Eat Drink & Be Mary: Would You Rather...?


Would You Rather...?

You know the game Would You Rather?  We've all played it at one time or another.  Would you rather swim with sharks or let snakes crawl all over you?  Would you rather go days without sleeping or fall asleep without warning several times a day? 

Here are the things I would choose over not having my morning coffee...

|| say "keep your hands to yourself" 495 times a day

|| walk on legos barefoot

|| drop my phone (let's face it I do that about 34 times a day anyways)

|| not check Instagram for a day #torture

|| watch the news for 3 hours straight (which is pretty much like watching the same things 10x because it all just repeats over and over and over)

|| get caught in a rainstorm with a full cart of groceries

|| Try to send a text only to keep getting "message failed" when your phone says 3G

|| not be able to use Emojis for a whole day

You get the point, right?  I canNOT go without my morning coffee.  Its obvious considering all the things I'd rather do that not have it.  And you shouldn't have to go without your morning coffee either.  Some gals and I are giving away a Keurig 2.0 + K-cups.  Coffee for the win.

What are you waiting for?  Get to entering this sucker!

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Speaking of the would you rather game, this game would be a great long distance date night idea.  A fantastic way to have some fun and find out more about your significant other.  The options are endless with the questions: funny, serious, romantic, you name it.  [to see more LDR date night ideas check out this post]

ps. the winner of the $50 Savvy Chevy gift card has been announced.  Check here to see if you won!

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  1. Walk on Legos barefoot... Eeekkkk! That one is a bit to much for this girl :).

  2. This is such a cute post! I love it! You had me LOL ;)

  3. hahaha love the idea behind this post! You did a great job of capturing just HOW much you love coffee :)

  4. hahahaha laughed a little too hard. Really funny!!

  5. Oh man, this game always gets me thinking and second guessing myself lol!

  6. getting caught in the rain is the worst! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  7. LOL! cute post! and awesome giveaway!

    trish - tales from...

  8. My texts would be taken out of context without Emojis.

  9. Love my morning coffee! And my keurig is definitely my favorite way to have it ;)

  10. Oh man! I am not sure I could go without my morning coffee either! Funny and cute post:)


  11. Um… amazing giveaway!! Coffee has become my life.. but I'm okay with it!

  12. Stopping over from the Facebook Blog love page. Love the name of your blog! Will share it on Twitter now :)

  13. I am currently giving up coffee because I am doing a whitening treatment... it is honestly awful haha!

  14. Such an awesome idea for a post! Is it ok if I piggy back on this and link back to you? :) If not, I completely understand! Thank you for sharing and crossing my fingers to win!! :)

  15. Girl, I have a love for coffee as well (hence why I entered to win the Keurig! :) Have you ever tried the Girl Scouts Thin Mint creamer? SO YUMMY! :D

  16. Legos... OUCH! I'm with you on the coffee though; it's a must! I totally entered this. My husband wants one for his *new* office at work! :D I just noticed the creamer comment above and thought I'd throw in my favorite flavor- International Delight's Almond Joy. BEST! <3

  17. My day just isn't the same if I don't have my cup of coffee in the AM!


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