Eat Drink & Be Mary: Monday Already?


Monday Already?

Hey y'all!  This past week has been so refreshing with a break from this little page and work, and a whole lotta family (and a surprise visit from T!).  Never fear though, I'm back and I come bearing gifts -- well chances to win some.  And I'm pretty excited to show you the things I have to share with you tomorrow.  So love me again, k?

Oh and do me a favor?  After getting our Christmas tree this year finally, I started to wonder how many of you get real trees or just use a fake one.  Also do you get these from a parking lot or visit a Christmas tree farm (I do live in the land of Christmas tree farms after all).  Weigh in here.

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  1. My family and I always got a tree permit and drove into the mountains to hunt for our tree :-) But we currently have a fake one since our schedules aren't conducive to getting a tree together (and that's half the fun!). We figure when kids enter the picture we'll pick up a tradition to go to the tree farm (where they're plentiful in Oregon).

  2. I can only remember getting a real tree once in my life, and my mom swore to never do it again. haha! We were finding pine needles in our carpet for months! She was so mad. My husband and I never tried a real one yet. Maybe we will give a shot one year

  3. I love real trees, but this chick is HIGHLY allergic! Like, break out in a bad case of hives allergic. So, i just stick with the fakes ones. Lol!

  4. Great Giveaway! It's so great to take a little time off, so well deserved after working hard all year. I love real trees, nothing can beat the feel, look and smell of a real tree. I actually just got mine up and decorated yesterday. We make a day of it and go to a Christmas Tree lot to get our tree. However when I was a kid, my family used to go Christmas Tree Hunting with a whole bunch of our friends and family and cut down our tree in the forest then we'd have snowball fights, sledding, and a cookout on an iron stove top. Hope you have a great week doll.

    --Me And My Mini Me

  5. Isn't it so fun picking a tree out each year? It's definitely a tradition I look forward to that puts me in the Christmas spirit. Hopefully you'll get back to picking one out soon. At least you have the fake tree option :)

  6. They're definitely a mess, but oh so worth it. Ours is on hardwood floors making it a little easier to clean up. :)

  7. A little time off every once in a while is definitely good for my sanity ;) Good luck sweets.

    Cutting down your own tree in the forrest definitely sounds like an adventure! What a blast.


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