Eat Drink & Be Mary: Life Altering Stuff Right Here


Life Altering Stuff Right Here

Thanks so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday.  You truly know how to make a girl feel special, loved and blessed.  And to repay you I'm here to share four life-changing facts that you just NEED to know.  Happy hump day y'all.

How To: Spooky Drinks for this Halloween.  Trick-or-Treaters.  Halloween Party.  Feeling Festive?  Whatever the occassion Ida has the best idea to "dress up" your drinks this 31st.
Keep trick-or-treaters hydrated with spooky drinks this Halloween! #SpookySnacks #shop

My brother took me out to dinner for my birthday yesterday.  I have one of the kindest, most thoughtful brothers out there.  Not many 20 year olds would think to take out their sister for her birthday.  Did I mention I've felt extra blessed lately?
sorry for the iphone, fuzzy picture 

This weekend I'll be reunited with my favorite people for a birthday celebration in Charlotte.  I canNOT wait, and am counting down the days until Friday.  Eek!

This shirt.  That everyone has been "ooing and ahhing" over via Instagram.  Yep, it's originally a pajama shirt, but who's to tell me I can't use whenever I please.  It's just so darn comfy.

And that's all folks.  What is one thing you've been wanting to share lately?


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  1. Awww! I love that your brother took you to lunch and that you had such a great birthday! I love even more that you'll be reunited with your loves this weekend (and in Charlotte!!! Can you hear my cries from here???? Man, I miss CLT)! Have the best weekend ever!

  2. Your brother is so sweet! I'm sure you'll have a great time this weekend!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  3. dude YOLO you wear pajamas whenever you want!!!! :) wearing an "i need coffee" pajama shirt right now myself ;D

  4. I've made our bed every day this month.Yup, all 8 days and I can't tell you how refreshing that is.
    And now, I've realized I need a life... ;)

  5. You are awesome! Thanks for featuring my labels! I love your shirt!! I really want one!

  6. Aren't they? I know kids would LOVE them!

  7. You are so welcome! They are seriously cute. Definitely get the shirt, you won't regret it. I'd live in it if I could.

  8. Hahaha this made me giggle. I literally can't remember the last time I made my bed. Oops!

  9. Get yourself one from Old Navy girl! It's sooo soft.

  10. Isn't he? I can't wait until Friday!! I hope your week is off to a good start.

  11. I LOVE visiting Charlotte. My best friend has lived there a little over a year now, and its always a blast visiting there.


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