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Currently I'm...

because it's been incredibly too too long since I've done one of these

Drinking: My fair share of Pumpkin Spice Lattes + Salted Caramels (hold the chocolate).

Wearing: Scarves, leather jackets and more scarves.  Oh and cardigans with elbow patches.  Elbow patches give me heart eyes, like the emoji. 

Refusing To: Get sick.  No no no!

Chalkboarding: (is that even a thing?) seen on Instagram.

Wanting: everything on!  Thanks to the deals they have (and the emails that show up in my inbox everyday) I've been scoring some cute fall clothes at a great price this year.  [see here and here]

Feeling: Full, thank God for my Grandmama and Bubby's home cooking.  

Eating: Apple Chips, healthy and addicting.  I believe this is considered #winning Plus they're EASY to make.

Listening To: God Made Girls, RaeLynn

Loving:  My newest nail polish color.  It's amazing what a manicure and fall polish can do for your mood.

Excited About: The recipe I'm making this weekend [hint; includes OREO's].  Having a recipe up your sleeve that looks complicated to make, but in reality is a breeze is something every girl needs to own.  Come back Tuesday for a recipe that fits the bill, and your family will LOVE this Thanksgiving.

Thankful For: My job.  5 year olds are tiring, but working with them is totally rewarding and worth every exhausting minute.

Wishing: I could enter the giveaway below (and the one tomorrow shhhh!).

Admiring: My boyfriend, for going for his dreams and working towards his future.  Nothing is more attractive than a man who is willing to work for what he wants to accomplish in life...and trust me he's pretty darn attractive.  ;)

Saying Good-Bye To:  Excuses, back to the gym I go.  I went yesterday, and am determind to go everyday for this rest of this week.  Motivation wanted...

...and now the moment we've all been waiting on


What are you currently online-shopping for?  Happy hump day sweets.


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  1. That chalkboard is adorable! And I completely agree about the nails, whenever I get a manicure I feel like a new person :)

  2. Elbow patches and pumpkin spice lattes...fall is the best!

  3. I am in love with your nail color! Perfect for fall!

  4. I LOVE your mani! rocks..I get so much from them and find so many great gifts too! is where I got my newest favorite tee...and it's for a great cause. I also love your chalkboard ;)

  5. Love this post, so fun! I am have also had the song "God Made Girls" on repeat! It is currently stuck in my head! Haha
    Also, now I am heading to to get my fix and see if there is anything I need! I love that website!


  6. I love apple chips! Yes chalk-boarding is a real thing! ha ha, well at least in my book. Super cute nail polish. #bloglove

  7. Sam @ reddyorknot.blogspot.comOctober 22, 2014 at 4:13 PM

    Love that planner!! So cute!!

  8. I'm in love with it, and can't wait to start using it in November. It's perfect for a blogger, or anyone who wants to customize their planner.

  9. I'm glad you agree on the "chalkboarding"; it sounded good in my head and odd to type. Thanks for stopping by :)

  10. I just heard that song for the first time the other day, but I LOVE it. The lyrics are so clever. is seriously my weakness, but the deals are worth it!

  11. Thanks Emelia, I was thrilled with the shade of grey it turned out to be. Now I'm not sure what color to do next (I have a while to think though). Oh I haven't heard of Be the Good before..I'll have to check them out. I love finding products for a cause. My favorite so far is

  12. Thanks Rebecca, I was thrilled with the shade it turned out as. Any other suggestions for my next fall color?

  13. A little pamerping can do wonders! :)

  14. I definitely suggest getting on Erika! It's a life saver, super cute + you can get a discount with the code above. Need I say more? ;)

  15. Love your new nail color! It took me forever to find one that felt like fall!
    Fingers crossed for giveaway luck! :)

  16. I love these type of posts. What a super cute planner!

  17. I do too Lysha! I'm totally obsessed with this planner, and finally get to start using it this week. Eek!

  18. I love this polish, and the time before I had the perfect shade of red/purple. It was called Visions of Lollipops by OPI and it was just as perfect, but I needed to change it up.


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