Eat Drink & Be Mary: Things I'll Never Understand


Things I'll Never Understand

...why it's 2014 and teleportation has not yet been invented.  [struggles of a long distance relationship]

...why this bag is not in my closet right now.  Coveting Connie over here.  Consider yourself warned.

...why I had to graduate.  No thank you, real world.  I'll go back to skipping classes and living 100 feet away from my friends now.

...why it's always so dern rainy & foggy in my hometown.  I can hear South Carolina's sunny weather calling my name now.

...why people cut off an 18 wheeler.  They can't slow down fast.  And they will always win in a wreck.
...why it's 2014 and hangovers still exist.  How is there not a pill or drink for this.  Come on scientists, what are you doing! gel polish is so dang shiny.  I'm completely obsessed, and can't wait to try out this Gel Nail Cheat Tutorial.  Genius I tell ya! 
ps. those are my real nails *insert googly eyes emoji*

Some of the world's greatest mysteries, right there. ;)  What is one thing you'll never understand?

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  1. Gel nail hacks are the greatest. I totally pinned that one. Oh and I am really loving my bag. I take it EVERYWHERE!!! I swear it is so nice to have my blogging stuff with me all the time. That does not mean that I am still able to get my Monday Fitness post up after a weekend like this one. :( Busy Busy Busy! Hope you had fun in Charlotte!

  2. Why our president is doing nothing about the Christians being barbarically slaughtered over in the Middle East. That's a little heavy haha, but it's the first question that came to mind. I love your nails, I'm with you it's the best so shiny! ;)

    God bless,
    XO, Claire

  3. Your nails are gorgeous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    What I will never understand is why I can't have that makeup thingy that automatically applies eye makeup (it was in this movie called the 5th element).

    You know I had to wish for something beauty related right?!

  4. So true about student loans! I'm loathing for November to come and I have to start paying mine.

  5. There are so many things I couldn't understand also, I couldn;t think of something right now but some already listed here :)


  6. Why can't work be like school? Make your own hours and get paid accordingly. Sigh. Good experiences are wasted on the young...
    The Accidental Mama

  7. Love this post! gel nails are pretty awesome! Long distance relationships can be so tough sometimes. My husband and I were apart for a couple of years while we were dating/engaged. It's not fun. I hope that changes soon for you, or that you at least get to see each other!

  8. Oooh, your nails look great!! I have actually done the gel nail cheat from a YouTube video I watched awhile back. It definitely extends my manicure longer than regular top coat, although I still didn't get as much wear from it as I hoped. My nails are impossible!
    Gina - On the Daily Express

  9. I'll never understand why I was ever in a hurry to graduate from college. At this point I would give just about anything to go back to that easier life! Also, I'm OBSESSED with gel nail polish. So pretty and so fun.

  10. I love those graduation memes! Yes, I will take skipping class in my pajamas when you didn't get penalized as long as you turned in your homework! I can't do that with work unfortunately haha. And I don't get people who cut off anyone. Driving sucks nowadays :-( Glad I stumbled upon your blog!

  11. Umm...I want your nails, rings and hands. Your blog is adorable!

  12. LOL I find myself incapable of doing anything but stare at my gel polish for hours after I get them done! ;)

  13. The ring on your middle finger.... dying! That is so cute. Where on earth did you get it?


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