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Everyone Loves to be Liked

We all need encouragement every now and then, and today I have Elizabeth @ Simply Complex Mom to share some sweet words of love and encouragement.  If only there were more people in the world like her, she is a true God sent.  Trust me after you read this post you'll be wanting to read more and more.

Everyone loves to be liked. To feel part of something. To belong. To receive the support and encouragement of others. To be surrounded by a group of cheerleaders. And those who write and blog are no different.

Because you love it

For most, if not all, bloggers, the stories and passion behind our writing comes with strong, purposeful intent. To make an impact. A difference. To share struggles. Celebrations. Relatable stories. To be an encourager. Cheerleader. We tend to pour our hearts-and-souls into our carefully-chosen words. And more often than not, the same recurrent feelings rush in as we prepare to click the "publish"/"post" buttons...

~Does anyone even care about what I am writing and sharing?~Will anyone like what I have to say?~Will I "hear crickets" with this one?

Yet, nonetheless, we continue persevering. Digging deep within our souls. Writing. Publishing. Sharing. Even though we know that sometimes, our posts will receive little feedback, and yet with others, the "likes", comments and "shares" will pour in, with abundance. And honestly, maybe that it what keeps us going at times. Because no one wants to continuously hear those crickets. But on the flip side, we also realize that most of our posts will fall somewhere in the middle. No matter what, in our hearts, each-and-every piece we share is meant to impact in some special way. 

I am a people-pleaser. To a fault, no doubt. I despise giving anyone a reason to dislike me. Because most everyone, in my mind, is worth getting to know. Everyone has a story. Each of us holds a special purpose. And I would consider myself an amazing listener. So, when it comes to pouring my heart-and-soul into a post, I crave that feedback. Even from a few sweet friends. I want to know that others can relate.  That I am inspiring. That my time is being well-spent, and most especially, that my writing is worthy to others willing to spend their time reading my words. For a long time, as I first revamped my blog, the "likes" were what kept me going. And I soon realized why...

One of my favorite things about blogging is that there is room for anyone to join! There are s.o. m.a.n.y. different genres. Personal blogs. Fashion blogs. Tech blogs. DIY blogs. Mommy blogs. Inspirational blogs. Educational blogs. The list goes on-and-on. And that's the beauty of it all. But for me, as I worked to search for the "perfect" direction with my blog, I realized that I was dumping my heart and thoughts into posts that weren't really making the difference I had hoped to make. As a woman. As a teacher. As a mother. So, I prayed. Fervently. For guidance. Direction. For a hand to hold.

Because you love it 5

And although it took some time, I finally discovered my "perfect" niche, and I shared my first "fitting" post: "Embracing this Season". This was the one, sweet friends. The post that prompted the "likes", comments, and shares that blew me away. And I realized. I had found my path. I was not meant to be a fashion blogger. Or a Pinterest-inspiring blogger. I was meant to inspire other women. Especially moms. New and seasoned. Encouraging them in their daily tasks. Letting them know that "it's okay". The struggles. The changes. The worries. The whirlwind surrounding it all. And I fell in love.

Before I knew it, I had finally stopped worrying about the "likes". And I started listening to my heart. And continued to pray for the words that God would want me to share. And He has yet to fail me. The writing has only become easier.

If I were to offer any piece of advice to other bloggers, most especially those who are would be "don't worry". Write because you love to do it. Not because you expect a reaction. Write what may feel uncomfortable at times. Don't hold back. Because, more often than not, those are the impact-creators.

Vulnerability very frequently holds us back from reaching our dreams. Aspirations. Goals. Because with vulnerability comes fear. They tend to talk hand-in-hand. But once you push through, and you find your "comfort zone"; you will undoubtedly discover incredible responses from others. Because it won't feel forced. It will be natural. (Maybe a bit scary.) It will be "you". And then the added bonus of your writing being "liked" will all too soon become an added perk.

Because you love it 4

You are amazing, sweet blogging friends. Everyone has a story to share. And yours is beyond worthy. So, don't ever give up. Keep persevering. Hold steadfast to your faith. And know that your words matter.


I told you Elizabeth is something else.  She just has a way with words that reach right into your heart and soul.  Make sure to follow her on  bloglovin' pinterest, and facebook.  

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  1. Awesome Liz!!! SO inspiring. I need to bookmark this one NO doubt <3

  2. Great post, Liz, as always.......

  3. Such a true and perfect post! The blogging community is no doubt my absolute favorite!

  4. So glad you wrote this. A new blogging friend of mine shared it with me as we had just been emailing back and forth about this. It's easy to feel like who really cares, I'm one in a million lifestyle and mommy blogs, why does it matter. Yet I love it and I want to write and share our journey, so I keep on always hoping to find an audience that find happiness and enjoyment in it. Thank you for the much much needed encouragement today!!

  5. Great post! :) Thank you for sharing!

  6. Thank you so, so much!! I am so glad you stumbled upon it yesterday. I honestly wish this had been my mindset from the start. I was always so nervous about what others thought that I wasn't really focusing on what might be the best blogging "niche" for me. The more I relaxed, prayed and worried less, the more it all fell into place. Thank you so much for taking the time to read, and I know you will find the perfect fit for your words and an audience to support you every step of the way!! xo

  7. Thank you so much, Jessi!! I have found such amazing friends through blogging. They are wonderful :) Thank you for reading today <3

  8. Thank you so, so much, Helen! xx

  9. Thank you so much, Rachel...thank you also for sharing! Your words mean the world <3

  10. Thank you so much, Chelsea!! xx <3

  11. Thank you so much. That is my only inspire and encourage others <3 Have a beautiful day!

  12. This is fantastic! I wish I was as eloquent with words as Elizabeth. Her story to find her niche is so inspiring! I'm on my way over to her blog to check her out right now!

  13. Alexandra Franzen talks about even if the only person reading on a consistent basis is your mom, keep giving good content. Eventually the other readers will come. It seems to be working.

  14. She definitely has a way with words!

  15. Excellent advice, girl. I'm glad you enjoyed her post. :)

  16. LOVE this!! it's all soo true. I'm a people pleaser as well. What's funny is the posts I think are going to flop end up being the best ones. I really love reading what Liz has to say! She has such an amazing way with words.

  17. *You* are amazing, Liz. I love your heart and am so glad you share it with us :) Thank you for these words xo

  18. This is so perfectly said! I have been thinking a lot of the same things this weekend.

    Thank you for the sweet encouragement :)

  19. Thanks so much, Emily! I loved writing this one :) Coming from the heart is easy <3

  20. Totally agree, sweet friend. I am the same way. Sometimes, the posts I get most excited to share are the ones that others may not be excited about. But the ones I don't necessarily think will have the ripple effect, do. Thank you for your sweet words!! xoxo <3


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