Eat Drink & Be Mary: 10 Things My College Roommate Taught Me


10 Things My College Roommate Taught Me

Going into college I expected to learn a lot of things.  However, its really the things I that I didn't expect to learn.  Things I learned from my roommate.  My best friend.  My bridesmaid.  My person.  

1. You can never have too many shoes.  Buy the shoes.  Life is short, and the shoes are cute.  So buy them.  Enough said.  Somehow, I moved into a college dorm (half the space of my room at home) and instead of down sizing my shoe collection I seemed to have doubled it.  I blame my roommate.

2. You can retake a class, but you can't relive a party.  Countless times my roommates and I chose going out over going to bed early for class the next day.  And I can honestly say I have no regrets here (sorry mom and dad!)  We made memories that I'll never forget, and that beats any class any day.

3. Dance parties fix everything.  Dance parties in my room -- by myself -- just aren't the same without my roommate beside me, shouting the lyrics to our favorite songs.  I can't count the number of dance parties that took place in our bathroom, and how many bad days were cured by this dancing.

4. A twin bed can easily fit 2 people.  Nothing is more comforting that piling up on your roommates bed to catch up, dish gossip, cry, name it.  Those XL twin beds never felt too tiny.

5.  A friends door is never "closed."  Need to talk?  She's there for you.  Want to tell a story, but have to pee... we just leave the door open.  Feeling lonely?  Leave your door open so you can still talk from your separate beds.  You name it, and that door is ALWAYS open.

6. An egg and cheese bagel is nothing without ketchup.  Sounds odd, but don't knock it 'til you try it.

7. If it's not moving monogram it.  My roommate may not have coined that phrase, but she may as well have.  The girl has a love as deep as the Grand Canyon for monograms, and she taught me well.  Color me obsessed, but I already have multiple things with my future monogram.

8. College is for finding your bridesmaids not your groom.  Well maybe your groom too ;)  But my roommate is a friend that I'll have for a lifetime.  No matter where we live.  She's irreplaceable.  And will be by my side on my wedding day, no doubt.

9. The Grass is Greener on the Other Side.  Your roommate's closet to be specific.  Living with your best friends less than 20 feet away from you is probably definitely the biggest perk of college life.  And having full access to my roommate's closet was one of the highlights of the four and a half years spent at college.  I seriously got lucky with stylish, trendy roommates; who didn't mind sharing at all.

10. When wearing a statement necklace pair with earrings studs (not dangly earrings).  This may sound like a strange thing to learn, but I can't count the number of times I would go to my roommate for advice on what to wear...and her response would always be (in regards to jewerly) "well if you're wearing a necklace, you don't need dangly earrings."

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And today, as I'm missing my sweet college roommate being 10 feet away from me whenever I should need her, I can't help but realized how I lucked out.  My college roommate was the best (as I'm sure many of you feel as well).  Hands down there is no way I could've made it through college without her...or dressed myself this morning.  Thanks Heath!

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What did your college roommate teach you?  Can you relate to any of these?

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  1. So sweet! I feel the same way about my college roommates!

  2. Aww love this! My college roommate was the best too, so many great memories!

  3. Aww this was so cute! I never lived on campus during my college years ( I went to a community college) so I didn't get to experience any of that, really. I did make a lot of really great friends in college tho

  4. Sarah @ Sarah's on the RunMarch 12, 2015 at 9:47 AM

    Love this. My first college roommate turned out to be super, SUPER crazy and would NEVER get out of our room! But because of that, I was always out of it and ended up meeting the 3 girls I'd trust my life and ended up living with on several occasions because of it. So it turned out pretty okay in the end. :)

  5. Hi Mary!
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    Love your post and would love to be blog friends!

  6. Love this! I loved college and how close all of your friends were and how fun it was. I do wish I had gone out more instead of studying, oh well. :) I love the you go to college to find a bridemaid not the groom <3

  7. I had the absolute best time with my roommates in college - unfortunately I only keep up with one of them now but the memories will always be there!

  8. The cuddling on a twin bed, so true. I remember we would pile 3-4 people in there and just chat somedays.

  9. Right? Your college roommate just can never be replaced, and neither can the lessons that I learned.

  10. I wish we had even longer to live together, but I know I'll always be able to meet up with them as if no time has gone by.

  11. I feel you Julia. My college roommates will always hold a special place in my heart.

  12. I am so thankful for the college experience that I had. Living with your best friends during your college years is a once in a lifetime experience! I'm glad you still had fun though. :)

  13. Haha, my roommate and I actually weren't roommates our first semester either. Let's just say it was best to move out of there when we could, and we were roommates ever since. Funny how things work out!

  14. Thanks so much Somer. I'm glad you've come back to my little space and enjoyed this post. :)

  15. Haha, studying can always happen later but not when it's time to go out. ;) Luckily my class load wasn't super strenuous and I still got by.

    I ended up finding my groom as well, but not before I found my bridesmaids. ;)

  16. Exactly Ashley, those memories will last a lifetime. We had several roommates throughout our four (and a half) years at college, but we always stuck together during all the different moves. Such an exciting time of life.

  17. My college roommates were the glue that kept my life together and they still are now! Loved this post because it is all so true! Xo, Stephanie

  18. Agreed, Stephanie! I love meeting up with them now to still stay in touch and catch up. They were one of a kind roommates for sure.


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