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Lately, there seems to be some fresh, new faces around here.  I figure it's about time to do a little get to know me post.  But not your typical version.  A post through numbers, my life in numbers (inspired after I saw this post of Lisa's).

1 4 6 
days until I become a Mrs.

2 3 
years I've spent on this Earth

boys I grew up with, my older cousin + 2 younger brothers

1 8 4 7
posts I've shared on Instagram, you could say I'm addicted

number of bowls of Lucky Charms I have been eating each day

1 8
months I've been blogging

number of kids I want

1 2 4 5
number of pictures on my phone right now

the season of Gossip Girl I'm on

years I had braces

number of Oreo Truffles I could eat in one sitting

3 7
minutes I've spent working out this week so far (I'm determinded to get back to it and workout every day this week)

Tell me, do you what to know anything else?  
What other questions do you have for me?

And about that girl that had the genius idea of doing a post all in numbers...well don't miss out on getting to know her.  Luckily for you I have a little of her to share with you today.  

Hi there! I'm Lisa, and I blog over at Lisa Loves John where I share all of my adventures, favorite recipes, DIYs, and whatever else may be happening - it's a little taste inside my busy, random, and redeemed life!

1. I know you have quite the sweet tooth (as do I), what is your favorite recipe you've make/to eat?

I have a sweet tooth, indeed! I love to bake, and I love to eat just as much!
One of my favorite recipes is home made macaroons... they are a bit of a labor of love, but boy oh boy, let me tell you - when they are fresh, there is absolutely nothing better!  I could eat an obscene amount of these in a very (very) little amount of time!

2. I know you and your husband are coming up on 3 1/2 years of marriage.  What piece of advice can you give myself and other bride-to-be's?

Yes! John and I will be celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary in June!

A piece of advice that I would give to brides-to-be is to invest just as much time in preparing for your marriage as the time spent planning your wedding.  Whether this be premarital counseling, having a mentor couple, or walking through a book together, it is important to have a good foundation and work as many things out pre-wedding as possible.  We learned a lot and our marriage has definitely benefited from the work we did pre-marriage.
A beautiful and perfect wedding day is amazing, but beautiful and strong marriage is even better. :)

3. You seem to be the queen of DIY, from headboards to wine barrel inspired trays to wedding hangers.  You do it all!  What is your favorite DIY project you've made to date?

There is nothing better than finishing a bomb DIY!  I swear, that's how I like spending my Friday nights (crazy, I know - I think this means I'm growing up...). ;)

It's so hard to pick just one, but my favorite DIY to date would probably have to be my DIY botanical wall art.  I love the classic look of botanicals, and I think they are well complimented by the raw wood picture holders - a little rustic to go with the softness. (  My DIY Gourd Candles are a super close second! (

Lisa's Favorite Posts:
Valentine Cookie Frosting Tutorial
DIY Wood Burned Coasters
DIY Monogrammed Welcome Mat

Happy Monday y'all, now go visit Lisa!
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  1. I’m in love
    with your blog It was so interesting to read your posts and also I’d like to
    say that you have beautiful photos! I know that it requires so much time to
    update blog, but keep doing it!)

    I’ll be
    happy to see you in my blog!)


  2. Yumm, Lucky Charms! :) My husband loves those, I got them BOGO last week so he's been enjoying them every day too! Love your workout tank, so cute!

  3. Love this! By the way, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  4. I am a huge fan of Lucky Charms too. We have to buy two boxes every time we grocery shop because my husband and daughter love it too, so we blow through it. lol! I love these kinds of posts. Such a different and interesting way to do a "get to know me" post

  5. love that tank top!

  6. I love, love, love the Chuck Bass e-card :) Love Gossip Girl! I've watched all of the seasons through twice. I want a Chuck Bass of my own (only when he's good, though) ;)

  7. Miranda O'BrienMarch 9, 2015 at 4:40 PM

    I loooove the Chuck Bass e-card! Gossip Girl is one of my favorites!

  8. This is a fantastic idea! I rocked braces for quite a while myself!

  9. I love this numbers-post idea! :] I also thought you'd been blogging for years and years more than just 13 months! :O That tank top is super cute!

  10. This is SUCH a cute post idea, Mary!! And that pic of you and T though...#dying

  11. What a fun way to get to know you a little bit!

  12. Definitely different than the typical get-to-know-you post. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  13. Thanks love. You should do it too. Thanks :)

  14. Well actually I just can't count and I should've put 18 months, but not years and years. :) Thanks Farrah.

  15. Yep, the dentist told me to put the rubber bands one way, and when I went back it turns out it was the opposite way of what they wanted..ugh! Oh well, they're off now.

  16. Me too! I'm currently needing to start season 5, but can't find it in stores. I'll have to look on Amazon or something.

  17. Isn't it the best! I'm stuck on needing to start 5, just have to buy it so I can start.

  18. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one in my house doing all the damage, but they're just SO good. Definitely not the typical route, but I'm glad you enjoyed it!

  19. Thanks so much Heather, I'll have to check it out.

  20. Oh I wish they were BOGO here, haha. Thank you very much!

  21. Thank you!! You've made my day a little brighter.

  22. I have read Lisa's number posts and love them! And now I am loving your post too! Xo, Stephanie

  23. Thanks Stephanie. It was fun to do.


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