Eat Drink & Be Mary: 4 Tips to Party the Right Way This Winter


4 Tips to Party the Right Way This Winter

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Dress the Right Way to Party in Winter

A lot of time and planning goes into any party outfit and, regardless of where you go, you'll want to be prepared. Parties are a lot of fun, but if you're not careful about how you dress, you could end up freezing cold with blisters and a broken heel or, worse, never let into the club in the first place. Whether going out to have fun with the girls or with that special someone, make sure to follow these rules for planning your outfit.

Wear comfortable shoes

Before we even get into the dress you're going to wear, we need to talk about your shoes. There may be a perfect pair of high heels or knee-high boots that you've been dying to wear, but if you can't stand in them for more than half an hour you shouldn't wear them to a club. You'll be dancing and standing in line for drinks at a club or party, but probably not sitting much. Looking stylish is important, but not if you're doing it at the sacrifice of your comfort. Wear something that you can stand in for long periods without pain – you'll be happier at the end of the night without the blisters and corns.

Always check the dress code

Are you planning on heading to a big event at a club with your date? Make sure to check to see if there's any kind of dress code ahead of time. Some events and venues will require that women show up in their very best sexy club dresses. Either way, you'll want to be dressed for the occasion. A quick look at a Facebook group post or a short phone call can help you avoid a fashion disaster.

Leave your jeans at home

Jeans have become acceptable at a surprising number of workplaces, but don't expect them to be allowed at some of your city's hottest clubs. There are some clubs that don't mind their guests wearing nice jeans, but if you want to play it safe leave them at home. If you avoid wearing jean clothing of any variety (jackets too), you'll have a much better chance of getting into a club. Either way, you're going out to a club – not heading to a barbecue. Save the denim for the casual evening around the fire pit.

Bring something to layer

It may be after New Year's, but that doesn't mean it's warming up any time soon. Wear hose and bring a nice sweater to wear underneath your coat while you're waiting in line outside. If you're wearing boots that are big enough to hide them, you could even wear socks on top of the hose. You can always take these and the sweater off when you get inside and start dancing, but they'll be lifesavers when you're outside in the below freezing temperatures.

What is your best tip when dressing for a party in winter? What are your winter go-tos?

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  1. This is cute!! I would love it if you would stop by the #ThurstyThursday linkup and party with us. This is the perfect post to link up!!

  2. i found your blog on betsy gettis', and i'm so glad i saw this post! all my friends who go out try and pretend they're not cold without a coat but's freakin winter! layer up is right :)

  3. I'm so glad you did Julie. Yep, it's cold here in the mountains -- no time to freeze my booty off.

  4. Fleece lined tights! I do a lot of dresses with them and they are a life saver when I go out into the city.


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