Eat Drink & Be Mary: Vintage Simply Love + a Giveaway


Vintage Simply Love + a Giveaway

hi! i am nelle and i began blogging in january of 2013

i explore and share on my blog what inspires me… and most of all, what i love.

over the past year, i have grown to absolutely love {love} instagram for so many reasons… it's become a place of daily inspiration, a place for friendships/networking, and a place to document one of my favorite things in life- photos.

i feel like life is precious- so i blog. 

i blog to document the simplicity, the beauty, the power of living every single day to the fullest.

most of my blog consists of photos that i either take or photos that inspire me…

therefore, i have decided to share some of my instagram photos from this past month with you all!

my love for vintage items and inspirations

the one month countdown until my lifelong best friend's- my sister- and her fiancés wedding day

the night before my wedding - june 28, 2013
my sister and i jumped on the bed together
to cherish our younger years together

i love to post about the decor around our nest 
a 1938 bungalow in charlotte, north carolina 

sometimes we all just need a little friendly reminder

cooking at home 

a pumpkin spice on a crisp autumn day- loving my new handmade wrap from etsy

we are currently building a new home
here is an inspiration 

my sister was married on october 11, 2014
we incorporated mumford and sons quotes on feathers throughout
and just adored the florals - such a perfect st. louis day

an easy and delicious corn and bean dip

outfit details 

thank you all for following along and for taking the time to look through my month-- through insta. 

i feel like it sums up my blog in many ways and what i simply love. 

i would also love to follow one another on instagram thank you all for following me and i look forward to doing the same.


And this sweet girl, isn't only here to take over my blog today.  She comes with gifts.  Who doesn't love gifts?  Enter below to win a giveaway that has your name written all over it...literally.  

A Monogram Clutch Giveaway.  Almost every color clutch is available, along with several font and tread options.  The winner will get to customize the clutch.  Lucky, lucky you!


 Say hello to this month's sponsor, Nelle!  photo header2_zps9b915a67.jpg


  1. The corn and black bean dip looks DELICIOUS!

  2. thank you kindly for allowing us to enter this giveaway!

  3. Love your style, and I reallyyy want to make some dip now! :P

  4. Such cute photos!

  5. Love these photos. They're so cute and inspiring. I'm going to check out that cute coffee cozy right now! Also going to check out Nelle's blog.

  6. Awe- thank you so much! I really appreciate it <3 The coffee wrap was really reasonable on etsy ... hope your week is going well!

  7. :) Thank you so much- hope your week is going well!

  8. <3 Thank you so much- means so much. The dip is to die for... so easy too! Have a great day!

  9. :) Of course- hope you enjoy! Good luck and thank you for your message!

  10. It's SO good! Thank you for entering <3

  11. Those flowers are so pretty! And that dip looks delicious! Off to check out Nelle's blog :)

  12. :) thank you so much again for your kind words!!

  13. Hey Mary! Here from the #BLTribeDare. I love reading your posts, from the recipes to the scriptures and even the updates. I feel like if we lived in the same town we could be besties since we like a lot of the same things and you could teach me how to cook lol.

  14. Pretty pictures. I love pumpkin spice drinks.

  15. I gotta say, I think Instagram is my favorite social media. However, I recently jumped on the Twitter bandwagon and am kind of loving following celebrities on there. ;) Thanks for the giveaway--I would so love to win this for my sister! :)

  16. Hi Amber- so yummy- the best! Thank you so much for your sweet comment!

  17. I am a pinterest fanatic - have a board for everything

  18. I love instagram(:

  19. Great pictures! I'm a huge fan of instagram, it gives people a little glimpse into our everyday lives. That picture of you and your sister jumping on the bed is too cute

  20. Instagram!

  21. Couldn't agree more Ursula..good ole Instagram satisfies my picture obsession without being too nosy ;)

  22. Ohh same girl. Pinterest is where I go to unwind, waste time, find recipes...basically I waste time on there for any reason out there ;) Good luck!

  23. Kacie, isn't Instagram the best?! I enjoy twitter, but it's just not my favorite. She would LOVE this!

  24. thanks so much Jenny; I loved reading this today :) I'd love to be besties, but I'm not the greatest cook -- now baking I can handle! Thanks for stopping by.

  25. definitely check her out, she's shared some awesome + must reads over there on that blog of hers.

  26. I'm totally obsessing over her coffee cozie, isn't it the cutest. I just wish I would've seen it at the beginning of Fall.

  27. Could not agree more Diatta. I love a good dip, and this one looked amazing.

  28. I"m definitely an Insta-lover! But, I also really like Facebook. Classic way to stay connected. Congrats for your sister.

    - Alex @ Radiating Sunshine

  29. All of your recipes look delicious! I love baking and loathe cooking - the perils of having a serious sweet tooth!


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