list!

  12. Girl, I talk wedding way way way to much...and am not ashamed! I love this link up

  13. Too many of these are too true for me as well.. Obsessed with chap-stick, picking nails (eeek).. and i was the crazy wedding talker lady too ahha!

  14. Haha sounds like we're one in the same! Glad I'm not the only wedding obsessed bride-to-be. :)

  15. Haha, good! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Christina definitely had a good idea with this link up.

  16. Oh pinterest, how I love thee. If only all those pins would just happen magically, too! ;)

  17. So many great ideas for weddings and everything else. I would definitely be clueless without all the ideas from Pinterest; so definitely admire people who planned a wedding before it was around.

  18. I pick my nails without noticing very frequently too. Such a bad, bad habit. I found Christina through the wedding wednesday linkup and her blog is such a good find!

  19. You should definitely join in next time Somer. :)

  20. I'm so glad you found my little blog because this comment just made my day. :) I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this strange habit. And Pinterest is the best!!

  21. I'm glad you shared that random fact as well. It's pretty common for people to live together before, but nice to find someone else who isn't either.

  22. So crazy, to find all these women who didn't live with their man beforhand. These days it's not that common. Don't mind me, I'll be blabbing all things wedding for the next three months -- thanks for the okay! :)

  23. I feel like it's definitely becoming more uncommon to find girls that did not live with their husbands beforehand, too. No, I try to make a point to ask about what's going on with their lives as well!

  24. Haha thanks Kate! I catch my thinking about wedding things everywhere too. But like you such, it's an amazing time & I only plan on doing this once so might as well make the most of it!

  25. Time is flying's crazy! I can't believe that 5 months of our engagement has already passed. It makes me realize that the next 3 will be over before I know it. I'll try not to blink. ;)


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