Eat Drink & Be Mary: Gym Bag Essentials for Before, During & After your Workout


Gym Bag Essentials for Before, During & After your Workout

 This year my plan is to stay active all year, and not just the months before summer.  This is to avoid the panic that usually sets in around January or February, as I remember once again that Summer is going to come as it always does, and I can't hide under my layers of sweaters and forgiving leggings forever.

I'm in it for the long haul baby.  Naturally I have to get myself excited with cute clothes, workout ideas, and stocking up with new gym bag essentials.  Just like you get excited about going back to school with all near gear, I've gotten new gym essentials.  Of course I have to share them with y'all...

Essentials.  The things you must have.  Can't live without [at the gym that is].

Dry Shampoo//Batiste . Tank//Live Ashore . Protein Bars & Shake//Bulu Box

Before I workout (especially in the mornings) I need something that's quick and easy, filling, and easy for my stomach to digest so close to a workout.  

These bars are a lifesaver before early morning workouts.  To hold me over as a snack between lunch & dinner.  Or as a snack right after a workout (when it's not quite dinner time yet).  

So yea, I'd consider these bars an essential part of your "pre-workout".  Plus they are DELICIOUS.  My favorites are the Luna Bar Lemon Zest & the Quest [protein] Bar Cookie Dough.  #yum  

These bars are courtesy of my Bulu Box subscription.  I'm telling you, you need to try out this box, and you can for ONLY $5!    Use code "BULUGAN448". 

That's a crazy steal price.  If you're wanting to add a little excitement to your fitness journey, I highly suggest trying out one of these boxes.  [The box is always full of fitness supplements, bars, accessories, etc.]

During the workout.  I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the during essentials are the most essential. haha

Cute workout clothes, duh.  

Headphones to block out well, everything.  

Water bottle to stay hydrated.  I sweat.  Like a lot.  It's insane, and definitely not cute or girly.  But hey, if you still look cute (besides those workout clothes you're rockin') after your workout you're not doing it right.  

The essentials for after working out are the ones that are most forgotten.  But don't treat them like the step-child of the family, and acknowledge them and their importance!  

Protein shakes + a Shaker.  the Shaker just makes having the shake that much more fun.  

But the real game changer in this bag is this dry shampoo.  Sometimes after the gym I have places to go, things to do, errands to run.  But like a mentioned above, I sweat a lot.  In walks this super cute bottle of dry shampoo that works (hayy-o) and smells good.  A win-win.  

Seriously ya'll.  A couple sprays of this dry shampoo on my roots, and a couple throughout my hair and I'll willingly go into public after sweating it out at the gym.  No more excuses!  You have to be somewhere after the gym?  Dry Shampoo it girl.  

[not to mention Batiste Dry Shampoo also comes in handy for those of us who looooooove the snooze button #guilty]

25% off Live Ashore tank with code BEMARY25

...and not only did I want to share my essentials, but I really I want to know what your essentials are.  I want to know what I'm missing.  What are you Gym Bag essentials that I need to take along with me?  

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  1. Great post! Very helpful!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Batiste is by far the best dry shampoo that I have tried so far~

  3. I frickin' love this post!!!

    I've been thinking about adding dry shampoo to my list of must haves in my gym bag but also deodorant because I workout after work that sometimes I think my morning deodorant has already worn off and won't be useful during my workout than I start feeling bad for people around me. lol

    Have a great weekend darling!

  4. May need to order that dry shampoo now!

  5. I've never even thought about bringing along some dry shampoo, will do that now for sure. Everything else is exactly what I would bring too!

  6. Dry shampoo - yes, yes, yes! Great suggestions!

  7. Great suggestions. I've never used dry shampoo. I just wash my hair daily thanks to oily skin/hair.

  8. Love dry shampoo! And that tank is super cute!
    The Accidental Mama

  9. The only think I'm missing in my bag right now is the dry shampoo! I also like to stock my bag with extra pairs of socks cuz it's the one thing I repeatedly forget!

  10. Girl, I think you covered all the essentials! I LOVE my Camelbak and don't go ANYWHERE without it. My favorite bars are Larabars. Pure fruit and nut; you can't go wrong! Plus they don't melt :)

  11. I don't go to any kind of gym, I'm a home workout/outside workout kinda girl, BUT! if I did go to a gym, I think you've covered just about everything that I'd want to take with me - except maybe like a small hand/face towel for wiping away sweat when you're working hard!

    Laura | Health and Fitness Blogger

  12. I never thought about putting dry shampoo in my bag! Genius!
    Goofball Mommy

  13. I don't know what I did before dry shampoo cam along??? Great post. I will check out the Bulu box

  14. Love this! Thanks for the post!

  15. I have yet to try dry shampoo! After reading your post I'm excited to try it!


  16. oh my goodness, girl, it's like you and I are the same person! I love Luna bars, dry shampoo (that one) and all of that other stuff! lol. Perfect post! xoxo

    1. getting to the gym and realizing that you forgot your headphones... it's the worst.

  17. I workout at home so I don't have gym bag essentials. If I did I would definitely include dry shampoo. Thanks for linking up with Fitness Friday!

  18. I have never tried dry shampoo...I'm going to have to add that to my list of things to try!

  19. I love this guide! I'm going to have to try this protein shake!!

  20. I love that pink Camelbak water bottle! :)

  21. Dry shampoo?! Wow, never heard of it. Great ideas!

  22. Ah I hadn't considered the dry shampoo yet. I do shower after karate, but never wash my hair there.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  23. I usually use Suave dry shampoo--because it's cheap and it works. Not a fan of the smell though! And that is such a cute workout tank!!


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