Eat Drink & Be Mary: Save OUR Date


Save OUR Date

Let the count down begin ladies we officially have less than 150 days until I become a Mrs. 
Yesterday I shared the four save-the-date ideas I considered before deciding on our save-the-dates.  And now that I'm pretty sure all of our friends + family have gotten theirs in the mail, it's time to share with y'all.  

"Save the Date" postcards | MineLolly

Requirements for our save-the-dates picture?

1. Both of our faces showing -- for my friends and family that haven't met T or vice versa.
2. Shows off the ring duh! -- T worked hard to get me the most perfect ring and you better believe we both want to show it off. 
3. We both like the picture -- the picture we chose was both of our favorites so it really wasn't that difficult.

And while we're on the subject of bride-to-be's, today I have Erica @ Coming Up Roses for a little interview.  If you haven't read her blog you're really missing out...

Question: I know you recently got engaged as well, what advice do you have for all of us bride-to-be's?

Erica: Relaaaaaaaaax. (Coming from me this is a biggie, #trust). First things first, you have to maintain your cool and keep everything in perspective. Once the onslaught of bridal magazines and questions from longlost relatives and friends ensue, you might need to remind yourself once in awhile about the whole meaning of the day. It's nice to just reflect on your person, cherishing the fact that regardless of whether you have red velvet or marble cake, flower or candlelit centerpieces, or silver or gold chivari chairs, the day is truly about your new union and life together as one. That, and take advantage of bridal expos! I got nearly half of my entire wedding unexpectedly planned a month after getting engaged by hitting up two bridal expos in town with my mom. My fiance and I ended up picking our date, venue, caterer, photographer, and DJ, booking the church and getting a photobooth all in one weekend - it was all a happy accident, but now there's so much stress off!

Q. Your engagement story is truly something straight out of a fairytale.  Where you surprised or did you see it coming?

Erica: Aw THANK YOU. That's so sweet! J proposed on his birthday. Based on how things were going leading up to that day, I had an inkling thatsomething was happening then; I just didn't know if it was strictly birthday-related or something more! We had been talking about getting engaged for quite awhile and I knew he had had the ring since summer - he was just waiting to create the perfect moment. I was surprised because I'm usually obnoxiously perceptive of things in the works (much to the dismay of anyone trying to surprise me!), but he pulled it all off without a hitch and had all of my friend and family involved - and I had no clue! The moment he created is going to be forever imprinted in my mind - it was perfect.

Mary: could this picture be any more perfect!  props to J and the photographer.

Q. What are your 3 beauty must haves?

Erica:I feel naked with mascara, a great lippie, and a multi-purposed moisturizer. Right now, I can't live without my Younique 3D Fiber Lashes (RIDICULOUS in the best sense), my Clinique chubby stick in Broadest Berry (a hydrating bold winter lip), and my Aveeno clear complexion daily moisturizer (it has a hint of salicylic acid in it to fight acne while it moisturizes!). I talk about the first two here (wanna be YouTube buds?), and the latter here!

Q. What is your go-to Starbucks order?

Erica: It depends on the season. In the summer, I'm all about that iced skinny caramel macchiato with skim and light ice or an iced Oprah chai tea latte. But as soon as they break out the red cups, I try every seasonal drink in the book. This past Christmas I got absolutely hooked on the chestnut praline latte. 

Q. Your snowed in and can't go anywhere.  What does your day consist of?

Erica: Sleeping in with the fiance and kitten. I'd wake up, make myself some tea (Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Peach is my go to currently), feed the cat, pray, then snuggle in on the couch in my jammies with my laptop for some YouTube with breakfast. I catch up on my favorites in my feed, then get to blog-related things...reading emails, writing, creating content for YouTube...publishing anything that needs posting or uploading...and then probably texting my mom, hanging out with the love, catching up on Better Call Saul (anyone watching this Breaking Bad spinoff/prequel???), baking something yummy, Skyping with a girlfriend, and trying to resist the online urge to shopshopshop. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't go out and play in the snow. Always a big kid at heart.

And since I know you'll be needing more Erica in your life after today, follow her social media.
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  1. Ohhh I love your Save the Date, it's perfect! Such a great picture!

  2. You're save the date is so cute!! I love that you can see your faces and the ring! So many people have just the ring OR just the girl's face with the ring. You both look great in that photo, and you can totally see the excitement on your faces

  3. love it! Her proposal story is too sweet too!

  4. Beautiful Save the dates!! You guys look so great in that picture, and the ring is front and center! So excited to meet Erica, i'm going to check out her page now!

  5. Love, love, love, love x1000000! Just stunning!

  6. Lauren BochicchioMarch 5, 2015 at 2:04 PM

    love it! I did a post card as well (save on postage while you can)

  7. Aw I love it! Thank you so much for just being fabulous, Mary. Love you, and can't wait to keep up with alllllll of the wedding details!

  8. Beautiful, I love weddings and the stories.

  9. LOVE your save the dates!! Excellent choice, you both look fantastic!

  10. Thanks Jamie, we're both thrilled with how they turned out. :)

  11. Thanks girl. I do too; even before we got engaged I'd soak up all the wedding talk I could.

  12. You are so welcome, Erica. I was happy to have you on. There are more wedding details to come next week. I can't wait to start reading about yours either! Yay for all the wedding planning we both have to come.

  13. Exactly Lauren, and I just love the look and simplicity that postcards bring. :)

  14. Thanks!!! Everytime I look at them I fall in love all over. It only adds to my joy to know you enjoy them as well. :)

  15. It was easily our favorite picture, not to mention it met all of our requirements. Erica is a true find; I hope you enjoyed her blog. :)

  16. Isn't it! And their pictures are stunning!

  17. Thanks Julie. Having BOTH of our faces was a major requirement since we haven't met a lot of family members that live far away and high school friends. I really wanted the picture to be about him just as much as me; even though we have so many cute pictures of him looking at or kissing me. :)

  18. I LOVE your save the date. It is super adorable and the post card idea is great!!

  19. Aw thanks, that makes me so happy to hear :) We are pleased with how they turned out as well!


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