Eat Drink & Be Mary: TV Commercial Workout


TV Commercial Workout

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Soffe for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

 workout tank & leggings c/o Soffe
Nikes | Finish Line

I've said it once and I'll say it again, the best motivation for working out?  Cute, new workout clothes.  And Soffe's new workout line totally fits the bill.  I find myself obsessing over these leggings; if only you could feel them through the screen.

These Soffe workout gear are the perfect combo.  You see there's a formula I use when picking out my workout clothes.  In this case, I matched these leggings with the perfect fit (think, tight enough to hold you in, but easy to run in without feeling self conscious) with a loose tank.  I also love pairing such an eye-catching pair of bottoms with a calm top.

The new Soffe line fits all my needs; it's like they know me.  Their products totally fit the bill, when it comes to fashion, being comfortable, practicality & price.  Just because you want to look cute doesn't mean you have to break the bank, thanks to Soffe.

Totally a go-to when it comes to athletic wear, for this girl.  And Soffe isn't stopping there; they're are working to help connect young women so they can be bigger then themselves.  Soffe is aiming to make a change, from anti-bullying efforts to changing #selfie to #notselfie.


Less selfies?  I'm all for a business who will support that and work to be not just a brand name but a name that will help change women's lives.


To hear more about Soffe's The Strength Is In Us campaign visit their site >> Soffe, or Soffe’s Instagram & Soffe’s Facebook.

And today I'm giving you a double dose of Motivation.

A workout you can do while watching TV.  I mean really?  Does it get better than that?  You have no excuses now.  Get that booty off the couch and into shape.

What is your favorite show to workout during?  Will you be watching The Bachelor Monday?  Check out my workouts for Prince Charming's season here and here.

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  1. Way to show off the booty! That is one of my favorite areas to exercise, no kidding. Squats for days...ha! And I love those workout leggings, the stripe pattern is unique!

  2. Cute leggings, love those!! And I LOVE soft materials, especially in my workout clothes!

  3. Wow they have stepped up their brand! I never thought of looking at them for workout clothes! I will be checking them out more!:)

  4. Such cute workout clothes! The leggings are great - love the design! I like the idea of doing a workout during commercials. Will have to give it a go the next time I watch a show that actually has commercial break (I watch a lot of Netflix:)).

  5. LOVE the pants!! They are so vibrant and fun without being too flashy.

    Nice workout. So efficient. :)

  6. Those pants are fantastic! Bright, fun workout clothes are definitely a huge motivator for me. Thanks for this great workout!! I normally just lay on the floor and stretch during commercials because idk what else to do. Totally printing this out.

  7. I love what they stand for and I am all for LESS selfies! LOL. I take a few but don't really understand or get them to be honest. Love the outfit!!!!

  8. A couple selfies, very rarely is okay, but everyday? Not so much...

    There #TheStrengthInUs campaign is really something else, and goes above and beyond what most brands do.

  9. I love them, so comfy and still cute. Clothes (and my wedding) are always the best motivators for me too! Your comment about the commercials seriously cracked me up; glad I could help you out. :)

  10. Exactly my thoughts. They're the best.

  11. Aren't they?! I love it. A good addition to my usual 343 plain old black leggings.

  12. I think they're the perfect combo of cute, and eyecatching without being too much. It's the best use of a commercial break if you ask me.

  13. My thoughts exactly, although in high school you could catch me in soffe shorts all the time. Loving their new look though.

  14. Love the TV commercial workout! Just started doing workout videos on my laptop while watching TV and my world is blown! Of course, Sesame Street is often in the background too but overall much better!

  15. Where can I find their line of fitness activewear? Those pants are to die for. Visiting from the Friday linkup

  16. You should be able to find them at Khols, Dicks or JC Pennys. They're Soffe's new line if that helps you find them anywhere. Aren't they so cute though!

  17. Agreed Paige. I don't have $100 to spend on workout clothes, but these are still just as cute!


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