Eat Drink & Be Mary: Christmas Outfit: Casual


Christmas Outfit: Casual

Can y'all believe that Christmas is only EIGHT days away?  I still have presents to buy for goodness sake.  And of course there is always more wrapping to do, and treats to bake.  Speaking of baking, did y'all catch my easy Christmas cookie recipe earlier this week.  It's a gold mine y'all.  

But back to the holly, jolliest time of the year.  Christmas.  There is just so much hustle, bustle, sprinkling and glitter everywhere this time of year; I wish I could soak it all up and make it last year round.  So I'm here to help you get dressed for all those parties that are sure to come.  

Last week I shared my dressy option; today we're going casual.  

Fringe Scarf | Lundy's Boutique (similar)
Elbow Patch Cardigan | White Plum
Earrings | Etsy: Pish Posh Pendants
Rings | Claire's
Boots |

This scarf is even softer than it looks, believe it or not, it's like living on cloud 9.  Obsessed.  And paired with this cardigan (elbow patches included)?  Oh my heart skips a beat.  

Already have your Christmas outfit planned?  Kudos to you; now treat yourself with this scarf.  You'll be living in it all me.  

What are you planning to wear this Christmas?  Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet?  Are you scarf obsessed like myself?

hi i'm lauren! i blog at Lot 48!! the goal of my blog is to inspire and entertain!! i love to write about movies and television and who would play me in a movie and the anatomy of a tv show! i am a newlywed (just celebrated 9 months!) and am still in that newlywed bubble, even if my wedding day didn't go perfectly. i may be a little bit obsessed with my nieces and nephews and am a social media manager by day for an online university! i'm happy to be here on mary's blog!

Lauren is quite the find here in blogland y'all.  And I'm not just saying that.  This Christmas season she's reminded us of the REAL reason for the season with her unique holiday gift guide.  She can teach us all a thing or too, like why we should all be using Google+.  And she can laugh at herself, now who doesn't love that?  I'm tell you, she's a real gem.  
Go say hey to Lauren, and wish her a Merry Christmas.  And then be prepared to spend lots of time browsing her blog...don't say I didn't warn you. ;)

 Say hello to this month's sponsor, Lindsey!

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  1. I am so scarf obsessed! I feel like no winter outfit is complete without one.

  2. I love your whole outfit! That scarf really does look cozy. I have an idea of what I want to wear for Christmas but it will probably change multiple time between now and then. I'm too indecisive! lol

  3. The elbow patches!! I love those so much! And the scarf looks deliciously cozy!

  4. I'm loving your outfit, Mary. You have such great style. And that perfect bun makes me wish my long hair!

    --Me and My Mini Me

  5. Thanks so much! Those things are hard work.

  6. The sweater was serious find, and the elbow patches only make it even cuter.

  7. Me too Tiffani! Scarfs are the best; they go with everything.

  8. I totally understand Julie. I always change my mind like 20 times when getting ready.

  9. Thanks girl! I can't imagine having short hair again.

  10. I am crushing on your earrings! So cute!

    Ginger Side of Life

  11. Thanks one of my friends got them for me for my birthday. There's a link above where you can buy adorable!


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