Eat Drink & Be Mary: Snow Day Coffee Date


Snow Day Coffee Date

It's about time we caught up, my sweet readers.  And you just can't catch up without a good cup of coffee, right?  So, grab yourself a warm cup of coffee while I grab my skinny iced vanilla latte (yes, iced even in this literally freezing weather), and brace yourself cause I've got a lot to dish this morning...for our long over due virtual coffee date.

Let's being our coffee date, shall we?

+ First things first, I'd let you know that I'm still have the. best. time. planning our wedding.  Every time something comes in the mail I do one of two things, jump up and down and clap excitedly or do a little happy dance.  

And speaking of things coming in the mail, our save the dates came in yesterday.  I couldn't be more thrilled with how they turned out.  Eek!  I'd probably ask you if you would help me address them because there is a lot and I want to get them out ASAP.

+ Before I bore you to sleep with all my wedding talk, I'd gush over a candle shop that I found on etsy.  The Candle Crate.  Not just any candle shop though; talk about unique!

Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee + Unicorn Farts Soy Candles c/o The Candle Crate

now thru 2/26 use code mary15 for 15% off.

Soy candles in the most diverse scents you could think of.  From vanilla hazelnut coffee (that looks like a latte in a jar), to Unicorn Farts...there is no doubt you can find a scent you'd like.

And then because I just can't help how my mind always wanders off to thinking about the wedding again, I'd ask you if you thought if these candles would be a good "thank you" gift.  Because during this planning process I am constantly thinking of different ways to thank SO many different people for their help/work/love and support.

Then I'd pinky promise to not bring up the wedding plans again, that is unless you ask. ;)

+ Don't be surprised if after that I insist you indulge in my latest holiday baking success.  Thanks to all of our snow days lately I've had a lot of extra time to squeeze in some baking, and I'm always looking for more taste testers.  Stay tuned next Tuesday for some St. Pattys day desserts.

What about you dear friend, what's on mind lately?  I apologize for blabbing your ear off, do share what you've been up to since we last caught up...

ps.  any guesses what the unicorn farts candle smells like?

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  1. Unicorn Farts candle?! It's both too cute and too funny at the same time. Yes I think they'd make great "thank you" gifts! You could even attach a note that says something like "You've been a 'shining' light in helping me prepare for our big day!" Get it? :)

  2. Yay for wedding planning! I'm so glad you are enjoying it! And those candles sound amazing!

  3. You should never apologize for wedding planning! I love reading about weddings :) And I think candles are the perfect THANK YOU gift. Especially if you're supporting an etsy

  4. I'm interested what the unicorn candle smells like but I don't think I'd like a candle with the word fart in it no matter what haha. And we love hearing about the wedding planning so keep it comin!

  5. I can't get over the Unicorn Farts...haha. I LOVE hearing all about wedding planning since I'm full swing in it too...SO exciting :) I can't help but smile that the...But First Coffee notebook was peeking out ;)

  6. Awesome coffee talk. If I were planning a wedding now, I would be super thrilled too. So many options and amazing Etsy stores to shop from. I want a Unicorn Farts candle!

  7. I'll admit, the second I saw 'Unicorn Farts" I went to their etsy site to look up what it smelled like. Such a great candle name haha. You should give those ones as thank you gifts just for the look on people's faces alone. Also, I LOVE hearing about the wedding planning. Talk about it as often as you'd like!

  8. hahaha Unicorn Farts... goodness. Reminds me of all the crazy Harry Potter flavored jelly beans! How exciting your Save The Dates came in!! :) I just got in from a week long business trip. Preparing for the next one this weekend! :)

  9. Ahh take it all in, girl, enjoy every second of it! It goes by so quick!! I am excited to see the process of your wedding! :)

  10. It's genius really, and actually smells quite delightful. Great quote too!

  11. Wedding planning is so much fun! I often get stressed like halfway between deciding on something big, and then I'll make a couple phone calls and find myself dancing around the room. Haha.

  12. I'm glad you do! I love reading about wedding stuff too, and did before I was engaged. Those candles are awesome really, and have the funniest names. It's amazing how many talented people there are out there, and I love supporting them on Etsy. I'm always searching for more etsy shops to check out.

  13. Haha, trust me you would. It's a very fruity candle, and could always be a good gag gift to get a couple laughs if anything.

    I'm glad you enjoy the wedding talk, cause I could talk about it all day. ;)

  14. Isn't that the most genius name. I don't know what's more intriguing than a candle called Unicorn Farts. Oh I LOVE that notepad you gave me, it's come in handy several times and super cute. Yay, for wedding planning!!

  15. With etsy and pinterest out there, the options are endless!

  16. Haha, yep! Oh have a good business trip; you're a busy woman!


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