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Drinking: lemon water.  there are so many health benefits that I'm trying to drink more..we'll see how this goes.

Wearing: I'm so over wearing work clothes, and ready to wear tank tops and shorts all summer.  Warm weather please come and stick around for a while.

Refusing To: Give up on my fitness goals.  I'm hoping to get in 100 miles by Summer (8 weeks from today) and to stay on track with my eating.  The motivation is all here with summer around the corner, and of course our we'll see if I can keep it together until then.

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Wanting: All of my online purchases to show up on my front door already.  From custom stamps to wedding gifts to bridal shower decor to reception name it and I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival.  

Feeling: Happy. Thankful. Anxious. Loved.  This wedding planning is making me feel all the feelings and I'm just trying to soak it all in.

Eating: Strawberry shortcake.  As we get closer to summer I find myself craving light, fruity desserts.  I can't stop eating it and knew I had to share it with y'all.  [come back tomorrow for the easy recipe]

Listening To: Raise 'Em Up by Keith Urban ft. Eric Church

Loving:  Spring flowers all over the house + cute vases to put them in.
mason jar | LoLa and Co

Excited About: Getting to visit two of my sweet friends (and bridesmaids) this weekend during a CLT visit.  Oh and picking up MY DRESS while I'm there!!  Ahh..this is getting more and more real everyday.

Wishing: my next Rocksbox  would get here quickly.  Haven't heard of rocksbox before?  Here's the scoop: 3 jewelry designer items, you can trade them out, less than $20/month AND you can get your first month free to test it out with the code 'maryjeanxoxo'.  

Admiring: All the things on Etsy.  Here are just a couple...

Baby Firefighter, Newborn Fireman, Firefighter Baby, Firefighter Baby, Firefighter Dad, Firefighter Daddy, Baby Fireman, Baby Fire fighter

I'm my brothers biggest fan baseball bow  headband clip for toddler or big kids 12-18 18-24 2-3

Firefighters wife car decal sticker Car  Monogram Decal Monogram Vinyl Decal Monogram Gift Monogram sticker Car sticker  Vinyl Lettering   

Custom Engraved Wood Initials Monogram Cook Book Stand Recipe Stand Tablet Stand Docking Stand Kindle Nook & iPad Stand

Saying Good-Bye To:  this post.  adios Monday



  1. I've started drinking a "cocktail" of half a squeezed lemon, 1-2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar and a cup of water every morning! Honestly, I've already felt benefits from it. It makes me less bloated after eating certain foods. I started about 2 weeks ago. As far as the fitness goes, do it to it! You've got this! :D You're going to be a gorgeous and sexy bride on your wedding day no matter what!

  2. Don't you hate waiting for things to come in the mail??? I only have one thing I'm waiting on right now, but I'm waiting so anxiously!! It's fun when they all come, but waiting for them, not so much.

  3. Okay, LOVE your tank! I wish I had that before I got married last year!! I ran a race for my bachelorette party and we got shirts but yours is much cuter!

  4. Love the tank!! Where have you bought some of your wedding decor? And custom stamps...tell me more!

  5. Waiting for wedding packages to come in the mail is one of the most exciting parts!! :)

  6. Just signed up for my first box! So excited! Thanks!

  7. Christina SotherdenApril 13, 2015 at 4:17 PM

    I’m so over all my clothes – I just want all my summer stuff, now! Haha there are SO many feelings to wedding planning! Loving all the spring flower also and especially loving that monogram cookbook stand!

  8. I love that tank top!! The closer I get to the wedding I wish I would have bought one, haha.

  9. 1. Custom stamps are THE BEST! We got one for our favors (so far) and I'm obsessed. I'm about to get one for all occasions. 2. You should check out Tone it up if you haven't already. 3. I really like the image you created for this post!

    Have a good week! :)

  10. I love tone it up, and that there's so much to offer that's free! Thanks! :)

  11. Me too, bring on the summer clothes! I'm pretty sure that cookbook stand would make me want to cook more often..hopefully T would believe that too! ;)

  12. Yay, how exciting! I can't wait to see all you get.

  13. For sure, everyday I get a package I do a little happy dance! :)

  14. If you're wanting a custom stamp check out etsy, or usually have some on sale! I actually ordered another one with our future address on it for thank you notes.

    I've been getting wedding decor from all over, but mainly Michaels (you can always find a coupon online) or etsy. What decor did you have in mind?

  15. Thanks so much. I love it, and think it's a total score.

  16. I always do a little dance when I get stuff in the mail it's so exciting..but as I'm anxiously waiting I'll check the tracking code like 3435 times!

  17. Is this little drink warm or cold? I found a water bottle at Walmart for $8 (score!) that has a little container that can fit fruit to infuse the water, and it's working like a charm so far. Yummy, lemon water. Thanks for you kind words!

  18. Hi Mary! The lemon juice and ACV cocktail with a cup of water is supposed to be a room temperature drink you drink first thing in the morning before breakfast. BUT! I tend to drink it on the cooler side...Ah well, it still seems to help. My stomach doesn't feel "bleh" if I've eaten a bit meal the night before or lots of heavier foods lately. Nice score on water bottle! I've seen those types of bottles before, they seem nifty.

  19. I totally understand. I'll definitely have to try that out!


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