Eat Drink & Be Mary: Foodie Gift Guide


Foodie Gift Guide

Baker's Necklace | On sale for $9.99

Cutting Board | Personal Creations

Meal Planner | Paper Plum Designs (I have their family planner; totally worth it)

Recipe Binder Printable Kit | Easy Peasy Paper

Kitchen Prints | "This Kitchen is for Dancing", "Seasoned with Love", "Eat Well.."

Spatula| "Keep Calm..", Holiday Theme

Elk Measuring Cups | Anthropologie

Milk Bottle Measuring Cups | Anthropologie

Pasta Pot | Bialetti

Monogram Apron | The Preppy Pair

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  1. Well, this gift guide is definitely for me! My personal favorites are the elk mugs and the personalized cutting boards.

  2. Loving all your gift guides! Those antler measuring cups are so cute.

  3. Recipe binders??!! sooo much YES!

  4. I love all of these and I'm not a foodie! But with these tools/gifts, I could be. Easily.

  5. I love that cutting board! I know a few people that would
    love that. And those spatulas are great! And I need those Elk measuring cups in my
    life!! Thanks for sharing this awesome list.

  6. Those measuring cups are on my list too! They are so fabulously perfect.

  7. These are some great things! And ohmygosh, those milk bottle measuring cups! yes please!

  8. I have to admit they're definitely top 2 favorite in this list. So darn cute, and useful...the best kind there is!

  9. Aren't they amazing! Not only am I obsessed, but my hunter of a fiance would like them as well.

  10. I love that the cutting board can have an initial or a message. Customized gifts are truly the best. I'm totally obsessed with those measuring cups, and I know Thomas would be too. Win/win!

  11. These are really good for anyone, but especially a foodie. Also, these are great ideas for housewarming gifts.

  12. Glad I could help then. :) Who wouldn't love these in their kitchen?

  13. This is a new concept to me, but now I just need to have one. ;)

  14. Making gift guides is so much fun! It's like window shopping, and then getting to show off what you found to your friends.

  15. Aren't they? I've never seen such a thing until lately, and I just know they'd be perfect for anyone who likes to bake.

  16. Oh yes, these would be perfect for you! I love those elk measuring cups too, and you know Thomas would too. I'm hoping to get one of those personalized cutting boards.

  17. Very cool list, you really nailed a lot of nice foodie options!

  18. Mary these are all such cute and wonderful ideas! I love the necklaces! I think you are also going to have to get one of those cutting boards with your soon to be new last name ;)!

  19. I've been finding SO many cutting boards that would be cute for our house. Just tempted to buy them all! ;)


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