Eat Drink & Be Mary: Virtual Coffee Date


Virtual Coffee Date

I feel like I've been here, there, and everywhere in between since the first day of July.  What do you do when you're feeling out of touch with a friend?  It's time for some catching up over a good cup of coffee.  So today I'd love to go on a virtual coffee date with you.  Let's catch up some shall we.

If we were on a coffee date today I'd tell you...

+ First I'd tell you to meet me at Dunkin' Donuts.  I'm totally obsessed with their cookie dough iced coffees, plus in the afternoons you can get a large for $1.  So I'd tell you that we should meet there around 4.  

+ If we were getting coffee today I'd tell you that I fee lost and anxious without a job going into the school year this fall.  Being the good friend you are, you'd remind me that God has a plan for me.  And I'd agree, but inside my stomach would still be filled with butterflies and knots.

+ I would tell you that I recently discovered Bulu Box a couple months ago, and after receiving two boxes from it I love it.  I'd insist you sign up to get your own, and remind you that you can get 50% off with the code "BULUGAN448".  I'd also remind you that you can't pass up that sort of deal.

+ While sipping away on my coffee I'd remind you that today is the last day to enter the giveaway I'm co-hosting with Ashley @ The Grits Blog.

+ I'd tell you that I'm feeling exhausted, as I always do when I return from a trip with Thomas.  It's like it takes all of my energy just to make it through the day facing the reality that I'm four hours away again, and Thomas isn't just in the other room.  This long distance stuff is for the birds.

+ I would tell you about a recipe I recently tried.  You would know that this could be a number of things since I'm always baking away, and that it could either be soft toffee cookies, a Sangria recipe, or a twist on my favorite rice krispies treat.  Then I'd ask you what you've been cooking up in your kitchen lately.


+ If we were having a coffee date I would tell you how I'm so glad we could make time to catch up because I hate feeling so distant from those that mean the most to me.  And after living away at college for four years, home doesn't feel much like the "home" I left five years ago.

+ If we were meeting for a coffee date I'd apologize for rambling on so much about myself, and finally ask you how you've been.  So tell me friends, what's going on with you today on this fine hump day?

What would you tell me on our coffee date?  What's new with you lately?  What is a recipe you've tried out lately?  What would you order on our coffee date?

To make up for my space-y ness lately, I'm offering 20% off all ad sponsorships for the rest of this week.

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  1. I love Dunkin' Donuts hot chocolate and they always think I'm crazy because I order it in the winter and the summer...

  2. I could use a coffee date, especially if it had cookie dough iced coffee.. I've never had one before and it sounds delicious! I figure that something even better is going to come your way when it comes to a job. Just keep positive ♥

  3. I can only imagine what a cookie dough coffee taste like. Esp since I love cookie dough ice cream. It's my favorite. I haven never tried a Dunkin' Donuts coffee so that would be a first for me. And yes God has a plan for all of us. Keep the Faith.

  4. This is a bit strange but I could actually feel your pain regarding the job situation and trusting God. It's as though you were talking directly to me about the same thing.

  5. Long distance is totally for the birds! And I completely agree about the sense of "home" not being at home, home after college. After I graduated NC State and left Raleigh, the only place I've ever wanted to live again is Raleigh.

  6. I love this post idea! One of my friends already got a job and senior year hasn't even started yet. I'm definitely feeling anxious about that.

  7. This post idea is super duper cute! I know how home doesn't feel much like home anymore too. It is hard because your heart has moved on, but you are still stuck there. Don't worry everything will work out and you will no longer be four hours away from T! I have to say you are stronger than me. I hate hate hate long distance relationships!!!

  8. Coffee dates are my fave! Loved reading this :)

  9. if we were on a coffee date i'd make you tell me all about what it's like to be awesome, gorgeous, fit, and did i mention awesome? being pregnant makes me wish i was just a few years younger again. :) ps. long distance is the pits, but you seem to be doing it brilliantly. chin up!

  10. I love the coffee date, and I think taking time to talk about yourself with friends is important! Share away!!!

  11. Man this makes me wish we had a Dunkin Donut here! Cookie dough coffee? Yummmmo!

  12. I just went to Dunkin Donuts this morning for their coffee! I don;t care about donuts but love the coffee. :) They have these new "Flavor Shots" which I don't really understand, Ther's apaprently no sugar or calories, just flavor. I don't get it.

  13. I can always count on you for a great recipe and you didn't disappoint today! Those soft toffee cookies look delish and right up my alley! I am a cookie fanatic. The last ones I made were the Browned Butter Cookies from allrecipes. Soooo good!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  14. coockie dough coffee? can i get somee?!

  15. Mmm cookie dough coffee. There is a Dunkin near me, and I am so mad they don't carry soy milk.

  16. I've never heard about this cookie dough coffee but it sounds AMAZING. Long distance is so hard! The hubs and I did it for a year and a half. No fun.

  17. Those cookies look delish. And yeah, God has His plans. Trust in 'em.

  18. i really don't know how you do long distance!! i could never do that! i go crazy just getting through the work day without my husband!


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