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On the Way There

Today I'm excited to share a story of patience and enjoying the journey.  I met Felecia through the Her Campus Blog Network, and am so glad I did.  I hope y'all enjoy her story; it is always exciting to see how God is working in other people's life!  (and don't forget about the giveaway going on now)

Take it away Felecia...

Hello Eat, Drink & Be Mary Readers! I’m Felecia Efriann and I share stories and ideas over on my blog HelloFelecia. I am delighted to be able to share some of my life's little adventures with you.

 While teaching in a preschool I would encounter and be challenged by a variety of personalities. This particular day at work I had a run in with a kid that I did not know how resolve.

 Here is the scenario:
In the classroom, there is an art area. There are many options in this area for the children to choose from. On this day this child decided on doing is cutting work. It is a lesson focused on teaching the children how to cut with scissors.

Photo Credit: Livable Learning

The above is an example of the work I am talking about. However, in the classroom I worked in we used cups for each color of strips of paper. When doing this work, the child starts with the paper without lines and then moves to straight lines, diagonal, curved…and so on.

 This one little boy wanted to cut shapes first. He had not done any cutting snips prior to this. So I told him, “Let's do some cutting snips. You will work your way to cutting shapes.” He did two of the colors out of the six and was done. Although, He had not completed all that was required, he still wanted to cut shapes.

After it was clear to him that I was not going to allow him to cut shapes out until he completed the cutting snips of all the colors; He starts to throw strips of paper all over the floor while looking at me with each throw.

At this point I say, “this doesn't change anything, and you need to clean up the mess you made.” He fusses for a bit then picks up the pieces he threw. However, he refuses to clean up the rest of his work. He decides to start running around the art table. I choose not to chase him and I say, “You're showing me you are finished and that you are ready to move away from the art area and find other work.” So, I put away his work and send him on his way to something else.

Eccles. 5:18

As I am looking back recounting this occurrence, I have no idea how I manage to keep my calm and not be utterly annoyed. I wonder though if that fussing child is what I look like when God tells me, in order to get what you're asking me for you must go through these things first. If you really want what you are asking for this is how you get there. I throw a fit pleading that there is another way a short cut but with the same results. And God keeps saying, in order to get what you are asking me for, there are these things you must do first.

 To me it makes perfect sense why this child had to do all the cutting snips in order before cutting shapes. He was still learning how to hold scissors; he was having trouble opening and closing the scissors. He needed practice it was going to require a lot of time. If I let him do cutting shapes when he asked, he would have become frustrated possibly given up. The process was necessary for the outcome He was hoping for. In my life, I have come to acknowledge that God sees the bigger picture. He knows who I need to be and what needs to be inside of me in order for me to thrive at what I am asking for. So because of that day and the lesson I learned, I am challenged to look at the process of getting there to be just as important as the destination.

Photo Credit: LetterThreads

Enjoy the process; life is full of on the way. Once you have arrived to the place you dreamed of years ago, you start a new dream and are on a journey once again. So enjoying the process is important to really enjoy everyday life.


Me again...Isn't it amazing what happens when we depend on God for strength and patience.  Thanks for sharing Felecia!  It's always a great reminder of how mighty our God is.  I hope you all enjoyed Felecia's story, and will stop by and say hello to her @ Hello Felecia.

Check out this smiling, sweet girl, Nina!  photo 600x100_zpsa3741db1.jpg

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