Eat Drink & Be Mary: How to Organize your Bloglovin'


How to Organize your Bloglovin'

As of today this little space has been mine all mine for one whole year.  365 days.  That's just madness y'all.  I can't believe I've already spent a year filling this space with words, thoughts, pictures and memories.

This calls for three things.  Glitter.  Because well it's glitter.

Reflecting.  Yesterday I shared the "best of the best" of Eat Drink & Be Mary aka: the top 10 posts from the past year; according to y'all.

Blog talk.  Because what would a blogiversary be without talking about the one thing I've spent doing for the past year. [not a blogger?  stay tuned til the end, there's something for you too!]

Luckily for you I have Ashley here from The Grits Blog to share with you something that is truly life changing. Well in the world of blogging anyways.  This is a game changer for me.  

Not to mention Ash is one of my very first blogging friends from the beginning.  She is gem y'all.  Don't believe me?  Keep scrolling + who doesn't love playing with glitter?!

Hey! I am Ash! I blog over at The Grits Blog. It's a place that's all about crack, hair curlin', and fall transitionin' - heck sometimes I'm known to post a blog tutorial or two! 

After you finish learning how to organize your bloglovin' - make sure you stop by and say hey over in my neck of the woods!

I follow 339 blogs on Bloglovin'. THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE! That's a whole lot of blog readin. Then if I miss a day of blog reading the bloglovin count is at like 250 or something crazy like that the next day. Part of my issue was I wanted to read my daily "must reads" and for sure my sponsors posts. Those were my priority - but having to sift through all of the other blogs I enjoy and follow was just plain irritating.  .

That is.

Until I figured out how to organize bloglovin. I learned how to to do this on another blog - I want to say on Helene's blog, but I just can't remember and can't find the post.

Either way - I am here today to spread the good word and news about how to fix the Bloglovin disorganization.

Step One:

In the top right hand corner, under your picture icon, hover over it and a drop down box will appear. Click "Edit blogs you follow".

How To Organize Bloglovin

Step Two:

Click "Change group" or "Create New Group".

If you click "Create new group" a box will open that let's you type whatever name you want for that group.

If you already have groups, then pick whatever group you have and it will automatically move into that group.

How To Organize Bloglovin

Step Three:

Done!! Now when you click on "My Feed" in the main menu header you will see this box on your right sidebar - it's a summary of all of your groups and shows how many unread blogs you have in each group.

How To Organize Bloglovin

I hope you found this tutorial useful! If there is anything you would like to specifically, let me know on twitter or through email!

Image Map

Seriously y'all, this "how to" is a gold piece.  I'm off to organize my bloglovin' now & you should too.  BUT before you go, celebrate with us by entering our blogiversary giveaway.  Don't forget to stop by Miranda's blog to my Instagram do's + dont's.

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Happy weekending y'all. Xo.

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  1. Congrats on your one year blogiversary! I love that photo with the glitter!

  2. Thanks for having me girl!!! Happy Blogiversary to us!!!

  3. Congrats on the year Blogiversary!!!!

  4. Happy one year, and awesome tutorial Ash! :)

  5. Happy Blogiversary! I just found your blog through The Grits Blog and can't wait to follow along!

  6. I'm going to pin this and put it to use later. I don't know what it is about Bloglovin but it's like a thorn in my side. I'm not a fan.

  7. Congrats on the blogiversary! And thanks for keeping the glitter outside, or at least not in my house. My kid loves it and it gets everywhere!

  8. Happy blogiversary! That's so exciting! I love that picture of you and the glitter. I want everything to sparkle! Excited about the giveaway too. Crossing my fingers!

  9. Happy blogiversary! And thank you for the bloglovin info! I'm still pretty apprehensive with it, but I'll have to give organisation another try!

  10. All of my favorite things!
    Happy Blogiversary, darling.

  11. listen. this information literally changed my life. thank you!!


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