Eat Drink & Be Mary: A Few of my Favorite Things: Fall Edition


A Few of my Favorite Things: Fall Edition

Happy Monday y'all.  And it is a happy Monday over here, because I've told myself I'm going to have a good day, Monday or not.  Plus, my birthday is tomorrow.  Naturally, I'll be celebrating all week.

To kick things off?  A Few of my Favorite Things.  10 awesome things, to be exact.  Fall Edition.  

1 || Coffee.  Duh.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes to be exact.  Double duh. ;)

2 || Fall Date Nights.  There are the best festive date night ideas for Fall.  Not to mention a great excuse to cozy up to your love one to stay warm.

3 || This shirt.  Obsessed with it & how cozy and soft it is.  

4 || Cute, Pumpkin Coffee Sleeves.  Etsy has the cutest stuff, I swear.

5 || Cable Knit Infinity Scarfs.  Still on the search for a cute and reasonably priced one.  

6 || Blogger Swaps.  I love participating in all the different swaps that bloggers host; they're the best way to make new bloggy friends + get new cute stuff.  And who doesn't love getting a little snail mail every once in a while.  Swaps I've done and recommend: Carabox, mug swap with But First, Coffee, and most recently a journal swap

I participated in the Journal Swap with Nancy + Lisa.  And Nancy happened to be my swap partner.  Needless to say she got me the cutest journal that I can't wait to put to use.  

 Next on my list?  Looking for a Christmas swap...any suggestions?

|| Pumpkin Patches.  I can't wait to go this weekend and carve some pumpkins with Thomas and Care.

8 || A Mini Blog Face Lift.  You may have noticed some new things around here.  Ash @ The Grits Blog, helped me give this little space of mine a face lift.  And I switched to Disqus so that it's easier for people to comment and for me to respond.  Three cheers for no more "no-reply" commenters!

9 || Fall Pencils.  Chalk it up to Etsy again, for this one.

10 || These Croakies.  They're perfect for game day + Fall in general.  Something about gingham just says "fall" to me.  

10% off with BEMARY10

Today I'm happy to be linking up with Anne @ Love the Here and Now for her new link up: Ten Awesome Things.  The link up will be live tomorrow, but I didn't want to miss out.  More birthday celebrations are in store for tomorrow.

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  1. Happy early Birthday!! I hope it's fabulous! Also...I can tell you LOVE coffee, haha. :) Where are all of these blogger swaps going on, I need to get into one too! If you find a great Christmas one, maybe let me know?

  2. that shirt! again!!! gosh!!! && if you find any good christmas swaps, please share them!!! <3

  3. Blogger swaps are so fun! I haven't done one in sooo long!
    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. I just added Disqus to my blog too, and I LOVE it! Sooo much better! And I really love that shirt!!

  5. Loving those croakies!! And I just followed you on instagram because...duh! :)

  6. That blogger mug swap sounds so fun! I need to look in to a blogger swap. PS- I would love your thoughts about Disqus. What made you do the switch and what do you like better?

  7. Happy early birthday! I love pumpkin patches too...taking the kids to ours tomorrow...and I'm sure again before the season is over. The weather has just been so nice. I am totally going to get in a blogger swap!


    To Carolina

    Gym Bunny

  8. I LOVE that monogram ring in the last photo

  9. Happy Fall! I'm a big fan of disquis too. It's super helpful to see replies and really connect.

    I love the swap ideas. That journal is great! There's something about the idea of fall that makes me want to write everything down.

    I love this list. Happy Birthday (almost!)

  10. Bailey from is hosting a Christmas swap. Here's the google doc for it: :)

  11. Yay Happy Almost Birthday!! I love your 10 awesome things, I can't wait for the linkup tomorrow!

  12. ahh happy birthday week!! I almost bought that need coffee shirt at Old Navy the other day when I blacked out for a minute + bought all of the sweaters to wear over leggings...

  13. Found you through the link up today..!! Yay for Fall!!!!

  14. Thanks Rebecca. I got it from for a GREAT price ($27 with shipping).

  15. I just love to-do lists, and it's great to have a cute place to make them in! Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

    Have you participated in any swaps?

  16. Through school we are going to two different pumpkin patches for field trips, and I plan on going with my boyfriend and best friend this weekend. I can't get enough; its so festive! Let me know if you find any good blogger swaps near the holidays!

  17. At But First, Coffee she does mug swaps pretty often (every couple months). Definitely look into it! I'd love to swap mugs with you for Christmas or something though.

    For Disqus the main reason I wanted to switch is because I often got comments from "no-reply" bloggers, making it to where I couldn't respond to those comments. I hated that those bloggers couldn't get a response from me, and I felt like I was missing out on connections I could make with other bloggers. Disqus (so far) has been awesome. I can respond to everyone, and it shows up on my blog and in their emails. Win-win.

  18. Instagram is my fave. Seriously, out of all the social media sites its my go-to; with Pinterest as a close second. What is your instagram name?

    The croakies are super cute (in my opinion), and go great with the Florida Gator colors. Don't miss out on the discount above!

  19. I'm loving the switch I made as well. So far, so good. The shirt is SOO comfy, and of course I love the saying. It's at Old Navy.

  20. I can't wait to join in another one. Any suggestions of ones you've done in the past?

  21. I'm on the look out Stephanie, Elisabeth mentioned one above at if you want to check it out as well.

  22. Coffee is definitely a part of my day I couldn't go without. I even posted about the things I'd rather do than not drink coffee once ( ; it's safe to say I'm addicted.

    The swaps are all over the place, but I've just started looking for a Christmas one. I'll definitely try to let you know when I find one, because I'm determined I will find one. ;) They're so much fun.

    ps. Elisabeth mentioned above that will be holding a Christmas swap if you want to check it out.

  23. Happy Birthday "early"! Glad I came across you on the swap today. I love fall and am excited to go to the pumpkin patch soon. I just need a cool day. It never feels right to me when we pick pumpkins and it's 85 degrees!

  24. Thanks for the recommendation--I'm actually going to be joining up with the Food Blogger's Cookie swap this year! I'm so excited about it. Here's more details about this swap and the charity it supports. I remember seeing it last year and it has gotten HUGE between lots of bloggers. Let me know if you decide to join as well!

  25. Gotta love those Fall pencils! I <3 Etsy.

  26. Wow, I can't imagine picking pumpkins in 85 degree weather! That would be madness. I hope it cools down for you soon.

  27. Thanks so much for sharing this. Definitely sounds like something right up my alley. Off to check it out now...

  28. I signed up! I love that there is a charity connected, and the set up seems great. Pretty excited to be swapping cookies. Did you sign up?


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