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Home Office Wishlist

If there are three things bloggers love it's wish lists, organizing, and blog talk.  Today I'm bringing all three.  Yep, this post is a triple threat.  ;)  Lets talk about your at-home office.  

Do you have an at-home office to get all your blog work done?  Do you think you'd get more productive work done if you did?

Lately, I've been daydreaming about my future home office.  My "office" right now is..well, it's hardly what one would call an office.  It consists of a desk, and a notebook.  Lame.  In fact I don't even use it, there is just nothing inspiring about it.  This leaves me blogging "on-the-go" all the time.  You got wifi?  I'll be there with my journal + coffee in hand. 

All this on the go stuff has me obsessing (via Pinterest of course) over what could be in my own at-home office.   Office.  Organization and of course Gold.  

For Organization |

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Blog Planner | Plum Paper Design
To stay organized and look cute while doing it.  I'm so thrilled with finding this Etsy shop, thanks to my friend Anne.  I can't wait for this sucker to show up on my door step (happy early birthday to me!).  To see a full review on the planner check out this post.

Memory Box | Polka Dot Desk Organizers |  Get it Together Notebook 
Remember Notepad |  Gratitude Journal [ 3ORMORE for $3 off each when you buy three or more]

For Motivation + Inspiration | 

Never Give Up Print | Spell and Tell [MARYSBLOG for 15% off £7.20 or more]

Do What Matters Print | Emily Ley

Just Do Things Print | The Every Girl

Live Love Blog Print | Lulu Simon Studio [ EATDRINK20 for 20% off ]

Work Hard Stay Humble Print |  Spell and Tell 

Anything not Everything Print | Charm and Gumption

Eat Sleep Love Blog Print | Spell and Tell

Be Brave Print | The Digital Studio

Just Because |  

Cute Fall Sayings Pencils.  Sharpie Pens.  Keyboard Cover.  Gold Glitter Tape Dispenser [ 20% off EATDRINKGLITTER ]

And don't even get me started on desks + chairs.  It would take me forever to decide on both of those. 
For starters...       Desk: one | two | three  Chairs: one | two | three

There is something that just makes my little blogging heart burst when I make a wish list.  Similar to window shopping.  I just eat it up.  Where do you go for your home office inspiration?  Do you have a home office where you do all your blog work?  

And speaking of my friend Anne, I have her here to share a little bit about her blog today.  Y'all are in for a treat.  Anne is the kind heart behind the blog, Love the Here and Now.  She is the mastermind behind this fall drink recipe, the girl who taught me how to use cute fonts on PicMonkey and a genuine friend.  A girl like her is hard to find in blogland.  One of a kind, this one.  Meet Anne.

Love the Here and Now is my corner of the blogosphere where I can share the things in my life that I enjoy.  It has quickly become the space where I feel a sense of comfort and where I have found a wonderful community.  It may appear random at times; blogging tips, life musings, recipes etc. but it is filled with the things that make up my life, here and now. 

I chose this picture because I think it caught me as I am....low key and natural.  What you see is what you get.  This was from the 4th of July where I was spending time, laughing and relaxing with family and friends.  I see this picture it reminds me of that day and what matters most; family and friends.  

Anne's 3 Favorite Posts:

10 Ways to be Happy | I think I need a reminder of this every so often.  Life gets hectic and throws you curve balls but it is always good.  

A Pairin' o' Fonts  | This was the first of a collaboration I'm doing with my friend Ashley.  I love fonts and finding different ways to combine them.  This was a great post to work on and we are already looking forward to the next pairing (it's a once a month joint post, 2nd Tues. of every month).

Blogging 101: How Not to Run Out of Post Ideas  | I love reading blogging tips and they are some of my favorite posts to write.  There is so much to learn blogging-wise and I never tire of hearing how others stay organized and inspired.

Isn't she a doll?  Now join me in linkup up with her Wednesday Wishes.

Dream Big with this month's Sponsor, Emelia!   photo 600x100_zpsa3741db1.jpg


  1. Love all of this! Inspirational prints and an organized space definitely work best for me :)

  2. Thank you so much! You are too glad blogging brought you into my life! I love the office wish list....I could go crazy making mine the ideal space to work. There are so many cute things out there. Love the inspirational prints! I could use some of this win my office. I especially love the gold ones!

  3. This is my first time having a separate/defined office {aka not a desk in my bedroom or livingroom} and it's been a GAME CHANGER! I'm so much more productive in here and I like having a place where I can shut the door/have no distractions if I want. I do share it with my husband since he's in school, but it's not too bad ;)

  4. Love this! I have been redecorating my office to make it my happy/inspiring space!

  5. I have a home office that I LOVE!! Because I do all of my work from home (unless I hop over to a coffee shop), it was important for me to have an entire room to inspire me and that I could "leave" at the end of the day (which is why a desk in the living room wouldn't cut it). I love all things bright, and a planner is a must!

  6. I'm obsessed with the plum paper planners. That new design you posted though is perfection!

  7. I love those prints. I would love to have a home office but our current place isn't well suited for it. I always pin ideas so Im ready when I get the chance!


  8. Me too Mary!! I'm in love with the idea of a whole new desk, let alone office for myself. I even started a little Pinterest board to gather ideas. Dangerous....

    I love the prints. There's one on Etsy that I'm going to get and put on my future desk.

    Have a great week!


  9. I can't wait for my Plum Paper planner to arrive!! wheeeeee!

  10. My office is still a work in progress- I can't wait to create the perfect little space so where I can really enjoy myself. :)

  11. What the what!!! That glitter tape dispenser is amazing!! I have a built-in desk in the hallway. Sometimes I sit there, but most of the time I like to sit on the couch with my laptop while watching reality TV.

  12. My office will forever be a work in progress! I love the "Do What Matters" board. :)

  13. Aww, Anne's the best! Her blog is always a great place to go when you're in need of a pick me up! I also thoroughly enjoyed her 10 Ways to Be Happy post :)

  14. I love all the fun accessories. My current office for blogging is my bed :) I am usually working on blog posts at night after my daughter goes to bed.

  15. I see other bloggers home offices and am so jealous. My home office is my couch, laptop and Netflix.
    The Accidental Mama

  16. I just want a desk with a window. I blog from the dining room kitchen as of now. So anything would be an improvement.

  17. Ooh I love the prints - I want to set up a little 'office' space in the house we end up buying too...these are super cute. I also just ordered a planner thanks to Anne's suggestion too! She's awesome isn't she? :)

  18. I don't have a home office but there are a couple empty bedrooms in my apartment right now and I've been working out of there sometimes. If I ever get a real home office tho, I'd want a second monitor, lots of windows and a dedicated spot for food photography, complete with all the food props I could ever want lol

  19. Ooh! I love that keyboard cover! I wish I had the money to decorate my home office exactly how I want it.


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