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Today's the Day + a $50 giveaway!

Today is the day Thomas will be here.  I can hardly contain my excitement and I have to wait until NINE tonight for him to finally get here.  Hopefully I'll be able to hold myself together during work today.
What better way to make this day even more fantabulous than five things I've been dying to tell y'all about including a giveaway?!

One //  This shirt is my new fave.  Mixing stripes and lace has never looked so cute.  Times like this I wish y'all could reach through my screen because the material of this shirt is heavenly, as in it feels like a cloud (or so I'd imagine).

Lace + Striped Tee // Savvy Chevy

Two // Did I mention Thomas is coming to town ;)  Can't you just hear the squeal in my voice through the screen?  I live for moments we're together, but I've learned how to cope while we are apart too.  Saturday I'm sharing how we make it while we're apart with my Keys to Long Distance over @ Life with Amberly and Joe.
one of my new favorites from this summer *insert heart emojis*

Three // I finally got my PSL from Starbucks.  I was planning on getting one Monday when it came out, but NOOOOOO my Starbucks decided to not bring it back until Tuesday.  Who does that?  Back to my point, I'm want to know your opinions.  Is Starbucks stupid for brining out the PSL this early or completely genius?
Mint High-Low Dress // Savvy Chevy

Four // Speaking of pumpkin -- I found this recipe for a DIY pumpkin spice coffee syrup when I was being productive on Pinterest.  I can't wait to try it out for myself, and I already have ALL the ingredients in my pantry.  Woot woot!

Five // I'm so happy to be working with the lady behind Savvy Chevy to be giving away a $50 giftcard to one of my readers.  You can do some serious damage with fifty bucks at this amazing etsy shop.  Saaaaweet!

Savvy Chevy is the genius behind the shirt in #1 (read; cloud disguised as a shirt) and the dress in this post that so many of you raved about.

Unfortunately, I can't enter to win my own giveaway (something about it not being legal or something.  legal, schmegal!).  But IF I could, my top Savvy Chevy picks are -- Aztec Backpack/Diaper Bag | Striped Travel Bag | Criss Cross Maxi Skirt.

Happy entering loves.  Enjoy your weekend!  What is at the top of your wishlist for this giveaway?  What are you thoughts on my five this Friday?


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If You Could Write a Letter to 18 Year Old You, What Would You Say?

How many times have you thought to yourself, if I only knew then what I know now?  More than a handful I'm guessing.  

Sometimes I think if only 16-year-old me would've known that boy didn't matter, or thank God I listened to my friend about "blank" who knows where I would be now if I didn't.  

Imagine if you could have found a letter from a future you.  Tela's from Sweet Southern T would go a little like this...


With everyone starting back to school it always brings back a bit of nostalgia for me.  Now that I have littles of my own I try to put myself in their shoes and remember what it felt like to be a rising student at whatever age they may be that year.  My high school and college years were the most memorable and also the hardest for me.  If I could write a letter to myself at 18, it would go a little like this...

Dear Tela,

I hope this letter finds you well.  You probably were expecting it as you live your life like it should be something from a country song.  Don't worry a really awesome country singer named, Brad Paisley writes a song about just this very thing in a few years.  You will love it!

I wanted to give you a few pointers that I have learned along the way that may help you as you go through this journey called life.  

Don't take those beautiful mountains you live in for granted.  Trust me you will miss them when you are gone.

Pay attention and don't just act interested when Momma tries to show you how to make her secret recipes. One day you are going to want chicken and dumplings and will be too far away to have them made for you. Oh and don't roll your eyes at everything she says.  You will come to find out she really is right and is always there for you even if you don't think so. Don't ever be ashamed of her or her silly ways. She is the woman God chose to be your mother and you will realize he made a perfect choice!

Cherish those friends that you have made.  The few close ones that you share all of your secrets with.  I know you don't think it could ever be possible that anyone you see everyday at school could ever leave this earth, but trust me it will happen!  Too many in your graduating class will not make it to see even their 25th birthday much less their 30th.  

Don't go chasing after boys.  They will come to you and when they do be strong!  You know who you are and their sly words shouldn't change that.  I promise God has a plan for you and Mr. Right will come along in His time.

Have a little fun!  Don't take things so seriously.  There is enough time for that in the future.  I know you think you have a ton of responsibilities now, but you better enjoy this freedom while it lasts.

I know senior year can be stressful trying to find where you want to go to school and what you will major in. Don't stress so much!!  You will go to school for what you love, but that won't be what you do for the rest of your life because you will change your mind.  So, now is not the time to stress over what to do with the rest of your life.  Just roll with it!

You will make some wonderful new friends.  They will become your family, your sisters, and once you leave college, they will still be there for you even though you haven't seen them in quite a while!

You have so much going for you.  You are doing great!  Don't be afraid of the future, it will all work out amazing for you.  Although it may be hard at times, remember to put your trust in God and he will carry you through.

You will achieve so much more than you can imagine.  Keep your head up and your feet moving.  Make every moment count and treat people with kindness.  You never know when you may need them again. Don't take anything or anyone for granted and thank God daily for everything he has blessed you with.
Good luck girly!  I know you will do great.
Image Map
That letter seriously gave me chills.  How incredible it would be to find a letter like this from an older you, ensuring everything will be okay.  I suppose life wouldn't be quite the crazy ride it is, now would it?  

What would you tell 18 year old you?  Have you ever written a letter to yourself -- put the link in the comments.  Does the back-to-school madness have you feeling nostalgic?

Letter to Me by Brad Paisley on Grooveshark

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Searching High and Low

mint dress // on sale now!
I have to admit when the high-low dress trend first came out I was cautious.  But it seems I go from cautious to obsessed in about 2.5 (see here and here).  This trend is the perfect transition dress into fall.  

Just finishing college (hello, student loans) I am always trying to find ways to stretch out my closet.  So you can imagine the giddyness that filled my soul when I discovered this dress would work well into fall as well.  Add a jean jacket or vest and you're good to go.  Consider this dress my new fall favorite!


Buffalo Chicken Dip with Sriracha

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CHA! by Texas Pete. All opinions are 100% mine.

Buffalo Chicken Dip is the world's greatest dip ever.  [not an exaggeration, just ask anyone]  And better yet, its incredibly easy to make.  Really really easy!  And I've just found the perfect ingredient to kick it up a notch!  CHA! by Texas Pete (make sure you make it all the way to the bottom of this post, trust me!)

This recipe is the perfect tailgating recipe (football season is just around the corner), and the best addition to any cookout or party.  I've seriously never had a person turn this dip down, and they always come back for seconds.

I normally make buffalo chicken dip with normal hot sauce, but y'all this sriracha CHA! sauce makes a world of difference.  The Texas Pete CHA! adds a kick of spice into each bite, that honestly just wasn't the same before.  

Oh and did I mention it's made in the crock pot?  Winning!

what you will need:
2 cans of Chicken (12.5 oz)
8 oz. Cream Cheese
cup of ranch
2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese
1/4 cup of Texas Pete CHA! sriracha sauce (add more if you prefer)

*Texas Pete CHA! can be found nationwide and @

what you will need to do: (which lets face it, in the crock pot there's not much)
+ put the crock pot on low heat.
+ drain the chicken and put it in the crock pot.  add the cream cheese.  cover the crock pot.  let the mixture sit until the cream cheese is creamy and melted (approx. 30 minutes).  
+ add in the ranch and shredded cheese.  mix well.
+ add in the Texas Pete CHA! sriracha sauce as you like.  I used 1/4 cup and it added the perfect kick of spice in everybite, but was still tame enough for family members of all ages to enjoy (no kiddos though).  
+turn crock pot down to "keep warm" and it's ready to serve.  

Serve with: whole grain tortilla chips, pita chips, celery, the options are endless.  

The dip is just as good reheated the next day.  The perks of this recipe just keep coming!

Moral of the story?  Don't count this Texas Pete CHA! sriracha out when searching for the perfect ingredient to add to your dish.  The taste & texture really elevate the recipe to another level.  This ain't just a condiment anymore y'all. 

What recipe would you add Texas Pete CHA! to?  For more CHA! by Texas Pete Recipes go to

And it gets better!  Texas Pete CHA! is going to give away a CHA! gift package, including a bottle of this amazingness to one of my readers.  And it's the easiest giveaway to enter yet!  All you have to do is comment below sharing your favorite recipe idea using CHA! by Texas Pete.

*the giveaway will end September 3rd @ 11:59pm.

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DDT Recipe Link Up + Features

Welcome to a new week of Delicious Dish Tuesday, where we share our recipes and ask you to share YOUR awesome recipes with us!  Last week we had some delicious looking recipes shared, I love finding all these new recipes to add to my "to-do" list.  This past week my favorite recipe was shared by Pam @ Sidewalk Shoes


3 Reasons Fall Comes Sooner Every Year

ONE | Starbucks is selling the pumpkin spice latte starting TODAY.  If pumpkin doesn't say fall I don't know what does.

TWO | They're calling for snow in SEPTEMBER this year.  Freakin' September!! Last time I checked it's not supposed to snow in the summer, fall maybe, but not summer time!

 THREE | Football Season = Fall.  Fact.  Even if it starts in August.  It's officially fall once those boys start chasing each other around the field in tight pants.
Football Season = Happy girl :)  Also--someone should find the sign in red and black.  Better than the orange. :)

I'm off to go get myself an iced pumpkin spice latte because what Monday can't used a mid-day coffee pick me up?  Are you looking forward to fall this year?  What is your favorite thing about fall?  

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Finally a Monthly Gift You Can Actually Get Excited About

It's Friday.  I'm exhausted.  I'm counting down the hours until 3 o'clock.  And it's only week one of the school year.  I may be in for a rude awakening. #wimp

I take that back.  Exhausted is an understatement.  But I only know so many words for tired, so exhausted will have to do.

But enough about how tired I am (did I mention I'm a wimp?).  I'm here to tell you about the gift I get every month.  No, not that monthly gift, I don't have anything to say about Aunt Flo except she can go fly a kite.  ;)

I'm talking about my Bulu Box that shows up in my mailbox every month.  The perfect little surprise that shows up mid-month and brightens up my whole day month.  I've mentioned this box a couple times (here and here), but I haven't given it the spotlight it deserves.  

Bulu Box is a subscription box filled with samples that are catered to your fitness wants and needs.  Whether you are wanting to loose weight (and who doesn't!) or you want to learn what supplements are best to take for your body type, or practically anything else health & fitness related you can imagine.  

The Best of the Best: Bulu Box Edition.  [my top 5 picks]

|| Heathier Snacks: I have received the best healthy snacks in my boxes.  These are snacks I never would've picked up off the shelf myself.  Which is one of the coolest things about these boxes, being exposed to things I never knew I would love.  Including these tomato basil protein puffs & roasted chickpeas.


|| Protein Shakes:  Another thing I'm completely clueless about.  I took surveys at that tell about my activity level and health goals and they sent the shakes that are best suited for me.  Coolness.  This is something I could never pick out myself, plusss vanilla spiced chai #yummmm

|| Hangover Cures: I can't count the number of bloggers I know that enjoy a glass of vino or three.  Not to mention everybody loves to have a little fun every once in a while.  In every single one of my boxes I've received a hangover cure in some form or another.  #hellohappyhour

|| Energy Boosters: Remember when I said I was exhausted?  Yep, these energy boosters are more than welcome over here.  And they work!  I've gotten several different energy booster supplements.  But my favorites have been the Bikini Gummies.  I mean seriously?--they taste like gumdrops!

|| Protein Bars: This has been my absolute favorite that has come in my Bulu Box.  Protein bars fill you up and are so so tasty.  Thanks to my box I got to try the most delicious cookie dough bar.  Talk about mouth watering!

This box has exposed me to so many healthy options and supplements that I never would've picked out myself.  The best part?  You can get yours for September now!  Use code BULUGAN448 for 50% off.  That makes one month's box $5!  Such a steal.  Or a year's subscription for $55.  And you always get free shipping. 

It's time to stop putting of your healthy lifestyle and start working towards the future, healthy you.  Start with a box that gives you tips, supplements, and discounts!  

What is your favorite supplement/healthy snack?  Have you ever tried a subscription box?  Which of these would you like to be in your Bulu Box?

And since I'm barely functioning over here, I thought I'd shared with y'all one of my very first blogging friends.  She is quite the treat y'all.  I'm talking, this girl always has the cutest hair and an amazing makeup routine (considering I do my make up like a middle schooler).  Meet Ashley @ The Grits Blog.

Hey! My name is Ash and I write The Grits Blog! It's a place where all things beauty, hair, food, and blogging tutorials are written. I started it as my getaway, my creative getaway - and it's just grown into what it currently is! Stop by and enjoy the Grits of life!

Favorite posts:

Enjoy your weekend loves.

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