Eat Drink & Be Mary: A P R I L "TO-DOs" : wedding edition


A P R I L "TO-DOs" : wedding edition

As my kinders would say, "holy moly guacamole!"  In less than a week we will be officially four months away from walking down the aisle.  The fact that our wedding is in four months isn't what blows my mind.  It's that we started out with an eight month engagement, and now that there are four months away we are halfway through...uhhhh where did the time go?  I mean if the last four months went by this fast, who knows how fast these next four will fly by.  

And as stressful as that sounds, I could not be happier to be living with my prince charming for good (peace out, long distance) for good in four short months.  EEK!

April's To-Do list:
+ DIY table numbers (T and I are making these together and I'm just so so excited to do make these with him -- diy post to follow)

+ Register

+ Pick out Groom's attire

+ Settle on Honeymoon location

+ Reserve hotel for wedding night

+ find/borrow/rent Table Linens

+Pick up wedding dress & veil -- eek!

+Decide on bridesmaids' jewelry

+Find bridal jewelry

+Book hair trial for May

+ purchase wedding favors

+ get Unity item

+ set up rehearsal dinner time & inform attendants

and for all the things I have we have accomplished so far...

- purchased invitations
- chose flower girl & ring bearer attire
- purchased bridesmaids gifts
- had 2nd wedding dress fitting
- booked florist
- had makeup trial / booked makeup
- booked videographer
- set up Wedding Website
- purchased 7 received sparklers
- booked caterer

- address & send out "Save the Dates"
- set up Hotel Room Blocks
- ordered bridal accessories: garter
- had cake tasting & booked cake baker
- booked hairdresser
- chose bridal attire
- booked DJ
- attended a bridal show -- so fun!
- chose our wedding bands

- booked photographer
- scheduled & took Engagement pictures
- ordered "Save the Dates"
- wedding dress shopping & said "yes" to the dress
- ordered bridal accessories: veil & shoes
- ask bridal party [how I asked my bridesmaids will be up on Wednesday]
- asked mini humans [aka: our flower girl and ring bearer]
- ordered custom napkins, thanks to an awesome sale on the knot

- got engaged!!
- became happiest girl in the world
- booked venue & date
- booked ceremony musician
 -booked our officiant
- chose first dance + father-daughter dance song

...and on that note

WOW!  My checklist for April may be long, but I have high hopes for this coming up month.  Not to mention how rewarding it is to look back at all we've accomplished so far.  Four more months (and a couple days) to anyone else blown away by how fast this engagement has flown by!?
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  1. You are slayin' this wedding planning business Mary! I can't wait to see your special day!

  2. It sounds like April is going to be the fun wedding planning month! Honeymoon location?! Jewelry?! Yes, and yes!

  3. I promise you the last few months go by so fast! I'm at less than two months now and I honestly cannot even tell you how fast time is flying!!

  4. Congratulations! How fun it is to plan a wedding. What a joyous occasion. You are doing it the right way, get everything done so you can enjoy the big day. Can't wait to see the wedding photos and your dress!

  5. Me And My Mini MeMarch 26, 2015 at 4:59 PM

    Congrats on wedding planning my love. I love the fact that you are sharing this with all of us. Makes me excited for you! Can't wait to see future pics.

    --Me and My Mini Me

  6. Wow you are really on top of it!! Can't wait to see the wedding dress photos :) Good luck!!

  7. Woo! I forgot how much there is to do to get ready for a wedding! Thanks of much for stopping by and linking up with me!

  8. There's not much that is more satisfying than marking things off this to-do list!

  9. There's so many little things that I just don't want to forget things. To-do lists to the rescue!

  10. I can't wait to share it, but we'll have to wait until after August :)!!

  11. Yay, I'm glad you enjoy hearing about it. More pictures will come for sure!

  12. Definitely trying to knock out as much as I can to avoid stressing close to the big day (although I'm sure it'll happen either way). I can't wait to share more pictures!

  13. Oh wow, how exciting! Have you written any posts? I'd love to check them out. So far time has gone by so fast; it's crazy!

  14. Oh yes, we're getting so much done and it makes me so happy to mark these things off my list. It's a blast!!

  15. Haha, nothing makes me more accomplished than marking these things off my to-do list. Trying to knock out as much as I can, and stay organized while doing it!

  16. Thanks Julia! It's flying by and I know the next four months will go by fast as well. It's crazy really. I'm loving checking these things off my list, too!

  17. I have! I've been doing wedding posts every Wednesday. Here's the link :)

  18. Awesome! Off to check those out. :)

  19. And we cannot wait to see them! Love weddings and brides and everything that it entails! Yea!


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