Eat Drink & Be Mary: Birthday Gift Guide for a 20-something


Birthday Gift Guide for a 20-something

Y'all there are 22 days until I'm 23.  When did I grow up?  Scratch that.  How did I get to be 23, not necessarily sure if I've "grown up" yet.  But 23 years definitely deserves being celebrated.  So today I'm celebrating with you to share my Guide to the perfect Birthday gift for a 20-something.  [aka: myself]

Take notes y'all {Cough Cough; Thomas, Mom + Dad, anyone}  ;)

For the Blogger //

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Laptop Camera Bag // This is by far my number 1 wishlist item.  It can hold all of my blogging needs in ONE bag.  Right now I carry all my stuff separately and it's a pain. [camera bag, laptop, blogging planner, journal, etc] Not to mention it is super cute.  For a review on this bag check out Tela's post.

Ombre Keyboard Cover // One problem.  The only listings I can find are for Macs.  I have a HP Chromebook; but love this ombre cover.  Any ideas where to find one for my Chromebook?

For the Jewelry Lover // 

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+ Engraved Rings // I've been searching high and low for a ring that says "patience" or "be still".  Finally I found this ring that can be customized to say either (for a great price).  I would love seeing these little reminds when I looked down.  [hint; I'm a size 6]

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+ Longitude and Latitude Bracelet // Perfect for any girl in a long distance relationship.

For the Southern Gal //

+ Anything Monogrammed: Weekender Bag. Bracelet.

+Anything with a Mason Jar: Ring/Spoon Dish . "The Good Life" Set.

For the Coffee Addict //  

10YAWN for 10% off 

Coffee Mug // The saying on this coffee mug says it all.  It basically is longing to live in a coffee lovers kitchen cabinet.

+ Gift Cards // Who doesn't love those?  Lately my addiction to Starbucks is strong and my bank account would appreciate any gift cards there. 

For Any Girl // 
+ Boot Socks //  here here and here

+ Clothes, clothes and more clothes.

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What's on your birthday wishlist?  What is your favorite Etsy shop?  What would you add?

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  1. Seriously in love the coffee mug! I have to be to work by 6 a.m. most mornings and yawning is for sure my cue that I need my daily dose of coffee.

  2. Ummm drooling over that laptop + camera bag! I hope you get it! Advance happy birthday! :)

    Rhea @

  3. That camera bag is gorgeous!!! Happy (early) birthday!!!

  4. I'm in love with all things mason jar and that spoon rest is amazing! Loving the camera bag, too!

  5. haha I love that coffee mug! So funny and true!

  6. PERFECT gift guide! That camera bag! I SWOON!

  7. Seriously love love love that camera bag!!! Definitely adding that to my birthday/holiday wish list!! Happy early birthday!

  8. I love that camera bag. If only it could also be a diaper bag haha.

  9. You literally made me LOL with the (hint: i'm a size 6)! Hahaha you really aren't playing around! I am in LOVE with that all in one tote bag, so cute and so blogger friendly!

    XO Corbin Tate
    Classy South Blog

  10. What a perfect list! As a fellow Southerner, I love the monogrammed bracelet and mason jar spoon rest! Stopping by from the link-up.

  11. I'm with you on the "anything monogrammed" wish!

    Life of Emily

  12. I love that mug! I think I need it in my life!


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