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Life Lately

When I feel outta wack it always helps for me to take a day to recuperate.  Binge watch a show on Netflix.  Take a nap.  Something to help me feel like I have it all under control again and caught up.  This week has been one of those weeks where I've felt all outta sorts and scrambled.  

Earlier this week we had a virtual coffee date to help catch up; but it just didn't do the trick.  So I'm off for a weekend escape to my favorite city.  A weekend filled with birthday celebrations, pumpkin carving, my best friend and my boyfriend.  Now that sounds like just what the doctor would order.  

And while I'm off gallivanting and soaking up the city life, here's a peek at my life lately [according to my iphone].  

birthday dinner with my grandparents

spending some QT with my mom

Obsessed with this outfit.  The polish not so much.

birthday cupcake from a student

spent my birthday getting a gel manicure with my PSL

totally obsessing over my new blogging bag that my parents got me for my birthday *insert googly eyes*

Fall fashion + drinks.  I love this time of year.  

corn maze
pumpkin patch lovin'

I'm up before the sun most days.  But the sunrises are worth it.

Happy weekending loves.  Keep up with my weekend shenanigans on Instagram; @maryjean_xo.


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  1. Ahh girl this post has me craving a PSL like a madwomen now!! PS the outfit you wore to dinner with your grandparents is super cute. Enjoy your weekend :)

  2. It must be so fun having a birthday in October! Such a great time or year and many fun things to do! You really just need to move to the city - your boyfriend and all your friends are there. Go for it!!!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. dang girl… this post sponsored by starbucks. lol ;D have so much fun this weekend, i hope it pulls you out of your funk!

  4. Aw man, now I really want a PSL haha. Guess I'll have to swing by Starbucks on my way home from work tonight ;) This was such a fun idea for a post! I've seen other bloggers do similar posts, and it's so fun to see more photos from a blogger's life. Also, you have such cute outfits! :)

  5. haha sensing a Starbucks obsession :P that is an adorable cupcake! Love all the pumpkins :)

  6. I want your blog bag! It is so darn cute! Your nails look great too btw.

  7. I'm totally in love with it and beyond trilled that I received the bag for my birthday. It's absolutely amazing so far. I got it from an etsy site (it's linked above) if you're interested in your own.

  8. Haha after looking at all the pictures it definitely appears that way. But in my defense some of the pictures are from the same day.

  9. I always love seeing the "behind the scenes" of different bloggers. Thanks I've been loving this fall weather, and enjoying finding different outfits to put together. I hope you enjoyed your PSL.

  10. Now wouldn't that be awesome! I didn't realize how many starbucks cups I had in my pictures. In my defense some of the pictures are from the same day, and I have a giftcard currently. Not to mention I do have a coffee addiction.

  11. October is a good birthday month, that's for sure! This weekend was a blast, I so enjoy visiting that city but I could NEVER live there. Too much traffic for this small town girl. Boyfriend actually lives in a different state, but it works out that she lives exactly halfway between the two of us.

    I hope you had a great weekend :)

  12. Thanks girl! The weekend was just what the doctor ordered. I hope you had a fantastic weekend yourself.


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