Eat Drink & Be Mary: 365 days.


365 days.

365 days.  That's how long this little ole blog of mine has survived here in blogland.  A whole year, tomorrow.  Now that calls for glitter and confetti.  Let the celebrating begin --

The community that makes up blogland is overwhelming and a blessing I never knew existed.  Blogging would not be the same without all of you.  Nothing makes me happier than receiving comments from my readers, emails from those who feel connected with me, and knowing that I've touched someone with a post.  And even more importantly how y'all have touched me through this past year.  I'd give you all a hug if I could.  So lets see those posts that were your most favorite of them all...

[ click the pictures to check out the posts. ] 

t e n .
 photo ghostofboyfriendspast_zpse6dc5a25.jpg

n i n e .
 photo baseball_couples_photography_2_zps9c74f640.jpg

e i g h t .
 photo sixfitnesstipsfortheaveragewoman2_zpsaaa3b38d.jpg

s e v e n .
 photo soft_toffee_cookies5_zps1e9cfb48.jpg

s i x . 
 photo versesontrialsandtribulations_zps5a4f4aa5.jpg

f i v e .
 photo 5sitesforathomeworkouts_zpsd53e1d86.png

f o u r . 
 photo top5lovesongs_zps5c940a8d.jpg

t h r e e . 
 photo waitingandpatience_zpsebc4bb49.jpg

t w o . 
 photo 28_verses_to_pray_for_your_relationship_zps58b03263.jpg

o n e . 
 photo 20versesonanxietyandstress_zps7de1ade8.jpg

Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you.  Without you I'd just be typing in this white box for no reason at all.  So thanks for not making me a crazy person!  Happy blogging friends, here's to 365 more days.  

What has been your favorite post?  What post did you feel most connected to?  

and the festivities don't just stop today.  come back tomorrow for more glitter throwing.  why?  well... 

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  1. Aww Congrats!! I am so proud of you! Your blog is beautiful and you are the best at what you do. Happy Early Blogiversary!! xoxo

  2. You are so awesome!! Happy one year blogiversary!!!

  3. Congrats! One year is a big accomplishment!

  4. Congrats girl! That's very exciting and quite an accomplishment. Here's to another year!

  5. Happy blogiversary to you!! Cheers to another year :)

  6. Congratulations! What a big milestone. I heard somewhere once that a really high percentage of blogs fail in that first year because people don't actually realize how much work goes into running one. You're ahead of the game already!

    I too am continually amazed at the kindness and support of my readers. I've met some truly wonderful people through blogging. Something I never anticipated when I started.


  7. I love all of those posts! I expecially like your Bible verse posts and fitness posts. :)

    ~Hannah Diane

  8. Congrats girl! Love that picture of you and the glitter--so adorable!

  9. Congrats on your one year!!! That is very exciting! Can't wait to read more throughout the years!

  10. I LOVE that glitter picture. I'm kind of obsessed with it! Happy one year!

  11. I can't believe your blog is only a year old! Yay :)

  12. Yay--congratulations! I'm about to celebrate a milestone next week! Love the top picture. And I kinda can't believe your blog is "just" a year old, cause I totally view you as a pro. :)

  13. I remember some of those posts - they all look great :D

  14. Happy 1 year! Gonna go through these posts now :)

  15. Congrats on 1 year!! I'm enjoying some of the posts up there that I missed :)

  16. I love your blog post that has anything and everything to do with Bible Scripture and verses. Those are my favorite because they help me out alot. Thanks for those.

  17. Wow, congratulations Mary! One year down, many more to come, I'm sure :) Thanks for reminding me that I really need to get on to making those SOFT Toffee Cookies!


It makes me so happy each time you leave a comment. I love connecting with my readers! Happy blogging friends.


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