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S'mores Fudge

This past week at my church they said it was Staff Appreciation week, and immediately I knew I wanted to bake them these sweet treats they'd be dying for s'more of. ;)  

And honestly they're lucky they got to taste any of them; every time my dad went into the kitchen he snuck (as if that's a word) a couple more pieces of this amazing fudge.  Y' need this treat in your kitchens like now.

Who wouldn't want a s'more in fudge form, really?

S'mores Fudge (original recipe here)

What you'll need: 
Graham Cracker Crust:
     4 graham cracker whole sheets
     2 tbsp butter
     1/4 cup of sugar

Chocolate Layer:
     1 1/2 cup of milk chocolate chips
     1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk
     1/2 tsp vanilla

Marshmallow Layer:
     1 cup of white chocolate chips
     1/2 cup of marshmallow fluff
     1/2 can of sweetened condensed milk

What to do:
preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

1. Crush up the graham crackers in the food processor until they are crumbs.  Add melted butter and sugar and mix well. 

2. Line a 8x8 pan with tin foil, and pour graham cracker mixture into the pan.  Press evenly to cover the entire pan, and place in the oven.  

3.  Cook crust for 15 minutes at 375 F, or until golden brown.

4. Melt chocolate chips in thirty second intervals, stirring inbetween.  Add sweetened condensed milk (roughly, you can eye ball it) and vanilla.  Mix well until smooth.  Pour over the graham cracker crust. 

5.  Melt the white chocolate chips in thirty second intervals.  Add marshmallow fluff and the rest of the sweetened condensed milk (the rest of the can).  Mix well, and add ontop of the chocolate layer.

6.  Let it chill in the refrigerator overnight.  

7.  When ready to serve, remove tin foil from the pan and cut into square pieces.

8. Attempt to resist eating it all in one sitting.  Now that's a challenge!

Now this is a fudge anyone can handle me!  And it's the perfect treat this fall or for any "appreciation week."  Just pair it with a free printable like the one I used, or she has several options like "staff", "friends", "teachers", etc.

I may or may not be thinking about making these nuggets of gold for my family this Thanksgiving.  And that's not the only holiday I've been thinking about lately.  Spoiler Alert: look below.  #HalloweenSchmalloween

...and I got swept up in all the festiveness and brought out one of my Christmas mugs.  Too soon?  I couldn't help myself!  Tis the season y'all; bring on the s'mores.

What's your favorite version of S'mores?  What have you done for appreciation weeks in the past?  Is your mind already swarming with Thanksgiving and Christmas ideas?

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  1. I'm vegetarian so I don't eat marshmallows, but I'm sure I would love these if I did!

  2. These look so cute! :D I just got graham crackers the other day, so I may try making something like this soon!

  3. Pinning this, and I can't wait to try, thank you!

  4. OMG those looks so good! I will have to try making these some time!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  5. Coffee Beans High HeelsOctober 28, 2014 at 11:02 AM

    Love tis! They look so delicious!

  6. Okay, I seriously want to try this recipe right now! It looks so good!

  7. Oh, sounds so good! Pinned!

  8. Yessssss! So yummy!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. ....White chocolate marshmallow fluff... I may have died and gone to heaven.

  10. I've learned something new today...I did not know what vegetarians didn't eat marshmallows.

  11. Definitely try it out Farrah...addicting I tell ya!

  12. I hope you enjoy it; it's definitely worth trying!

  13. Don't resist it, just do it! You'll love 'em!

  14. This looks like such a delicious recipe. I'll definitely have to try it!

    Life of Emily

  15. Yeah, marshmallows have gelatin in them so I don't eat them. I don't eat jello or puddings like panna cotta, either :)

  16. Sarah Louise ZerbeOctober 29, 2014 at 9:29 AM

    These look to die for

  17. OMG I need these in my stomach like ASAP!

  18. Whenever you add marshmallow fluff to anything, you know it's gonna be good! I love how there's a layer for each component of the S'more. They look almost too pretty to eat...but that never stopped me before ;)

  19. Chelsea @ A Duck's OvenOctober 30, 2014 at 5:57 AM

    So unbelievably brilliant! I love the idea of s'mores fudge!

  20. Yummy! These look so good!

  21. I'm not normally a huge fan of fudge (too sweet) but I would try this! Yum!
    Found you at Creativitiy Unleashed!

  22. I cannot wait to make these!! They look SO delicious!

  23. I would love to know how they turn out Lindsey. We loved them at my house, in fact they were all eaten before I could take them to my church so I bought more ingredients today.

  24. This is definitely a fudge to try, all the different layers combined definitely give it an unique taste.

  25. Apparently so did my family because they ate it all before I could take it over to the church. I bought more ingredients to make it again today. Oops! Try it out. :)

  26. Food that is "almost" too pretty to eat is always the best! Definitely try this version of s'mores out, the fluff truly makes the dish.

  27. Hey, Hey Mary, I want these now!!! I'm featuring it on Worthwhile Wednesdays!


  28. Oh my, they look good. And no, not to early for the mug as it is so lovely it should be used all year round! (I do love strips and spots so together - double love!)

  29. Oh my gosh - YES please!!!!


  30. It's delicious girl! I'll be making it for the third time this month at Thanksgiving if that's any indication of it's yum-factor. ;)

  31. Oh you are my kinda girl. I love Christmas stuff, all year! It's just so festive.


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