Eat Drink & Be Mary: 20-Something Scriptures Every 20-Something Should Know


20-Something Scriptures Every 20-Something Should Know

Ahhhh the good ol' 20-something's... You know. You're not old enough to have your 'act together' but not young enough to be completely irresponsible. Old enough to make your own money, but young enough to not have to spend only your own money. Thanks, Mom! But, being 20-something isn't as easy as it sounds. Not everything is rainbows and buttercups (or butterflies??). Whatevs. I am here today to admit that as a 20-something... I don't have my life together. Yes. You read right!! (Even though I play it off quite well I would like to think!) But, that's why I rely on the man upstairs for guidance. At this point in life, making your own decisions can be freeing and intimidating, all at once. It's key to build a foundation with God in mind.  

20 something scriptures every 20 something should know. by mommie and wee via eat drink and be mary 

John 14:12 | Follow in the footsteps of the Father. Take note of his great works and embody that in your life. 

Luke 6: 38 | Don't be stingy with what you have. Give and it will be given back to you x 2.  

1 Timothy 4:12 | Age ain't nothin' but a number.  

1 timothy 412 

Romans 5:3-4 | Don't let your bad days get to you. Bad days --> patience --> experience --> hope.  

Proverbs 15:1 | Be slow to anger, and speak strongly with truth.  

Titus 2:1 | Speak it into existence. Your dreams. Your goals. Your happiness.  

James 4:10 | Honor your Father, and he will be with you always.  

Luke 1:37 | If you can believe it, you can achieve it, with faith. 

 luke 137

Corinthians 13:4 | As a child of a charitable God, you will endure more. You will give more to the world.  

Psalms 41:1 | Remember to think of those in need, and have an open heart.  

Philippians 4:11 | Be content with what you have, and where you are in life.  

philippians 411 

2 Corinthians 5:7 | He's got your back, just have faith.  

2 Timothy 2:24 | Live your life to be a teacher for others to learn from.  

Joel 2:12 | Don't be afraid to turn to God... in happiness, anger, sickness, and joy. Give him your heart.  

1 Peter 4:9 | Hospitality isn't just a 'southern thang'.  

Psalms 102:1 | Prayer is a powerful thing. Speaking to the Father is fundamental.  

Romans 8:25 | Hope for the things you want, and wait patiently for it to come to pass.  

Romans 825 

1 Peter 2:21 | Be an example, as Christ was for us.  

Proverbs 3:9-10 | Make the Lord a priority. Give to Him at the first instance. He doesn't like leftovers.  

Hebrews 13:15 | Give thanks to the Lord at all times. But that's a no-brainer.  

2 Corinthians 4:8-9 | There will be moments of questioning, but we will never be foresaken.  

2 corinthians 489 

Don't you just love how all of these can be molded to fit basically any area of life?! That's why the Word is so amazing! Only God has the answers, so we really are all in need of guidance, no matter how old or young you may be!
What verses are part of your prayer list?
Thank you so much, Mary, for letting me share a little bit with your readers! It's Thankful Thursday, so this post fit right in! Come visit my blog and say hello! I'd love to meet you, over cyberspace of course. I'm always down to make new friends and learn from what you all have to say!

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  1. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and this post really spoke to me (I love the bible verses as well). I'm in my late 20's, have a college degree, and still live at home. I don't have a career, or even a steady job, and no significant other. I definitely feel like I don't have my life together whatsoever. I'm just wondering what you mean when you say you don't have your life together? It would make me feel better to know that even though someone has a career and love in their life, sometimes they don't even feel like everything is going perfect!

    Maybe you could give me some advice? I've been praying and praying for God to show me his calling for my life and it seems like I haven't gotten any answers... I'm so confused on what my next step in life should be. It's been 1.5 years since I've graduated college and have been stuck in this season for awhile now. How do you know what He's trying to show/tell you?


  2. Oh, the decade of the 20s--it's crazy to think how much you grow and change during that one ten-year span! As a VERY newly minted 30-year-old (my birthday was yesterday!), I can totally relate to many of these verses, and dealt with situations relating to them really recently. Great post! :)

  3. These are great verses. I love them and how basic they are.

  4. bad days, patience, experience, hope. This is one that resonates with me. I really need to remember that bad days do have a benefit in the long run :) Thank you for the inspo!

  5. I really like these! Is there a way to make them printer friendly! I would like to print these and put somewhere in my office! I love the color scheme used!

  6. Laura,
    I am so glad you reached out. No one's life is ever perfect. Although I am happy most days and lucky to be living with my parents; it's not ideal. I would much rather be doing many things in this stage of my life, but I have to be patient. It's important to trust in God's plan for you. Sometimes God's answer is to wait, and not what we want; but it's all for the better. Jeremiah 29:11

  7. Happy late birthday!! I feel like your 20's can be such a strange stage in life, a stage of in-between really. I'm glad you could relate to the verses; I always find having a list to rely back on helps.

  8. There is a reason for everything. Jeremiah 29:11

  9. I don't have one now, but you could make some easy on PicMonkey, then upload it to google docs to be printed.

  10. Luke 1:37, yeah, nothing is imposible with Him! This is what keeps me motivated whenever I feel like my life messed up..

    But uh, I couldn't agree more... All verses are great anyway!

  11. I just looked up that verse and it's awesome. Plain and simple, nothing is impossible with Him. Thanks for sharing :)


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