Eat Drink & Be Mary: Hooray for Friday!


Hooray for Friday!

Today's the day.  Yipee!  This girl is SC bound.  I can't wait to be back with my favorite red head.  Color me all kinds of giddy, 3 o'clock can't get here soon enough.  
Now for some random musings for Oh Hey, Friday! and Five on Friday.

O N E | Winter Coat

I got the world's cutest winter jacket at Old Navy earlier this week.  Seriously can't wait to over-wear this bad boy all winter, and I've heard it's gonna be a doozie.  Prepare yourself to see this jacket over and over ;)

T W O | Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Monday I made a list of things I'm looking forward to this November, and ever since my one has been a one track mind.  Constantly thinking about our Thanksgiving side dishes.  Two in particular: Broccoli Casserole + Corn Casserole.  I could drool just thinking about it.

T H R E E | Birthday Season.

It's really insane how many close friends and family members have birthdays in November and December, on top of Christmas.  I've decided to get a head start on all the gift buying to stay ahead of the game -- hopefully to remain unstoppable.  

I've mainly looked on Etsy so far;  where are you favorite places to shop for friends over the holidays?

F O U R | I caved...

I caved and bought two things this week.  Things I'd been holding out on, and trying to wait and buy.  Christmas decorations and Essie nail polish.  But I no buyers remorse here.  I'm totally in love with my purchases.  I used the Essie Topless and Barefoot with my Gelish products to get the longest use out of my color.  #obsessed

F I V E | because I'm head over heels and extra giddy today ; here's a cheesy couples picture for ya.

Keep up with our weekend happenings on Insta.  You never know what the weekend will bring. xo

 Say hello to this month's sponsor, Chelsea!

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  1. I made jalapeño creamed corn last thanksgiving and it was a big hit!

    Have fun in SC!!

  2. Yes, I love shopping on Etsy and actually already started Christmas shopping! Just like you, I like to get it all out of the way early, otherwise it just adds to the stressful chaos!

  3. I think Etsy is going to be essential for Christmas shopping this year.

  4. Love the coat! Very Olivia Pope. Can't wait to see it looks like on. Happy Friday!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. That coat is adorable! I have always wanted one in winter white and will definitely pop over to check it out. Enjoy your weekend!! xo

  6. I love that polish!!! I have one similar and LOVE it!!! Also, you are killing it with those Thanksgiving side dishes!

  7. I need that coat. It reminds me of Olivia Pope's coat, which I feel I need. This would be a more affordable version. I imagine her version is like $1000. Or more.

  8. That is the most perfect color of greige ever!! NEED!

    Also, I'm not sure if you want to participate, but I nominated you for a blog award because I really admire how you run your blog and write from the heart.

  9. I'm obessed with how the color turned out, and already considering getting my nails done that color again! I'm pretty positive it's "oh my prague" by Cuccio.

    Thanks so much for nominating me, that's sweet and flattering! :)

  10. The coat is perfect, in my opinion. And I believe it's on sale now! Definitely a great find, compared to the normal.

  11. Thanks girl, I don't mess around with Thanksgiving foods. ;)

  12. Thanks, I'm pretty positive it's on sale now at Old Navy. Catch it while you can!

  13. Thanks so much, I'll have to do a post with the jacket. :) It's on sale now @ Old Navy.

  14. Thanks girl, it was such a find. I needed a new, cute winter coat, and think this one fits the bill pretty well. Not to mention it's not a bad price either.

  15. Yes yes yes! I've already ordered a handful of things off of there, and have been keeping my eye on a couple more.

  16. Me too Kacie! In years past I've procrastinated all my shopping, and it's HARD doing it all at the last minute...on top of all these birthdays as well. So this year, I've finally got a head start. Do you do monogrammed jewelry?

  17. South Carolina was a blast, as always! I hope you had a great weekend as well.

  18. Aw, unfortunately I don't. Engraving is one area I haven't jumped into...


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